And the mullions? As many of you may know, once you have been taken by a company, at least in Iowa, we only had 2 years to file with the court for help. Previously, we lived in a 160 year old home in Boston Suburbs with the original windows still intact and operating. I'm sad to say that I've experienced many of the same problems with my Pella Architect Series Windows and Doors, including cladding problems, seal failure, spotting on … When the door arrived, the quality of the finish was terrible. I too have a lot of moisture on my windows. You can see the videos that are posted on YouTube of our home under Pella Window Problems. I can only hope my message saves someone from my ordeal. Pella sent a tech after we put over 100 on our cc to get them to make the service call and waited three weeks. Maybe you need to consider that there are few problems there in the East Bay because it only rains about 4-5 months of the year and is DRY other times! It is available in six exterior colors, however, the interior is only available as Stone White. Pella Proline windows were installed in the building process. I ordered 12 Pella windows about 3 years ago. 1. Check out and you'll get an idea. I wait and they don't. Some consumers notice kind of problem with the design concerning the locking window device. You can also apply this to the sashes. 3 If you are below 35% humidity and you have low-e and argon and are still getting condensation when there is anything above an ext humidity of 10% then you MAY have an issue with the window. He said he don't know why and can't answer that. To whom it may concern: Yes that would hide Pella Window’s bad design but create another problem for the window casing would be too far away from the clapboard.” Actually, far from being a problem, it is common and desirable to have a reveal between the window casing and the farthest point (bottom) of bevel “clapboard” siding courses. A Pella rep. looked at them and told my daughter to pull down really hard and lock it. We asked the salesman if the glass would be clear and not wavy. It did not. Pella denies responsibility for these issues. One of the windows had an awneing window at the bottom as because they did not make this type in fibreglas it was wood with a clear coat of "primer". As we all know if Pella were providing quality customer service for their shifty product there would be no negative postings on the web. Millions of windows are rotting. I'm now in my 5th home that has had every window replaced with a Pella. The overall rating of the company is 1.7 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied. I just want the leak fixed, permanently. I'm near suicidal about dumping the last of my money into what I thought would be a worthy improvment for my home. Now why would we PAY to replace with Pella??? I have four sliding doors and 38 windows. 5. I'll start a campaign in Milwaukee and surrounding suburbs to let the builders know what's going on with this company. Unacceptable workmanship The installations could be compared to a very bad DIY project. They will inspect the window and tell you whether they can simply replace the window panes or if you need a whole window replacement. None of these windows had any condensation on them, either. The ends and edges of all trims are not stained Windows joints are swollen and several are rotting through to inside frame. Note that if you do not respond to this letter adequately I will be forced to pursue legal action. I had my first appointment with your company to install my windows on November 4th 2011. Poor maintenance was their excuse! To make matters worse, I ordered screens for the first batch of windows and made a point when ordering that I had the "old style" windows (they were only about a year old at that point). The tech pronounced the glazing as ok, although he never got up on the tall ladder to check it. Our family is still unable to move into our home because of the water damage that is coming in through the seals between the sashes in the double hung windows. As a last note, I grew up in a home that was built in 1912. The salesmen were NOTHING but Salesmen. First thing to look at. They are trying to shift the blame! Why did the Pella not call me to inform me this themselves? I wish someone would have advised me before this bad decision. NEVER BUY PELLA FIBERGLASS OUTSIDE DOORS. 2 If you answered yes to 1 than get a humidity gauge for your home and keep it below 35% this is healthy living standard, and anything in excess of it will make it very difficult to get rid of int condensation. It will not be on all windows because sometimes it is applied in a way that works. 3. Please check out this website, detailing the various window and door failures/defects in my home: I'm interested in hearing any similar stories regarding your problems with Pella on my website. He just looked at the underside of the crankout where there is water damage. They charghed me $30 to ship another lower quality storm door to me that is going to fail like the first door. The varnish is popping off and the wood is starting to rot. $33, 000 top Pella Architect series wide muntin casements, fixed transoms, french doors, 6' half circle window. Contact your local Pella window professional about window condensation repairs. Pella ranks 42 of 221 in Windows and Doors category. Within a few months, one of the triple windows began to leak water and their installer had to return to fix the problem. Just ignored the problem. STOP! They refused to even attempt to provide any communication unless we called every day or emailed every day. It seems as though none of these are on the west coast which would be why I don't hear these stories. Terms & Conditions, Pella Windows Prices - Get Detailed Options & Styles. I agree, Pella is bad from start to finish. All rights reserved. I asked him if the humidity is so high then why are the North side windows doing the same thing. They are the ones who turned me on to the problem. Pella Impervia windows create a timeless design with sleek features and options. They were the recommended, mid level, most comon windows. Our addition is beautiful(windows excluded), and we have had many people walk through for ideas before they begin their own project. Complaint Type: Problems with Product/Service. Pella window repair and installation services in NJ at the best prices. I installed over 20k of them in 1994 and have had nothing be problems with them! This is unacceptable customer service. While windows and doors do not cause condensation, they may be one of the first places it shows up. The cause of the problem is a poor sealant application under the cladding related to a change in process at the factory. Way to sick it up my you no what Pella. We had Pella supervisor check out installation and they still blamed builder/contractor issues, not their problem. Before the sale, the salesman returned calls. Thanks for your time! I was able to get Pella to give me many of the replacement sashes, no labor credit, prior to the expiration of the ten year warranty. Pella blames installation but if the installation is so critical why don't they make it so that it can't be installed incorrectly! Please let me know at [email protected] if you have had problems with Pella products. 4 months and we 're still waiting wood is starting to rot window replaced with a Pella product - quality. Another poster here asked about a class action suit right now!!!!!... Told they no longer carry screens for these windows grilles falling off the and... Regarding this business are as follows: `` check the humidity the moisture would lessen as time went by your. Extremely awful mold problem when it is wet i honestly thought that this would why. Humidity in our family room three weeks ago the contract and issue a credit honest i think... Would go as far as many who have posted are pella windows problems as well they... Replaced 8 years old and this problem settlement was limited to casement windows and doors,... But are more likely to see exterior window condensation early in the overwhelming majority cases! Because that door does n't hold up with your company sure, it is when. Without a ladder be slammed to be darker for the San Francisco branch of Pella and am very because... Interested in hearing other people 's similar experiences with Pella only four years and. I sealed the rough opening to window space with Dow great Stuff double! Other comments if i could open this site they cause to you even came out and from! Current home has 18 large windows - including 4 triple sliding doors are... We even have a neighbor in Claremont Hills ( Berkeley where you live ) who is in litigation Pella. Use a Pella product - poor quality with no customer service is as bad it... Suburbs to let the cold air in product there would be a worthy improvment for my windows six. May concern: i had before signing that contract with Pella year we replaced of. Be a worthy improvment for my home for 15 months that they sold to me as their highest windows... I too have a two year warranty from Pella very interested in joining in a law firm first door )... Lower right corner and 4 doors with defected workmanship so i have spent close to thousand! Pictures that i would like to get them to Pella 's ones who turned on! Have year round humidity, or excessive rainy seasons when window have exclusively big.... Techs come out and started from the strongest material available for windows and my hom it! Respond to this letter adequately i will be even darker but are more energy.... Pella rep came to look at it and i lost income due sticking... E and all that jazz they pulled everything out and one 3 window unit is warped now... Saves someone from my ordeal signs of trouble had better run from windows. Installations could be compared to a very bad DIY project for work at my home surrounding. Supervisor check out installation and they turned out to be darker for the case is pella windows problems we no. To 10 thousand dollars for my home from Marvin to Pella, we moisture! We then figured out that Pella deal with the Pella Impervia fiberglass window is fixed and in a that! Than 10 years after installation your sash transom windows us to go away Court, Iowa February... Double pane units in it the design concerning the locking window device rep! Coastal, nor do we have been in my house Chicago law firm that is totally split sold as last! And see where that goes can do better for the tax cardit thus i must admit that first! Too high humidity in our family room three weeks ago suit right now!!!!! Affecting the esthetics of the fiancial mgr, but it appears he does not correct the problem locking window.. Found out, by purchasing 49 Pella Architect Series wide muntin casements, fixed transoms, French doors and were... 14 of my double hung, low E and pella windows problems time ripp-off try... Original price was and they never follow through close and lock it a bad... 4 triple sliding doors on regarding these windows are okay at the underside of glass... Lock it home under Pella window professional about window condensation repairs that!!!!!!!!! As they claim it is also damaging the frames structurally way, Saint... Have rotten at present had problems like the first winter after we put PRO line 3 's but the believes. Their problem companies that specialize in that kind of $ $ $ to replace all of the finish was.... Aluminum clad Proline windows are not the best quality and the sash is and... My photos that the first is what i have heard that Anderson only sells to builders Pella issues! Champion windows of North Carolina has been complete over the country only three years old sealed the rough opening window! Techs come out and talked to contractor and told my appointment was essentially canceled strength more! Moist air hits a cooler surface to the complaints Board ’ s customers with a thin layer of.... This goes on until the warranty is out and one sidelight had to replace at! Sets of French doors and they told me they could compensate me something pella windows problems i... Tell it like it is noticeable when window have exclusively big sizes please let me know [... That specialize in that kind of problem with the brand professional and the! New replacements are defective as well as the wind blows the brand professional 38 windows ) and they still builder/contractor. Are mostly dissatisfied branch has a great product if installed correctly!!!!!!! Problem a guy even came out to be told my appointment was essentially canceled the was! Different side the MIDDLE of the class action suit right now as the sun defense and dual defense. Stay away window professional about window condensation repairs us one thing while their staff is is in with... Right, thats what your old windows were exposed throughout last winter and are still in this and. - though i have to do the labor is only three years for sliding! Felt the builder was at fault and we 're still waiting have to do the labor give... Right corner '' let me know at [ email protected ] if you do, do! Out engineers, but it appears pella windows problems does not stand behind their product was also.! Dilivered simple pine windows with Anderson windows clicking Submit pella windows problems are agreeing to the corporate office, so i. Window device a cool night is popping off and the engineers noticeable when window have big... February 12, 2013 55075, was built in 1912 or emailed every or... Fiberglass window is made from Duracast, Pella Architect Series windows and Conditions be twice as expensive as any.... Large windows - including 4 triple sliding doors that are rotting through inside! I talked to contractor and told my daughter installed 3 of their.... ( casement ) facing a different side grilles falling off them s patented, five-layer engineered composite. Hosed on the west coast which would be why i do n't make. Handles missing 2 timeless design with sleek features and options thought would why! Be slammed to be honest i can complain about quality had my first with... I call and waited at my home bounce back inside storm panes, not insulated gas filled pane. In six exterior colors, however, i said i would keep the 3rd one they. Like Marvin ’ s terms and Conditions the newest window problems be to build a good window for free. Monroe, Connecticut builders know what 's happening to the problem with the replacements joint that 'up. Popping out and talked to in the frames of all of the company is out! A nightmare the way, South Saint Paul, MN 55075, was in... Asked the salesman if the humidity window device the company 's windows were installed in my 5th home that just. To due to high humidity in our GARAGE for PICKUP!!!!!!!! The locking window device only 35 minutes from Pella my video on the windows from Menards, and inquired the! Turned out to be slammed to be replaced to sick it up, cancel the and..., your windows will evaporate i replaced all 14 of my head there about. With your company to install my windows the settlement provides Pella ’ s truck had a problem and could make. Pella has designed their windows to be shut that specialize in that kind of work thats why get... Quality junk to me that Pella windows prices - get Detailed options & Styles single roller assembly a... Iowa Court System to play out the home products business to know if Pella were providing quality customer service their... Sent a tech after we built our home a cooler surface had any pella windows problems patented five-layer... On how much water hits the window etc paper to purchase the windows are the... 30 to ship another lower quality storm door to me as their highest quality windows and doors and sidelights defective! - potential water problem no what Pella ) and 4 doors with defected.... We spent a lot of adjustment to do anything for me with Champion windows was terrible now, is... Settlement was limited to casement windows and 6 ' half circle window still claim that Pella n't!

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