Great post Brian! That said, HAProxy can load balance any TCP service, so yes you can use HAProxy but it may be overkill for a single service. Services >> DHCP Server >> BR0 : Finally, as cleanup, you should remove the IP address from EM1. Likewise, my last address is 183, but that cannot be used either as its a broadcast address. In pfSense, this is via the menu item Interfaces >> (assign): Then, for each interface assigned, enable that interface via the give it a description and then hit OK. WAN is set to em0 and LAN to em1, OPT1 is re0. How to serve multiple domains from a single public IP (using HAProxy on pfSense). situations both large and small, but this week I started playing with an YMMV, but hopefully this helps! I’m going to use SharedFrontend. Interfaces >> EM1 : At this point you should have a fully functional, local area network bridge This tutorial will show you how to use HAProxy reverse proxy on pfSense to serve multiple domains or utilize multiple web servers behind a single public IP address. Hey thank you for the tutorial, I was wondering if HAProxy can also be used for services other than HTTP and HTTPS, could I perhaps use it for hosting multiple Minecraft Servers from the same IP? Just change it and it will start working. You’ll need to determine what’s appropriate for your site and ultimately the hardware that pfSense is installed on, but for this tutorial we’ll just set it to 10. Click on Add. After updating the record you’ll have to wait a few minutes while the changes propagates to the various DNS services around the world. In technical terms. Ha proxy is basically a waitress at an restaurant. You can create several ACL’s and Action’s in single frontend. Finally, as cleanup, you should remove the IP address from EM1. pfSense doesn’t seem to have a simple “bridge-all-NICs” option. Scroll down to Advanced Settings and check Transparent ClientIP and select the appropriate interface from the dropdown list – it will usually be LAN or OPT1 (or whatever … Click the downward arrow and give the ACL a name. give it a description and then hit OK. Repease for all IPs you want to use. So, after a lot of digging, i found the answer. should be straightforward to map names from my examples. Thanks for the write-up. WAN interface: Next, assign an IP address (IPv4, minimally) to the bridge via the On the Frontend tab click on Add. I’m pretty green so not exactly sure what boxes to check for that? Use the menu Leave everything else as they are. This purpose of the guide is to show you how to create a basic reverse proxy configuration to allow hosting multiple webservers with a single public IP. Igor is also right that you need just one frontend with ACLs now. But I still want that device to be able to access the network internally, such as network printers shared drives etc. Extra Fries – SSL Certificate To anyone wondering about the ssl certifcate setup using haproxy, you will have to have the certificate installed on the PF Sense Server for haproxy in order for the ssl certificate to be active for the website. Seems like a We’ll use WebTest2, Webhost2,, and Backend2 respectively. Then create a new rule: Interface: WAN, Source, Network, IP of the internal machine and then under translation, under address select the IP you want to give it.

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