As tip #10 mentioned, you should start off with basic lures that have proven to catch a lot of pike and that can be presented relatively easily. Don’t forget to bring a wire cutter. A jaw spreader is a strong enough tool to separate the pike’s jaws, and, perhaps even more importantly, to keep them apart so that you can unhook the fish safely and smoothly. So, remain cool and wait 5-10 seconds, it’ll pay off! Your baitrunner (used for live and dead baiting, as well as for trolling) should be able to hold around 150-200m of 0.35mm monofilament mainline. Armor gloves, or steel gloves, do an excellent job of protecting your hands both during a chin grip and when handling the fish on land. They also have the advantage of not costing too much money. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'strikeandcatch_com-banner-1','ezslot_8',117,'0','0'])); An unhooking mat makes handling the fish on land so much easier and protects the pike’s vulnerable skin and slime layer. I try to keep the fish in the water as much as possible. Brand New. 8" knob & claw pincer, nail remover, $20. The joy of the catch, the bait, the tackle and the outdoors in general is what Strike and Catch is all about. Free shipping. A digital scale that can weigh a maximum weight of 50lb is definitely not inappropriate for pike fishing, go for it! When you get a take, keep your calm and wait a few extra seconds before you strike. This will give an indication where the hook is. I know this is going to be difficult, as your head will tell you to strike as soon as you get that take. A cut fish also spreads more scent underwater, which can make all the difference during a slower session. 2. Personally, I find this very convenient and time-saving! They make unhooking a fish very easy, as the treble hooks will not get tangled in the rubber mesh. But good advice nonetheless. However, catching, storing, and transporting live bait demands a lot of preparation and time. Maybe you catch a pike or two in one location and then do not get any more action. There is plenty of high-end pike gear out there and you can end up spending a fortune on various rods, but you really don’t have to. I find keeping them in the water keeps them a little calmer. I definitely agree, it is a particular topic! If you are fishing with more than one rod and/or in poor light conditions, electronic bite alarms will be your best friends when it comes to bite detection. Ice fishing for pike is best done during the day. This is a great tip for the colder months of the year, as you will often find large schools of baitfish over the drop-offs in lakes when the water is cold. However, night fishing takes some getting used to and demands a lot of preparation. It is a rather cruel tool that pierces the pike’s lower lip and can cause serious damage and scars. If you are fishing by yourself, you will want to take a picture of that big old pike when you get it. You can read all about the northern pike’s amazing set of teeth in this article I wrote on the subject: Northern Pike Teeth (Facts And Pictures). 2. However careful you are going to cast though, you will most certainly lose the occasional lure to a snag or the bottom. Pike can be really strong and aggressive fighters, which is why you need a mainline that can handle their violent head shakes and fast runs. Pike have extremely powerful jaws and trying to open up that mouth with your hands can both be very difficult and dangerous. forged J-clip crimper pliers, asking $25. Free returns. Use a basic running rig for dead bait on the bottom, 44. However, if we just discuss the efficacy of live versus dead baits – which one do you usually feel more confident using? Fishing is a passion, a lifestyle! A pike’s mouth is filled with up to 700 razor-sharp teeth and they can certainly cause major damage to your hands and fingers. But trust me, waiting just a few extra seconds can drastically increase your rate of success. Try cutting your dead bait in half and use both the upper and lower half as bait. They have a tendency to get hooked and hence lost. Just don’t forget to bring some coffee with you to wake you up a little! As an avid spinning piker turned trout fly fisher, I would be strongly against the use of jaw spreaders, and also boga grips (especially boga grips, for any fish) as I have read and seen pictures of the damage they do. Buy a spinning reel and a baitrunner with a few ball bearings, 7. This package will serve you well as a beginner and can most certainly catch you your first pike. Such mats are quite cheap and very easily transported, which makes them the perfect fit for the mobile pike angler. If you decided to get a baitrunner reel, this is the perfect opportunity to use it! It will help you cast further and get more control over a fighting fish. That weight indication is merely telling you how much weight you can put on your line in order to cock the float into position. In rivers, deep and calm backwaters are the place to be for pike, especially during winter and early spring when the river water is cold, the current is stronger and the fish have to gather energy for the upcoming spawning season. My first time out for pike last year, i didn't have any spreaders on me and regretted it big time. Many anglers have lost big pike right at their feet due to a net that the fish just wouldn’t fit into. Crankbaits can both dive deep and will give you the very best presentation when trolling or slow-trolling them behind a boat. Pike are called snot rockets for a reason! A medium-heavy action spinning rod is a perfect fit for most pike lures. If you’re after more detailed and advanced tips on the best pike gear, make sure to also check out the recommended gear page! On some days, they prefer a smaller bite that they can instantly swallow. Sometimes, using a whole dead fish is too much, even for a pike. It’s really not worth the risk if you are not 100% certain that you will manage to catch enough baits during your session. However, fishing too close to reeds, weeds, and snags could result in a lure loss! During the night, pike often feed and rest in shallower water, which is why you should, once again, try to hit the margins and shallower areas just off the shore. For one thing, ice fishing in the dark is really not that good, as the pike tend to be rather inactive when the light’s gone. In bigger lakes, trolling over a larger depth can be absolutely deadly when it comes to catching big pike. While this approach can work at times, more often than not, you will end up with no baitfish at all! . Many good advice, especially for the beginner.The question of live or dead bait when angling for pike or other predators is an ethical one.

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