display: none !important; However, the strongest answers to this prompt will focus in on particular “moments” or “experiences” to show:  You can also get your essay peer-reviewed and improve your own writing skills by reviewing other students’ essays. The specific resources you mention could be anything from creative writing workshops to faculty members to student groups affiliated with the department. At the same time, don’t assume that your reader will have read your other essays on this topic (provide necessary background). What would a good essay topic look like? All applicants to Pitzer’s Joint Medical Program are also required to write an additional 650-word essay. Strong responses to this prompt will not only describe compelling projects, but will connect with your personal story. resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. Avoid technical or impersonal descriptions of the cause you want to work on. Name the club.   In fact, a more locally-focused essay could really stand out–and show that you’re attentive to your immediate community, not just to hot-button news issues. This is basically a long. The phrasing of this prompt leaves open the possibility of writing about a whole period of your life or general community involvement. What would a good essay topic look like? Put bluntly: The admissions committee wants to admit students who will flourish in and complete the program–not students who will struggle or drop out. You’ll also note that this prompt asks about why you are interested in osteopathic medicine specifically. Maybe you’re a social media expert and want to help grassroots organizations boost their online presence and spread awareness about the dangers of factory farming. There are two key steps to effectively convince the admissions committee that you’re truly a great fit for this program: Although most people might interpret this number … Read more 184,000 Miles. For example:  Most BS/MD and BA/MD programs require or put a high premium on previous practical, medicine-related experience (shadowing, volunteer work, research, etc). Pitzer remains committed to supporting our prospective students; when the time comes to evaluate applications for our next round of admission, we will be giving heavy consideration to how COVID-19 may have affected you and your application. P680 You will choose from one of these prompts. : This student knows that she wants to become a doctor. What experiences could make a high schooler certain of their career goals? Value: Social responsibility The Pitzer supplement for this year is nearly the same as the one they used last year. portalId: "2416790", .d-block { Topic: A group science fair project that examined how music helps mice learn. Remember to keep your project focused, personal, and detailed. This project is ambitious, but also realistic; it is something that could start on a small scale and then ripple out to have a broader impact. Because of the selectivity of this program and because of its intensity, the admission committee wants to make sure that applicants are well-suited for the program. Social experiences and connections But before you can get to the reflection point, you need to orient your reader within the world and the activity you are reflecting on. What causes could I most efficaciously impact? It’s easy to cram your essay with the names of distinguished faculty or prominent research programs. In addition, the writer could describe the team moved their match times to allow a senior softball team to play on weekends and fundraised to support local little league teams. Broadly speaking, liberal arts colleges pride themselves on producing well-rounded graduates who have the tools to understand and analyze qualitative and quantitative events around them. An essay that offers an in-depth explanation of how you would use just one or two Pitzer resources would be far stronger than an essay that lists many resources but offers only minimal thoughtful, personal analysis of why those aspects of the school appeal to you. Pitzer loves students who dream of making a difference, but this prompt is really aimed at students who are already doing something to create change.

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