You found the location of a legendary golden city. - There is a dark corridor to the south, but you will need a torch to explore it. Buy it: Support Best Play and get Incan Gold here on Amazon or get the revamped version Diamant here. If you leave, you split all the gems currently in the mine with all players leaving that round. Very little. Mostly destroyed after the 16th century war with the Spanish conquistadors. Chan Chan was the capital of the historical empire of the Chimor from 900 to 1470 when they were defeated and incorporated into the Inca Empire. So in essence, you’re taking your chances against the deck, while also trying to read your opponents. Inca Gold Face 4. Hraj! - One of the terraces looks suspicious. Journey through history to a long-lost civilisation and discover the legendary Inca Gold.The Incas were famed for their wealth which is rumoured to be hidden somewhere in the Andes to this day. All the gems claimed during the expedition and at this time are now safe and cannot be lost. 5. Its last stronghold was conquered by the Spanish in 1572. Everyone wants to win a lot of riches and this is the game that really puts the players in that situation. The final cards are artifacts. - To continue to explore further, you will need a machete to cut the way in the dense jungle. It is a game that really helps non-gamers get into the competitive spirit. You hide your gems in your tent so that no one else can see the fortune you’ve amassed. Each level of the temple has an artifact that’s shuffled into the deck. This is the game that got me into tabletop gaming. Of course, you don’t want to leave the same time as everyone else, as any gems on the board are divided between the people turning back, and you can only collect an artifact if you leave alone. The game is played over five rounds. First, I wanted a simple filler game that didn’t require much strategy but was fun and quick. Vilcabamba was the last refuge of the Inca Empire until it fell to the Spaniards in 1572. Complexity: 1 / 5 Play online + Add to favorites Remove from favorites Incan Gold is a game designed by Bruno Faidutti, Alan R. Moon and published by Eagle-Gryphon Games . (If your game is like many of mine, you’ll then reset the game and play again). - Before the massive town gate there are 2 crystal skulls. The thematic element is very simple but if the person explaining rules does a good enough job, he/she can really get the players into character and by doing that, they will be really invested into being the one that comes out with all the riches. You arrive at the location of an abandoned Inca settlement. The basic victory condition is to have the most gems at the end of 5 rounds of play. By clicking on this pop up, you agree to our policies. There are two buttons to leave or to explore further. * A little light, so more of a filler game than a main event. At the start of an expedition, one Artifact card is added into the deck, then the deck is shuffled. The Archaeology Knowledge Board include information and pictures of 10 important places of Inca civilization and 10 wonderful treasure items, to play with. Sacred Valley of the Incas + cave. Players keep their treasure hidden in a ‘tent’ in front of them. It’s slightly easier to teach than For Sale (and quicker to setup), though it doesn’t have quite the same depth. Incan Gold meets both these requirements in spades: Oops… This slot is not available to play due to. A short hidden objects game for desktop computers, laptops and tablets, When a treasure card appears (15 total), it will show a number of gems from 1 to 17. 7. Probably used to study the effects of different climatic conditions on crops. * Plays at about the same pace regardless of the number of players The collected gems go in front of a player’s tent, not under it. 1. Lots of fun, and increasingly tense, Incan Gold plays like poker crossed with Raiders of the Lost Ark. After the treasure is found a "leave" button becomes available and the adventure continues until all 10 treasure objects are found and collected.

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