I have tried using leverage by grabbing on the drivers side of the intake with no luck. From the pictures these are clearly the steel headers. So my mechanic noticed I've got a manifold-side exhaust leak coming from the exhaust gasket, between cylinders 3 and 4. don't remember which nuts are the hard ones...but i think either #3 or #2, there's no way u can get a ratcheting wrench in. So my mechanic noticed I've got a manifold-side exhaust leak coming from the exhaust gasket, between cylinders 3 and 4. Haha, "Atomic Batteries to Power, Turbines to Speed, Ready to move out! You cannot remove the manifolds without removing the studs from the head. Will definitely do all 4 gaskets while I'm in there - I'm figuring 2-3 hours for the job, not including a couple days of WD40 soaking. How hard should I be striking the manifold with the rubber mallet? With the gap between the suspension turret and engine now big enough the manifolds slip in with a little manoeuvring - I started with the outside (1-4) manifolds then the smaller 2-3 slipped in. Please see our article on fuel injector and rail removal for additional information. 8 to the head, one on the drivers (us) side block. Got more questions? 85.5 5spd,LSD,Full Sachs Clutch Kit,Throttle Cam,Bursch Header, catless, Borla muffler, back-lit gauges,Bilstein rear shocks,KYB strut inserts, Strut Brace, 944online PRFM chip, 15' factory BBS's and 16" D90's,rebuilt motor,reworked head,turbo valve springs,raised compression,WebCam grind #274. I scratched it. I will be removing the cross member and dropping it out the bottom. Use a 12mm socket from below (red arrows) and a 13mm wrench from above (yellow arrows) and remove the nuts and bolts. Thought I should get some input from you who are experienced with this before I mess things up. It hasn't failed yet. So I did the gaskets today on my header (with some help from the old man). Hey, i am looking for an online sexual partner ;) Click on my boobs if you are interested (. Pulling the tops of the Y's together? Headers are difficult to take off. Please see our article on safely raising and supporting your vehicle. My car is also an automatic, I did remove the heat shield and the water pipe which made it a little bit easier (I suppose). You can see in the photo that I have removed several other components for photographic purposes; you do not need to do this but removing the camshaft cover will give you a lot more room to work. I love retro cars but my 944 is the pick of the bunch for me. If I take the header all the way off, will I have enough give in the attachment to the pipe lower down the exhaust system, or will I have to disconnect the header at both the manifold and the lower pipe? Did some more reading. 944 Forum › 944 Forums › 944/2 › Exhaust Manifold Removal (Moderators: XxSteve944onlinexX, IAN - 944ONLINE) ‹ Previous Topic | Next Topic › Pages: [1] 2 : Send Topic Print: Exhaust Manifold Removal (Read 2797 times) Up On Ramps. Past posts on the forum talk about soaking the nuts in PB / WD40 for a while, then being "very careful" not to break the studs - I presume this means cranking the nuts off slowly and attempting to not apply an lateral forces when torquing. Run your hand from the bottom of the boot that connects the manifold to the airbox, back to almost the dead center of the 4-1 union. Join us in our Technical Forum Message Board and ask a question to one of our many automotive experts. At a minimum you will need to remove the fuel supply and return lines (red arrow). There's NINE total bolts holding the manifold to the car. Push the larger manifold down as far as possible before sliding in the centre one - then reattached the studs and put the headers in place. What is the best method to attack the removal of the exhaust manifolds? The writer started by WE-40ing the nuts. I got them off - I used a some heat, kroil, and a long cold chisel with a three pound hammer. Hechale el jaybee wheld lol. I have attempted an open end wrench to loosen them and after the wrench slipped off once, I stopped, I am afraid of rounding off the nuts. These bolts can be a pain to remove. You're going to laugh but I had an old aircraft mechanic tell me to smear both sides of the exhaust gasket with high heat silicone. ... engine removal time; exhaust; exhaust manifolds; … Begin by soaking everything in penetrating oil. The exhaust manifold on the Porsche 951 is actually two manifolds that run off the right side of the head down to a cross over pipe that feeds the turbo. If you are leaving the camshaft cover in place use a 6mm Allen and remove the two bolts holding the line in place (red arrows). The studs are long (red arrow) and will be a close fit to the heat shield on the manifold. There's NINE total bolts holding the manifold to the car. After removing it from the underside of the intake manifold I jumpered it directly to the battery and it works perfectly with a very solid "clunk" when activated and deactivated.

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