Have the wearer step into the costume, come up from the bottom and squeeze shoulders together for a easier time.Based on the wearers height you want the wearers face to be in the center of the window.Once the costume is positioned in correct place measure the distance from the wearers shoulder to the harness support board.Get out of costume and use the measurement to correctly measure the proper amount of extra wide ribbon that will go over each shoulder to support the costume.Please make note you will need to allow extra ribbon to tie to the support beams and adjust as necessary to make sure the lengths are even as you wouldn’t want a tilting Zoltar. Took home a trip for two to Vegas! Loved this! Thanks for the great instructions! Discover (and save!) This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. The back side of the card features an image of Zoltar and the front includes a fortune. Misc packing foam pieces A fun way to create even more buzz and excitement around your Zoltar machine is to incorporate prizes. Cost wasn't terrible and in the end I won first place in two costume contests. Made one this year over the course of a week. :). on Introduction, Thank you, I thought I should make some PG fortunes as well :). For more than 30 years, Characters Unlimited has specialized in designing and building affordable animatronic, people, birds, animals, fortune teller machines, dinosaurs, and much more. your own Pins on Pinterest Clear Plastic sheeting Install the inside table at this point, Always do this last as it is much harder to work inside once this is installed.To install the table, hot glue it to the exposed wood then staple gun or use small nails to secure into place, I f there is any exposed wood be sure to paint it black. Zoltar Fortunes Decorative EmbellishmentsChristmas Bulbs (Plastic)Christmas garland Put up front window, I used wide clear packing tape to pull the window tight and straight and then used the staple gun to make it more secure, cut away any extra plastic sheeting. You have your own custom paper greeting card that you can sign, seal with love and send just in time for the special occasion! Zoltar fortune teller machine cards may be custom printed with your logo or discount coupons, prizes, etc. We have hundreds of characters for you to choose from, including animated or static people, birds, animals, monsters, etc. I used clear plastic sheeting for my window, the type that you would use as a drop for painting.Make sure that you choose the clear, not the opaque, it is not always obvious.Print Z O L T A R in a large font I liked Bernard MD Condensed Font.Font size 525 for the Z&R, font size 515 for the O&A and font size 505 for the L&T.Tape the letters onto a smooth, flat, dry surface in the proper arrangement and secure the clear plastic on top.I cut the plastic in a large enough piece to have plenty of extra but small enough to be manageable.Trace the letters onto the clear plastic with black permanent marker.Paint the letters with a bright red gloss or semi-gloss paint.Set aside for later to dry.

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