Watch for mites. Products. Black berries finalize the annual cycle. Best in moist but well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. It has attractive 2 to 3 inch long glossy bright green narrowly elliptic leaves that have slightly wavy margins and when crushed have the … Stipa, Feather Grass, Strelitzia, Bird of Paradise, Big Leaf, Styrax, Symphoricarpus, Snowberry, Hancock, Syringa, Lilac, Taxus, Thuja, Arborvitae, Green Giant, Emerald Green, Aurea Nana, Thymus, Tibouchina, Princess Flower, Trachelospermum, Star Jasmine, Asian Jasmine, Tristania, Tulbaghia, Society Garlic, Ulmus, Elm, Verbena, Veronica, Viburnum, davidii, Snowball, Spring Bouquet, suspensum, Vinca minor, Vinca Major, Periwinkle, Vitex, Wisteria, Westringia, Xylosma, Zauschneria, fuchsia, Epilobium, Zelkovo, Sawtooth, Zephyranthes, Abelia, Kaleidoscope, Acacia, Cousin Itt, Acanthus, Bears Breech, Trident, Vine, Achillea, Yarrow, Agapanthus, Storm Cloud, Peter Pan, El Rancho, Getty, Midnight Blue, Tinker Bell, Variegata, Queen Anne, Japanese maple, Artichoke, Green Globe, Aspidistra, Cast Iron, Massachusetts, Point Reyes, Pacific Mist, Dr Hurd, Howard McMinn, Carmel Sur, Aucuba, Bamboo, Bambusa, Nigra, Black, Golden Goddess, Alphonse Karr, Berberis, Barberry, Birch, Betula, Dura Heat, Bignonia, Distictis, Trumpet Vine, Lavender, Bougainvillea, Brunsfelia, Buddleja, Buddleia, Butterfly, Butterfly bush, Hummingbird, Green Beauty, Winter Gem, Calamagrostis, Karl Forester, Overdam. Blue Oat Grass, Stella de Oro, Hesperaloe, Red Yucca, Heteromeles, Christmas Berry, Toyon, Hypericum, Iberis, Iris, Juncus, Lamium, Lavatera, Liriope, Lily grass, Lonicera, Honeysuckle, Luma, Mahonia, Oregon Grape, Mayten, Maytenus, Oenothera, Passiflora, Phlomis, Physocarpus, Ninebark, Plumbago, Ceratostigma, Sesleria, Greenlee, Teucrium, This site has been designed by John with the tools from Blogger.. Watermark theme. I will definitely buy from this site again! They were all so perfect I purchased five additional two days later. I was a bit skeptical to order plants on line, but saw the reviews listed by others and thought it was worth a try. Lustrous bright green leaves have wavy edges and are 2-4 inches long. Rec'd two Carolina Cherry Laurel three days after ordering. Prunus caroliniana 'Compacta' (Dwarf Carolina Laurel Cherry) - A smaller and more compact grower than the species, this moderately fast growing evergreen shrub has an upright habit growth typically to 10 and 12 feet tall with a 3 to 6 foot spread but often kept considerably smaller. Image navigation ← Previous. JAVASCRIPT IS DISABLED. Conversely, it is the perfect host for birds, bees, and butterflies. Prunus caroliniana is fire defensible and is a beautiful choice for those seeking a medium-sized and relatively care-free tree for privacy or shade. Tamboritha, Coastal Gem, Gardenia, Hibiscus, Rose of Sharon, Hydrangea, Endless Summer, Phantom, Oak Leaf, Ilex, Holly, Lagerstroemia, Crape Myrtle, Red Rocket, Dynamite, Twilight, Zuni, Tuscarora, Double, Muskogee, Natchez, Centennial Spirit, Catawba, Petite Embers, Lantana, Imperata, Helictotrichon, Laurus, Bay Laurel, Lavandula, Lavender, Munstead, Phenomenal, Hidcote, Grosso, Provence, Otto Quast, Fred Boutin, Goodwin Creek, Magnolia, Little Gem, soulangeana Alexandria, Royal Star, Yellow Bird, Samuel Sommer, Malus, Crabapple, Spring Snow, Prairifire, Melinis, Miscanthus, Maiden Grass, Moraea, Dietes, Morus, Mulberry, Myoporum, Muhlenbergia, rigens, Myrica, Myrsine, Boxwood, Buxus, Myrtus, Nandina, Gulf Stream, Moon Bay, Firepower, Nana Purpurea, Harbor Dwarf, Nepeta, Nerium, Oleander, Olive, Olea, Mission, Manzanillo, Swan Hill, Fruitless, Frantoia, Majestic Beauty, Wilsonii, Arizona, Osmanthus, Pachysandra, Palm, Palms, Butia, Brahea, Chamaerops, Queen, Syagrus, Trachycarpus, Washingtonia, Windmill, Mediterranean, Pandorea, Bower Vine, Parthenocissus, Boston Ivy, Virginia Creeper, Pennisetum, Red Fountain Grass, Karley Rose, Eaton Canyon, Little Bunny, Hameln, Penstemon, Perovskia, Russian Sage, Spire, Phlox, Phormium, New Zealand, Flax, Mondo, Ophiopogon, Photina, column, natural, standard, Pinus, Pine, Mugo, Mugho, Podocarpus, Blue Ice, Green Frost, gracilior, Maki, henkelii, Polygala, Populus, Quaking Aspen, Cottonwood, Potentilla, Prunus, Purple Pony, Krauter Vesuvius, cistena, Flowering Cherry, Kwansan, Kwanzan, Snow Fountain, Pendula Akebono, Mt Fuji, Punica, Pomegranate, Wonderful, Nana, Pyracantha, Pyrus, Flowering Pear, Aristocrat, Bradford, Chanticleer, Oaks, douglasii, lobata, rubra, suber, wislizenii, coccinea, agrifolia, ilex, kelloggii. Please let me know your company name. Prunus caroliniana NC State University and N.C. A&T State University work in tandem, along with federal, state and local governments, to form a strategic partnership called N.C. Carolina cherry has been confused with Ligustrum texanum- Texas Privett. Click the button below to add the Carolina Cherry Laurel - 15 Gallon Column to your wish list. After researching many large nurseries and reviewing the reviews of Plant clearance I decided to try them. Birds love the fruit.Genus name from Latin means plum or cherry tree.Specific epithet means from North Carolina or South Carolina. Prunus caroliniana Column #15 gal Carolina Cherry 5ft 6in tall. Prunus caroliniana, commonly called cherry laurel, is an evergreen tree or large shrub that is native to low woods, fields and thickets from southeastern North Carolina to Florida west to Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas. We planted them at 18" spacing because we want a hedge to grow fast and dense. Carolina Laurel Cherry is very versatile and can be used as an upright shrub, clipped as a hedge or tall screen, sheared into formal shapes or trained as a single or multi-trunked tree. Don't hesitate to buy here - they deliver very quickly (although they won't put them where you want them ) and the plants are of good quality. Like Cherries, Pears, Plums, UC Riverside - Citrus Info & Variety Collection, Fruit trees & Edibles California - Dave Wilson Nursery, Rachel Carson 'Silent Spring' - Environmental Story, Rosalind Creasy - Author Edible Gardening, Ghost Town Farm - Novella Carpenter, Oakland CA, Soil Born Farms & ED Project, Sacramento CA, Prunus caroliniana column 24" box - Cherry Laurel, Sacramento & Northern California Blood Donations, Pullman Kitchen - one woman show - eatery. I am happy to support a local Southern California business. I was concerned because I have never used this site before. An evergreen tree or large shrub native to – you guessed it – North Carolina, Prunus caroliniana makes an outstanding addition to the landscape. The glossy leaves are usually entire, but may have a few teeth, especially on fast-growing young trees. Product Description. Prunus caroliniana Column #15 gal Carolina Cherry 5ft 6in tall. Moderate-growing evergreen shrub or small tree with an upright growth-habit to 8-10’ tall x 6-8’ wide, or more with age. Attracts Birds/Butterflies / Deer Resistant / Desert Conditions / Drought Resistant / Screen / Seacoast Conditions, Container Sizes: #5, #15, 24" Box, 36" Box. All parts of the Carolina Cherry are quite poisonous, making these reliably deer resistant but beware planting them where livestock or pets graze. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Exposure: Sun.

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