They are not quite 5 wks in the pictures below. Sign in|Recent Site Activity|Report Abuse|Print Page|Powered By Google Sites, "Remi" -Miniature from a Midler x Shelton Blue litter (sold). Loved to catch squirrels and gophers and mice. to perpetuate this amazing breed. Ballerini who is very compact/small/short, but is a traditional blue heeler with tan. I just can't know any of these variables ahead of time. It is loyal and affectionate, and seldom barks. Miniature Australian Stumpy Tail/Tailed Heelers, Midler (20#s) is due back in heat in late November, 2020, bred to Shelton Blue (35#s) for miniature stumpy and/or tailed pups, Midler* weights 20#s and is always bred to Shelton Blue (35#s), -miniature stumpy tail line (pups are 85% Queensland Heeler), Ballerini weighs 22#s - blue miniature with tan markings, She breeds to Clooney. She is unrelated to any of our other dogs. I call this pup a "chocolate" tan on paws or chest or face...just a blue heeler that turned chocolate. A red pup from Ballerini's most recent litter: To everyone who has reserved for a pup, and has waited so patiently-Thank you! , being flexible will get you a pup sooner, and being understanding and patient is greatly appreciated. Some blues will have typical tan markings, some will not (blue without tan). When you contact, don't forget to mention that you found this ad on Petzlover. Queensland Heeler Gestation is about 62 days, which is included in the 6 months between heats. Which dam comes into heat (and when), and when/if she takes, the gender, color (red, blue, etc. Sierra (blue w/tan pups) is bred to Shelton. Mom is a Shepard, dad is a blue heeler. Or once in awhile one appears to be white with some traces of black around ears. Both P..Queensland Heeler, California » San Francisco, Pure Bred Queensland Heeler Puppies!..Queensland Heeler, California » Fontana, Very healthy puppies needing new homes. and the sire of Midler, who was also born with no tail. She also throws stumpy...and some with tails. She threw blue pups and an occasional red one in the litter. Animal Shelters And Rescues (7.7K) Cat Shelters And Rescues (~10) Dog Shelters And Rescues (~10) Snake Breeders (~10) Let us search for you! 4 females and 4 males available. ***The white of newborn heelers begins to fill in with blue or red ticking at about 3 weeks of age. This is all white pup from Pfeiffer's first litter. The Australian Cattle Dog is intelligent and willing to work. McConaughey sired these pups and is gone now too. You can find Queensland Heeler puppies priced from $150 USD to $1800 USD with one of our credible breeders. CLICK HERE to see preview pictures of the new Heeler puppies. you can always reserve later, and go into the reservation folder, and be offered a pup in order of the date of your reservation.

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