Legal battles continued after Lewis’s death. Categories Also, Lewis didn’t reveal to the “dream team” a history of family heart issues, including a heart murmur of his own when he was a child. It almost feels like destiny. When Bird retired after that season, Lewis relished the added responsibility and led the team in scoring in 1992-93. There, on the floor of the small college gym in Waltham, he collapsed and died of heart failure at age 27, ending a remarkable life far too soon and beginning an ugly debate over Lewis’s health, his decision to ignore his diagnosis, and who was exactly responsible for this tragedy. Of course, Lewis was overshadowed by his more heralded teammates, and Calhoun was aggressive in his pursuit. “Human resources is my passion, too. . 35 to Durant as a tribute to her son. Looking disoriented and confused, Lewis was helped off the floor and given a series of tests by team trainers. Celtic fans have always wondered what could’ve been if, 23 years ago, Lewis hadn’t passed away at the age of 27. People make a big to-do and that was explained by the family and explained to everybody but you can’t fight what a lot of people say.”. “We were trying to get the help, we were trying to seek help. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. “One does not expect an elite athlete to be so vulnerable as he turned out to be. Durant will listen to the Celtics’ pitch when free agency opens on July 1. The Dunbar Poets featured future NBA players David Wingate, Reggie Williams, and Tyrone “Muggsy” Bogues as well as three other Division 1 players. And the family of Celtics great Reggie Lewis just gave the school a $500,000 shot in the arm. The struggling D.C./Baltimore area longs for him to return home, but Boston isn’t far and could serve as a close connection to the area. Of course you try to do all you can to save a person’s life but at the time he really didn’t know or I didn’t know really what was going on. The ping-pong balls fell wrong, the Celtics ended up with the fifth pick, Durant went to Seattle, and Danny Ainge constructed the new Big 3. Boston Celtics star Reggie Lewis, who collapsed and died on July 27, reportedly was born with a heart murmur and came from a family with a history of cardiac illness. “If I see Durant running up and down the court with the No. Lewis was excited about the possibility of playing again and also annoyed that the Celtics not only quickly diagnosed his ailment as career-threatening but also went public with their findings quicker than Lewis wanted. You can’t win. Reggie Jr. is 26, Reggiena is 24. Durant grew up only one hour away from Lewis, in Washington D.C., and today has his own foundation that aims to enrich the lives of at-risk youth from low-income backgrounds. I remember talking to people [about] Reggie; there’s no better first step in basketball. There’s something poetic about even the thought of it. Like Lewis, Durant can score by shooting over the top or by dunking loudly at the rim. He was too kind. Mudge, 73, who recently retired from Brigham and Women’s Hospital, told the Globe, “It was a very complicated case. The Spurs gave Bruce Bowen’s No. In Game 1 of the first-round series with the Charlotte Hornets, Lewis collapsed without contact during the first quarter. We all were. She continues Lewis’s charity work. “You had a young man in the prime of his life, the prime of his career who was an elite athlete,” Volk said. He worked hard to earn that position. Whatever. And the one who was closest to him, Donna, talks of the difficulty of moving forward, the uncertainty of his health at the time of his death. Like Lewis, Durant is lanky with wide shoulders and long arms. 35 in 1995 not only for his triumphs on the court, but his impact off it. I asked Lewis’ mother, Inez Ritch, how she’d feel if the Celtics asked for her blessing to offer No. The franchise, led by former Big East commissioner Dave Gavitt and general manager Jan Volk, was perplexed about the situation because of its seriousness and the possibility that Lewis’s career was over. Twenty years ago, Boston lost a son. Inez Ritch of Baltimore was not mentioned in her son… To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. He ran his own foundation and always participated in community events that helped children in need. He had a son and daughter to raise, All-Star Games to play, more lives to change. “Combined with the loss of Len Bias, that right there, the two of them would have been a dynamic duo, there’s no doubt about it. Perhaps it was his lack of playing time that benefited Jim Calhoun and his Northeastern assistant coach Karl Fogel as they passionately recruited Lewis after seeing him at a basketball camp before his senior year. Anybody who takes it seriously, a diagnosis, you get a first opinion, you get a second opinion, sometimes you get a third opinion. It’s hardly a fitting memorial for someone held in such high esteem and so sorely missed, but it will remain that way until it’s time for Reggiena Lewis to say goodbye and hello. 35, I don’t know how my emotions would be until it happens. Reggie and I were 11 months apart, for him to see his kids grow up, I think that would have been a joy. Relationships. “For Reggie, you could see some of those special things, the love for the game, incredible athletic talent and as he got stronger and better, he became a force,” Calhoun said. When Lewis died, his relationship with the Celtics was damaged because he had questioned whether the franchise truly cared about his condition or took responsibility in case something more serious occurred. 18 to Peyton Manning. “I remember once someone wrote he was doctor fishing,” Harris Lewis told the Globe. She is a full-time ordained minister. “You see all the guys plastered on the walls as you walk into the locker room. Andre LaFleur, who served as co captain of the Northeastern squad in 1986-87 with Fuller and Lewis, also denied Derrick Lewis’ story. -- Boston’s feelings for Durant haven’t diminished. To be honest, he left here, when he passed away, he didn’t fully understand the scope of what really happened. Speaking with myself and a few other reporters, Durant described how Kendrick Perkins raved about his time in Boston. July 27, 1993 still stands as a day that changed the lives of those close to Reggie forever, and the day the Celtics lost their centerpiece. She has no regrets for their actions after he collapsed on the floor during an April 29, 1993 playoff game. 35 to Durant as a tribute to her son. He wasn’t worried about that. American public figure, the son of Celtics basketball star Reggie Lewis, whose death led to years of litigation between his widow and insurance companies over whether his death was caused from a heart condition or drug abuse. But on the night of May 2, Lewis, Harris Lewis and his agent arranged for the Celtics player to be discharged from New England Baptist and moved to Brigham and Women’s Hospital. he gravesite at Forest Hills in Jamaica Plain is unmarked, a patch of grass sandwiched between two large tombstones. She’s active with the Reggie Lewis Center. “He was a quiet person and very reserved and there’s no major surprise factor.It’s interesting because I see a lot of his qualities through both of my kids. Hindsight is 20-20, Reggie passed away trying to figure out what was wrong. Reggiena Lewis (left) and Donna Harris Lewis.

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