much found nothing. Vew 05/14/17 . His Grim fairy tale is based on King Koal. He is easily one of the biggest, most notorious users in the Myth community. Melvin 4 3. You are about to dive into some of the darkest corners of Roblox. scaring people. Pronounce my name (GUK-ee-oh-JEE) If there are when I sent it on twitter my follow increased to 2k fast!! Darvaan is rumored to be Jewk's son, though this has not been confirmed. Be warned, some content on this wiki can be disturbing. Not much is known about Orenen except for his place which he invites many of his friends to. I don't remember how I ended up found nothing, so we left. DavidCult is one of the more well-known members and is usually the one that talks during ceremonies. April 1st attack on 2012 5 4. Dravendrag was burned down several years ago. games and there isn't much about him maybe because he made his But then says that hunters are "not looking close enough" when trying to figure out his key. don't keep making the same pages over and over again because 'it One time I looked up John Doe and saw the online symbol. His real name is David, Dis Dude is banned. Leave a heart right now before you read all these myths on this post! And a thing called the spectator.. Guys we need more info on the cult family.... -_-, Not much is known about him because there is not much in his inventory or story. Confused and uncomfortable, they left the server. His dad got extremely angry and started throwing objects around the house. crashed during contact with the account. I hope that this man never has access to any games with children on them. Be careful. later delete and pay the consequences when the author spams our DMs The hanging man did not say anything except a few numbers 1, 11, 2016. Noli is a popular Roblox Myth who has been around since 2006. to follow him into games and find out more about him? Be warned, some content on this wiki can be disturbing. I don't know why everyone thinks this is okay, then they wonder why kids these days have isues and like to scare or kill people because the people who spread this @#$% think its okay to make kids feel scared.this is a dumb @#$ theory. And from there, they weren't heard from again. HalfVard/Albert Samuel Walter by what is said and known, his parents had been presumed to be murdered until the truth came out about how his parents died at similar dates. So Carol went to his father after school. Though fingerprints and evidence we're everywhere. We want the wiki here to vote, RCW cheaters will try to rig it Kazdam is in many myth hunting groups and ranks highly in all of them due to his reputation. Bobys_here is a famous myth.You think that that myth is not true but it is true.Once I was playing on his map 3 minutes later on my screen there was 2 words Bobby’s here I was very scared I try to leave his server but it not work he keep saying Bobby’s here,Bobby’s here than the button to leave the server worked but I was you need to now that don't play on his server. Art, This dude is disgusting, he should be arrested. one player reset himself suddenly u could see the player screaming in a black room lost to existence we did not know where he was someone else reset and she did not get teleported to the room so we could not do anything and had to just do our thing. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. the RM files. Clerince is a smaller myth with barely and information about him and has been around since 2012. Despite being different accounts, their avatars looked completely the same. actually meeting amalgamated himself, but I remember ending up at We don't spread anything around, and we try our best to keep out of everyone's converstations. Not much is known about HenryXII, but he is friends with the other Tribe members and is part of the Council. IT'S NOT ME THAT'S NOT MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, The account MrPleaseHelp has been seen by me in a Roblox game. The landscape was nothing but a mountainous red rocked area, with a fire red sky, and strange noises playing. Posted by anyahbear! that, our hostile attitudes against each other will be no more. Enszo is a Myth Hunter and Youtuber who uploads videos about myths. He is also the first key to the Shadelight Investigation, held by the RM Foundation. These people have since been called Void Cultist. I am giving this information about this because this is real and I'm telling the truth. No one knows knows too much about who or what he is, but we know that the mods haven't liked any of the past 50 accounts (in July 30, 2014) he's had, original of course being 'Noli'. Due to recent events involving the myth, Goldity, he is sometimes under the influence of him, which caused some skirmishes between him and myth hunters found on his property. me, causing my entire computer to …. He was terminated in 2009 because of exploiting and forums were closed when users talked about Noli. YUCK0 is a clown and has ties with G0Z. Bloxwatch is a hacker group that has nearly hack Roblox before... wait this isn't that scary, The original creepy pasta was creepy but the group are wannabe idiots. them because why not xD, and like now I think I'm being stalked and like BOI they better SaintDasXII is the tribe leader and most known member. This game from melon slice right because a love it,it's amazing the skeleton is mike. account today disguised as a Roblox noob. SmithCult was an old member who was said to have died (his old account was terminated). MrFlimFlam, also known as Flamingo or Albert, is a popular Roblox YouTube channel who has an ongoing series about Roblox Myths called "The Dark Side of Roblox". Paranormal lore is normally involved in these stories, with puzzles, jumpscares, and ambient noises added into a place under the myths in … really don’t know why he got banned but he did. The accounts with that person. Like stated before, even the mods hate him, however they refuse to answer questions about him. Gosh! Since the user Lezus there have been many void cultist. this item is named . A player recently in 2014, came across an ad with nothing but a noose on it (a rope hanging), and he clicked it, which led him into a game with a player, who didn't appear on the roster, but was able to bubble chat much like anyone else. He has met Chuck_Lloyd's daughter and G0Z. Now please, stop trying to get popular by putting your fake him in a game or online. Tons of my friends are asking about her now, I saw Albert's video about it and his humour was so morbid and dry.GOZ's friend, YUC10(I think that's how you spell it) is only a terrible roasting wannabe. I am the Roblox Information Girl, so if you see anything mysterious, please go to my channel and comment down below what happened. So the player tried to 'X' out only to find it didn't work. Though no one knows for sure, some player claim to have seen hangman as well and have given out other sets of numbers to Myth Hunters, who are still decoding them. All of the places made by this Elliot is the third member and a void cultist. he was the devil incarnaged idk what incarnaged means so he said I Z00ZY_Q is a clown and has ties with G0Z. Emoticope is a ROBLOX myth that is a famous serial killer in her forth time. 13 hours ago ( 1 review ) Diversity Myths . Cause.. I Pretty scary yet also cool. I saw the statue before, but now the trees somehow are not there and now the statues were permanently removed. that let's it into chat groups at least. If you are making a troll page, you really are not funny, day. It brought me to this There are four letters in the names John and Jane. Part 2. This is a very scary myth. We are trying to fix the wiki and do not need random myth pages here ;), Ok so I was looking at all those wannabe myths and I remembered spot here until they become known. figure this myth his account name is bshali_YT thats all i can say Credit to Kazdam. Myth games. C00lkidd is a real player I was there during the time he came he hacked game backgrounds and changed it to "join team c00lkidd today! added me and ManipulatedMind, Edit: i ment to say Found a Roblox myth but hes New, Edit 2: the only reason why im talking about this is because of Before he got banned in 2018 he had followed 37,442,253 people!! Three years ago, a user found a place called "You belong here", out of curiosity, the user entered the server. Also, every word that is typed in Jack's Diner, stays in Jack's Diner. thats all im He has a wide array of outfits, some he wears based on mood, but generally Kazdam wears a Black Overcoat from the ROBLOX clothing company Canlis and an accompanying "Off The Chain Style" top hat and Steampunk Shades. this place which I forget the name of. (This is just my opinion so please don’t scream at me everyone has their opinion), Many people think it's a wannabe but there's something up with him, Melvin's theory From the Myth Wiki : Melvin is a ghost that appears in a game that a user has experience it, this story starts off with the user playing he wish to play but realized he made a big mistake.the game is appears to be an black area, in the game you can see Shaggy's floating around one of them is invisible and transparent that you can't see it, it speaks with a weird noise then the user tries to exit the game but it wouldn't work.of course the game crash and look into the creator's inventory to find that he brought an transparent shaggy named "Melvin" the shaggy was now deleted, so the user would have to search Melvin on google and website which tells a story about a 8 year old boy named "Melvin" who die on 02/11/2008 the date that roblox created the shaggy the myth is 85% fake.

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