My reading indicates they should be on a prediction list. Ramones Rage Against the Machine-Tom Morello's group will be back in the spotlight this year. They were defining to the 80's hair metal scene they had some critical acclaim & influenced a number of acts of the same genre but I can't ranked them higher because they defined the genre which is brought back by Steel Panther & made it look like a joke plus they were not as successful in the 90s due to Grunge taking over mainstream. Tina Turner (The constant annoyance of the Rock Hall Watchers Twitter will definitely get her a spot. I believe that everyone has posted great nominee choices, with a lot of specific reasons, so I'll make an attempt to approach that standard. It's absurd you're acting like that. Beck - He seems to check all the boxes. 12. 31. Gerry Goffin If you induct the Monkees, Boston, Foreignor, Mötley Crue, and Bad Company (which is where they belong) four to five years from now, you'll be on a shortage of major classic rock radio bands from the 60's, 70's, and 80's. This finishes up Woodstock and Monterey while also finally adding Brenston (first rock song) and Dale (king of surf). Too many people don't know who they are. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum first said this back in July, but then backtracked. Pink Floyd (In, inducted in 1996 by Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins). Styx I think that the bands you mentioned would exist if Kraftwerk had never existed. Boston Kraftwerk- How many times have they been nominated? And some Old R&B. Sade- Two of their albums are on the RS Top 500 Albums list, plus aren't we tired of constantly nominating Rufus with Chaka Khan to no avail? Least Chuck Berry: Joan Baez 17. 15. 4. Gentle Giant The McGuire Sisters (popular girl group in the swing era) - The B-52's They were one of the most important bands of the 80s. They were among the biggest stars back in the 80s MC Lyte If not for actual enshrinement, at least for political notoriety in an election year Willie Nelson/Dolly Parton/Loretta Lynn/Emmylou Harris (either one) Blondie (5) I only own a Greatest hits cd. 10. foreigner John Prine-he will face a posthumous induction, unfortunately. Motörhead - I will leave this up to The Dude to explain, but Lemmy Kilmister is the key figure here. John Prine may receive an induction, due to his recent passing from complications due to COVID-19. 7. See also, the "holy trinity" of prog (Rush, Yes and The Moody Blues). The Jam If nominated; Will get in. 13. Though, he did induct Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five into the Rock Hall in 2007 and was very receptive to his recent Songwriters Hall of Fame induction. It's wrong to close the door on any genre or time period, in my opinion, but "Classic Rock" in particular is a tough one as it's really a giant umbrella genre encompassing numerous different subgenres over at least three different decades. Jethro Tull It wouldn't be the first time the Hall inducted someone "notorious" (no pun on Biggie). Soundgarden 5.Rage Against The Machine Supertramp (more prog) 1. Therefore, here is my (recently modified) preliminary list of the 2021 nominees: The Eurythmics: Many are picking Duran Duran and that wouldn't surprise me at all. Most of the early first couple classes inducted happened to be largely African American. They are a natural successor to Depeche Mode. 10 first-time nominees; 8 previously nominated artists Jay-Z therefore they are the most likely prog band to get in this year. 36. Posted by Follower on Sunday, 11.1.20 @ 21:38pm, I'm reposting my final predictions. Tina Turner - 10/10 14. Chuck Willis Kool & The Gang- the unfortunate passing of one of their key members- Ronald Bell may help them to get on the map. Monkees (Davy Jones will be inducted posthumously) Kudos to Steven Van Zandt, plus their pathway has been mostly cleared, See also, the "holy trinity" of prog (Rush, Yes and The Moody Blues). Pat Benatar 21. 2017 I understand prejudice and totally on your word. Other possibilities: 05. The Beatles (All of them)* Tina Turner (solo) - She should definitely be in for her solo work; if nominated, she will get in. Van Morrison (4) 01. Pat Benatar Suppose 2021 will be like 2020 in that there are 2 80's Acts, 2 70's Acts, and 2 90's Acts. 17. Iron Maiden They were known for their twin lead guitar attack & it later refined & popularised by Judas Priest, Iron Maiden & Def Leppard. 12. Judas Priest-As stated sometimes it can take awhile to get inducted.

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