Is this correct? 2004 Anderson Rocketech. Call Anderson Bat Co. ↳   CA - San Diego America's Finest City Players/Teams WANTED! �pp"0�m9�-�;G����������ML5�ViY)ݽ\���{V��z�c�W�W���nk�ݗ��m׋��KY|Y�fYie�+ X���o��y������� �I�$� ��Flj���pFΈ�=���nW�Z�jEuJ�D�byUX�ޛ�{�K,b��'#�}�v@b�2�8�i�����`ʔ)S�L�2eʔ)GH����Z)�������"�~˜���N����3T�s�a��7/~�yk�� �[#��+���pf����_�&��}���Ϳ�w��xkuQ�滖o���b��?d��{���w��~�o?���!��������l�x�3�o���9�;ٝ���>p|�������u������| ���{�`�3����X~�=#��������O�‡t�"��&|r?ĐD(iY����c��dیcmC;ۖ�O� Z��gEL�3eʔ)wrz�^�/�~��z������v} �_�A%7��|���u{���Rl�3 L���-�}�O�s`�;��%�7 �=x�)�'9X���/�po����W�p_,�NJ��Q������^����R����K��w�v@�Z��{��f^����ﭽ�Go������p�u@�;'̽��nwD��3�y�+jP��:!#��ʁ�M��p��V�a[�:��}/��g����JԸ0�c2�f�~�D�$9��-#�)f����%��FA�"�oLqQ�j�w����S�F�&�P;�[?�/��Ƕ��,R^h��"�%�Kk�濅_�����G?��D���.��y�������O�+���Go�Ǒ���F�OpL���ږ'Z3���.6}+ОDŽ8�6(���W��!~��$�BR� yIV"�_; Any input, and links, would be helpful. ↳   COLLEGE Softball - Stories, Discussions & More! by OC Renegades » Tue Apr 20, 2010 1:17 am . From anyone's there a big difference between the 2004 and 2005? /Filter[/FlateDecode] We just purchased an 07 RT wonder if I should have gone for the 04 instead, if you could find one and not pay 400 for it good luck. Bat #1 - 24.5 oz. by MAD-DOG 99 » November 23rd, 2011, 12:33 pm, Post The Fastpitch Softball Discussion Area @ 43FT, ↳   REGIONAL State Specific Softball News & DISCUSSIONS, ↳   CA - San Diego America's Finest City FP News, ↳   "Ask Blue or Looking for Blue" - The Umpires Corner, The Club Ball Score Board & Tournament Area @ 43FT. Worth Players/Teams Wanted, ↳   12U Dallas/Ft. by OC Renegades » Mon Apr 19, 2010 6:17 pm, by hit4thecycle » Mon Apr 19, 2010 8:18 pm, I had an umpire tell me that my player, using a 2004 RT, was using an illegal bat as of 1/1/2010. Legal Aluminum Bats Expand Adidas Easton Grover Nike Worth Vanquish 777 Gold Aero Fuse SB-BT0521 AMP SBAMPX Black Magic MVP Aero Launch AMP SBAMP2 Anderson Black Max Silver Aero Show AMP SBAMPV Flex Cyclone Aero Show BT0521 Blade W8SB Flextech Cyclone SK38 Jacoby Aero Venom Insanity ALXSBW Ignite Diamond Pro Jacoby Battaboom Insanity W4SB7 Pyrotech… I believe composite bats are better suited to the majority of players but those able to swing an end loaded bat will show more "pop" w/ the metal Rocketech. I have a 2005 rocketech fastpitch bat. That is the knowledge I was looking for. /Filter[/FlateDecode] Bat #3 - 25.4 oz. Softball Bats for Softball Players. Slow-pitch softball bats are lighter in weight than fast-pitch baseball bats. /Width 159 >> by propwash » November 28th, 2011, 8:41 pm, Post Is this correct? Bat Specs:' No USSSA Stamp, Has ASA … /Length 5408 ↳   Club Ball Scoreboard / Results from Weekend Play! The Off Topic Area @ 43FT (non softball related topics), ↳   Need Help @ 43FT? "C"��ɔ�͡^c4�EJ�ʤ�"��X:܀��vDf��.f�$0���&O��k�Ńe�[����w���j� )��d3R��y�Iu�\]Ӎ����k%� �U�ٱ��c����YF15� �x+vA2��$ �E�m�P�0�G�ړ��w�q6RwRt�s�#�endstream Softball governing bodies like ASA, USSSA, NSA , ISF, and ISA determine what type of bat you will need. Otherwise, the following three bats are well worth a good look. by blue chip plya » November 23rd, 2011, 1:58 pm, Post My daughter switched a while back w/ good results ( a couple of true HR a couple more practice HR and many off the fence on the fly. << ↳   ARIZONA - Multiple Age Teams / Players Wanted, ↳   18U Premier/GOLD AZ Players/Teams Wanted, ↳   AZ Recreational Leagues / Players Wanted, ↳   Arizona Players Looking for a Team or to Pickup, ↳   Premier/GOLD NorCal Players/Teams Wanted. /ColorSpace/DeviceGray It is a place for softball parents and players to discuss, review, and find softball tournaments, results, and equipment reviews. endobj *After writing the above paragraph, the CF Zen JBB drop 10 has been banned by USSSA. 2 0 obj Worth Players/Teams Wanted, ↳   18U Dallas/Ft. Three bats were off by 2 oz. The newer ones are much less expensive around $200.

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