One way in which these expectations become apparent is when we look at the roles that people play in society. With each social role you adopt, your behavior changes to fit the expectations both you and others have of that role. What career we are likely to pursue is largely decided by our culture. Some people get so hooked on to these characters that they become an integral part of their life. Larry Thomas. This knowledge protects us from making a mistake. 4. When we get informed about something, we get knowledge. The media is part of our lives and has an enormous influence on our society. Culture Decides Our Career. The Capital (Annapolis, MD) Over the course of just a few days last month, our region experienced an unprecedented series of natural disasters. The importance of advertising in our life cannot be overstated. If the youth of a society is educated, a future is born. Ads from any era give accurate and sometimes shocking glimpses into what was important in society at the time. Radio Plays an Important Role in Our Lives. This means that all individuals, except those who choose to live truly alone, interact with other individuals virtually every day and often many times in any one day. Our sense of time, and ability to communicate across it with language means that our perspective of existence is lacking in the immediacy of other species. Thus, we can conclude that cinema has a great influence on the lives of the people and society. Whether we should become a politician or a social worker, a doctor, an engineer, a soldier, a farmer, a professor, an industrialist; a religious leader and so on is decided by our culture. This allows us to be critical of all the information we receive daily. For this reason, it is necessary that each one of us becomes aware of the power of the media. Through the years, advertising has both reflected the times and taken the lead to influence society. Life is a hard task and we need help while making decisions on a regular basis. The expansions of television in terms of content of programmes to people from all walks of life have made it useful for people in improving their quality of life.of television in terms of content of programmes to people from all walks of life have made it useful for people in improving their quality of life. Even though I am only a teenager, I also have many roles, such as a daughter, a granddaughter, a sister, a student and a Catholic. You … Technology allows for the replacement of human and animal labor with automated labor, thus reducing production costs, decreasing production time and increasing efficiency. Teachers Play a Great Role in the Economic Development of the Country. Education is a fundamental aspect in the development of a country. External News Source September 21, 2011 Technology. We want our personality and life to be just like the life of the movie character we idealize. In the society, we have various roles and they are all important in our daily lives. The language also plays an important role in the development of a person personality, because communication is the one which drives our lives and makes ourselves better. Social roles are the part people play as members of a social group. Language & Grammar Lifestyle Society General Topics. Basically, … Information is one of the most important things in our modern society. Teachers provide the education that improves quality of life, therefore bringing so much to both individuals and society as a whole. What is my role in the society? Technology plays a role in all aspects of modern-day society, such as education, agriculture, business sales, transportation, communication and healthcare. The importance of media is growing every day due to the great connectivity that exists around the globe. A fundamental feature of social life is social interaction, or the ways in which people act with other people and react to how other people are acting.To recall our earlier paraphrase of John Donne, no one is an island.

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