In 1987, stand-up comedian Ron Bennington joined radio veteran Ron Diaz to create the radio program, The Ron & Ron Show, at Tampa Bay's WYNF-FM, known as 95YNF. She got huge love from the crowd! Order for $39.95. Putting in that code will allow you to register early under my name as this won’t be launched nationally to the public for another 30 days. YOU WILL RECEIVE PAYMENT WITHIN 7 DAYS VIA PAYPAL OR CHECK! . His Mom was a missionary and his grandfather was a preacher, and Chris talked about tracing his African ancestry to both Cameroon and Angola, but when he went back there he said no one looked like him. Ron asked me questions with great understanding and insight into the human psyche, and I was so glad he brought up my friendship with the late Patrice O’Neal. ), and sometimes during a conversation with a stranger, I’d ask them to hold my iron. OK but take off that shirt first! Then we posed for some photos, and I was out! It was accompanied by messages that people liked the Blog post I wrote about Rob Barnett’s My Damn Channel and the amazing amount of entertainment they provide. The first thing to do is to “Register” at And she said her friends are all getting married and incredibly they keep all of their kids! Examples of “Sports Stars” posting services they are willing to do under the ” I Will Do” category! When I first started performing my comedy news broadcast, with my beautiful model co-anchor Sonya Gignac, I sat behind an ironing board instead of a desk, and I just noticed the connection as I’m writing this between the iron and the ironing board! MODELS: THEY WILL PAY $75. Comedy Central loves her and the public loves her as evidenced by the fact that every video I post of her gets tons of views. I broke the news recently on Sirius XM during my one-on-one interview with Ron Bennington of Ron and Fez fame! I woke up to a message that my appearance on the Bill Murray Show with Mark Malkoff, on My Damn Channel was up! During the 6-10 a.m. show, listeners inundated WJRR and the network's office in St. Petersburg with phone calls and sympathy faxes. SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? Check it out right here! "Ronnie has gone into a shell where he literally has kept it inside so long I don't think he can take it anymore," listeners were told. Send an e-mail to, with a CC to me at with the category and character you plan to portray for the video greeting cards, along with your idea. Comedians may want to offer a one minute Roast! I get it! It’s also a great opportunity for him, and don’t be surprised if he turns up on her show! Her new show “Inside Amy Schumer” debuts this coming Tuesday, April 30th, on Comedy Central and you can see the first episode right here: I caught up with Amy recently at the Jack Black Roast and did a little Comedy Matters TV interview with her on the red carpet. !. Sign up early! Not only is it free, but you can get paid to sign up! Or you might find people posting a service like this one where the offer is to design a custom dress for a woman for $250.00. Some walked into the network office with flowers, said Ross Reback, president of The Ron & Ron Radio Network. Jeffrey Gurian is the host of Comedy Matters TV where he has over 500 interviews with celebrities like Jimmy Fallon, Jon Stewart, Kevin Hart, Lisa Lampanelli, Jack Black, Bob Saget, Joel McHale, and about 190 more! just for signing up! Ron’s guests have included game changers in every field– including brilliant film makers like Quentin Tarantino, legendary actors such as Jeff Bridges, groundbreaking musicians like Iggy Pop, world class athletes like Franco Harris and more.

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