al., 2010). Having a tool in place to easily determine whether or not a property is operating as a rooming house will provide more pressure on property owners to maintain their property in order to pass the yearly inspections and be able to renew their license. {* backButton *} The Ontario Human Rights Commission recommends in its report “Room for Everyone Human Rights and Rental Housing Licensing” that a by-law that may target a group of people (i.e. Comment of the Ontario Human Rights Commission on the City of Oshawa's Student Accommodation Strategy, Report on the Inquiry into Rental Housing Licensing in the City of Waterloo. Your existing password has not been changed. “Residential Use Building” means a building composed solely of residential units; and residential use and residential premises have corresponding meanings. Former York, East York, North York & Scarborough Rooming Houses are not permitted by the Zoning Bylaw in the former cities of  East York, North York, or Scarborough. “Oversized Dwelling Unit” means a residential unit that: is used or intended for use as a residential premises by a single housekeeping unit and not more than three roomers or boarders; and. On-campus housing for students has become more challenging and has resulted in an increase in multiple-unit dwellings being created from existing housing, with rooms being rented to students in neighbourhoods that are in close proximity to colleges and universities. The Zoning By-law defines a “rooming house” as: “a principle dwelling within the whole of a residential use building that contains at least four rooming units, and which may also contain dwelling units and an administration office accessory to the operation of the house”. We've sent an email with instructions to create a new password. If, in the opinion of the Chief License Inspector following a review of relevant investigations and/or inspections, the applicant’s actions are adverse to the public interest or to public safety, the Chief License Inspector may refuse issuance, or the renewal, of the license. An error has occurred while trying to update your details. Airbnb) and shared accommodations work on which will commence in 2018. The scope of this review is defined by the issues identified by Council in the By-law Review Strategy Report adopted in June 2015. Rooming houses have been making headlines lately for all the wrong reasons. Changes to a rooming house building or propertyIf you wish to change the necessary legal information on the rooming house licence, the client should contact ML&S Investigations, Rooming House licensing coordinator. The conditions of license renewal include: ​The Chief License Inspector (Director of By-law & Regulatory Services) may, upon issuance or renewal of a license, impose additional conditions with respect to rooming houses as deemed necessary to ensure public safety. The existing definitions pertaining to the rooming house regulation found in the Licensing By-law, as well as in the Zoning By-law, cause difficulties with enforcement and proving that a property fits within the current criteria of a “rooming house” rather than a “single household unit”. Rooming houses are only permitted in the former cities of York, Toronto and Etobicoke. Align proposed definitions with the R4 Zoning Review currently underway in order to provide clarity, consistency and to facilitate the identification of true rooming houses. {* forgotPassword_sendButton *}, {* backButton *} Rooming houses that operate in Toronto and Etobicoke must be licensed. Rooming houses can also include some self-contained units/bachelor apartments. students) be applied to every part of the municipality to avoid susceptibility to being found discriminatory, contrary to the Human Rights Code. For example, the City of Waterloo refers to the Ontario Human Rights Code in its by-law and notes one of the purposes in licensing rental units is to protect the rights, and health and safety of the people residing in rental units. As this directly relates to the scope of the Licensing By-law Review pertaining to rooming houses and private home conversions, it is important to ensure consistency in the various by-laws to avoid any possible confusion or ambiguity with interpretation. In 2008, Schedule 26 relating to rooming houses was added to the Licensing By-law including the following definitions: Schedule 26 to the Licensing By-law (No. “Bedroom” means a room used or designed for use primarily for sleeping. Feedback collected from this paper will be used to assist in the review of Schedule 26 to the Licensing By-law respecting rooming houses, currently underway. Currently, the only robust distinction between a dwelling unit (“single housekeeping unit”) and a rooming house is that tenants in a single housekeeping unit act as a collective with respect to decision-making and are usually all on one lease. Landlords must ensure the safe return of all of their boarder’s belongings. If YES, a new window will open in the background so you can come back to it when you are finished on the website. Applications can be picked up at the Toronto Public Health office at Etobicoke Civic Centre, 399 The West Mall, 4th Floor, North Building, Contact Shanta Persaud at or 416-392-7594. This site uses JavaScript. Toronto Building Customer service counter, Toronto Public Health, Healthy Environments, Bylaw enforcement - illegal rooming houses. Rooming houses have been making headlines lately for all the wrong reasons. If you experience any difficulties contacting a division, please contact 311.

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