Then came the time when the earth shook and Ruqayyah (S.A) became an orphan! One World is sharing Andrew Korybko’s responses to several questions sent to him by Adeela Jawad about the contemporary state and future... Shafaqna India | Indian Shia News Agency, EU calls for de-escalation, resolution of Kashmir dispute through dialogue, Arrested Gandhian activist was ‘offered’ to perform Namaz by people in…, India, US sign key military deal, symbolising closer ties, India will be a roadblock in Russia-Pakistan relations, Why is insulting the Prophet of Islam permissible, but doubting the…, Do American Muslim votes matter in final results of 2020 US…, RSS’s Chameleon-like metamorphosis on Kashmir, India Does Not Follow ‘Arthashastra’ in Its Foreign Policy, Biden as president will be good for India, perhaps not that…, With SC seat in mind, Modi pushes for UN reform, Hazrat Zainab (S.A.), who universalized and immortalized the tragedy of Karbala. Ruqayyah (S.A) was Imam Hussein’s (A.S) most beloved child. Share. The birth date of Ruqayyah bint Al-Husayn is 20th of Rajab. When Hazrat Abbas (A.S) went to fetch water, the children gathered round Ruqayyah (S.A) with their little cups, knowing that as soon as Hazrat Abbas (A.S) brought any water, Ruqayyah (S.A) would first make sure that they had some before taking any herself. But even then she always thought of the others first. emphatically states that the name of the daughter of Husayn (a) was Ruqayya and Sayyid Muhammad Ali Shah in his book Al-Iqad Yazid ibn Muawiyyah was the Caliph at that time who wanted strict authority by acquiring the loyalty of Husain RA, however, the Imam would not surrender his standards. She was three years old and was amongst the captives in Syria. Kufa saw her as a little girl lost in thought. Pinterest. Photos: Ahlul Bayt (AS) center of Mexico city celebrates Prophet Muhammad’s... An error has occurred, which probably means the feed is down. While in Medina she would visit, several times a day, the house in which Hazrat Abbas (A.S) lived with his family and his mother, Hazrat Ummul Baneen (S.A). O, Fatima! Print. Hear me out! There was nothing that Hazrat Abbas (A.S) would not do to make Ruqayyah (S.A) happy. Everyone loved Ruqayyah (S.A). On the day of Ashura – the 10th of Muharram, Ruqayyah (S.A) gave her Mashk (water carrier) to Hazrat Abbas (A.S) to get some water for her and the children. Everyone loved Ruqayyah (S.A). O Zaynab! The shrine over her tomb in Damascus is an important pilgrimage site for both Shiis and Sunnis. O Rabab! When from the second of Muharram the armies of Yazid began to gather at Karbala, Imam Hussein (A.S) said to his sister Hazrat Zainab (S.A), “The time has come for you to get Sakina used to going to sleep without me being there.” Ruqayyah (S.A) would follow her father at night and Imam Hussein (A.S) had to gently take her to aunt, Hazrat Zainab (S.A) or Hazrat Rubab (S.A) – her mother. Importance of Eid-ul-Fitr in Islam – Time of Joy for Muslims, Importance of Learning Asmaul Husna | 99 Names of Allah with Benefits, Prophets and messengers in Islam: Belief and Obedience, How the Holy Prophet (SAW) Treated New Muslims, Rabi ul Awwal Important Dates, Events and Significance. She was very generous and always shared whatever she had with others. The survivors incorporated the Imam’s sisters, spouse, and little girls, including Sukayna, family members of companions of the Imam, and his child, Ali Zaynul-Abidin, who didn’t take part in the fight, because of a disease. At Karbala from the seventh Muharram, access to water was blocked by the army of Yazid and water became scarce. There was an absence of pity from the captors’ part during the excursion. Article on Sukayna bint Husayn in its own right is very important. The Islamic figure Husayn ibn Ali had three daughters: Ruqayyah (Arabic: رُقَيَّة ‎), Fāṭimah aṣ-Ṣughrā (Arabic: فَاطِمَة ٱلصُّغْرَىٰ ‎, "Fatimah the Younger") and Fāṭimah al-Kubrā (Arabic: فَاطِمَة ٱلْكُبْرَىٰ ‎, "Fatimah the Elder"). Facebook. Muḥammad ; Ḥusayn ibn ʿAlī (626–680) Ruqayyah bint Husayn Daughter of Husayn ibn Ali and granddaughter of Muhammad . She would rest her head on her father’s chest and Imam Hussein (A.S) would not move from her until she fell asleep. Shrine of Ruqayyah bint Al-Husayn is in Damascus, Syria. When soon there was no water at all, the thirsty children would look at Ruqayyah (S.A) hopefully, and because she could not help them she would have tears in her eyes. When asked if she wanted anything, she would say, “I just heard a baby cry? Ruqayyah (S.A) shared whatever little water she had with other children. The survivors were walked by Yazid’s military from Karbala to Kufah, where Sukayna got water from a thoughtful lady, and afterward to Damascus in Shaam. She was also a very religious girl. Ruqayyah was the daughter of the Islamic prophet Mohammad and wife of third Rashidun caliph Uthman (second entry in list):, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 31 May 2020, at 17:44. Ruqayyah was the daughter of the Islamic prophet Mohammad and wife of third Rashidun caliph Uthman (second entry in list): Leo1pard 06:13, 8 February 2018 (UTC) The birth date of Ruqayyah bint Al-Husayn is 20th of Rajab. Imam Hussein (A.S) was often heard to say, "A house without Sakina would not be worth living in!" Ruqayyah bint Al-Ḥusayn (Arabic: رقـيـة بـنـت الـحـسـيـن ‎) (born on the 20th of Rajab, 56 AH – 5 Rabi' al-thani, 60 / 61 AH or 676 CE; died on the 13th of Safar, 60 / 61 AH or 680 / 681 CE), was the daughter of Husayn ibn Ali and Rubab bint Imra al-Qais ibn Adi bin Aws. Indeed, even at these seasons of hardship and hopelessness, Ruqayyah was thoughtful to other people, for example, her mom, whom she comforted on the demise of Ali al-Asghar. Our Third Imam (A.S) used to pray for a daughter in his night Prayer (Namaz E Shab) and the birth of Ruqayyah (S.A) was a result of those night prayers. Greetings be upon Husayn, and upon 'Ali the son of Husayn and upon the children of Husayn and upon the companions of Husayn. Quite often she would sit up at night. al-Din al-Tabasi, by contrasting the report of Ibn Funduq and the one found in He writes. Our Third Imam (A.S) used to pray for a daughter in his night Prayer (Namaz E Shab) and the birth of Ruqayyah (S.A) was a result of those night prayers. her age was 3. Like any other four-five year old when Ruqayyah (S.A) went to bed at night, she wanted to spend some time with her father. It is said that her name was Ruqayya. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Fatimah Al-Kubra (Known as Sakinah as well). “Husayn (a) had a little daughter who he loved very much and she also loved the Imam (a) very much. Ruqayyah bint al Hussein (S.A) 27/09/2020. Ruqayya (Arabic: رقيّة‎) is an Arabic female given name meaning "spell, enchantment, or incantation".[1]. Hazrat Ruqayyah (S.A) was a vivacious child, full of love and happiness. She would console her mother, Hazrat Rubab (S.A) on the death of her six month old brother, Ali Asghar (A.S) and when she saw any other lady or child weeping Ruqayyah (S.A) would put her little arms around her. Other children sought her company as much as the grown-ups did. They had additionally experienced thirst on the land of Karbala. It is not to be confused with a separate Arabic term "Ruqia" from Arabic رقى (ruqia) which means to "rise or ascend". WhatsApp. Telegram. Sign up to receive … Ruqayyah bint Al-Husayn was the daughter of Husayn ibn Ali and Rbab bint Imra Al Qais. Imam Hussein (A.S) would tell her stories of the Prophets (A.S) and of the battles fought by her grand-father Imam Ali (A.S). Hazrat Abbas (A.S) loved her more than he did his own children. O Umm Kulthum! Upon you, from me, is the peace of Allah for eternity, as long as the night and the day remain and please do not make this (Ziyarat) as my last contact with you. He must be calling out for me!”, Knowing that her weeping upset her mother, Ruqayyah (S.A) would cry silently and quickly wipe away her tears! What a hard time that was. Najm Linkedin. Try again later. If Ruqayyah (S.A) requested for anything, Hazrat Abbas (A.S) would not rest until he satisfied her request. Email. 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