But for some reason she is not happy as the last hurdle to Emerald's happiness is herself... A series of ongoing romance and smut specific character ongoings between Jaune and every female RWBY character. Salem meets with the current Arc Warlord, negotiating an alliance with them. Ren and Nora had horrified face as she Nora clung to his chest as he tried his best to turn her away from the scroll. All he ever wanted to do was be a hunter! Vale didn't care that its huntresses had killed his mother along with a whole bunch of faunus. she asked as Jaune shrugged his shoulder, aching slightly in pain. Stick back or go for people shooting at us. "But I'm not going to kill you that quickly, no far from it. That enough for Cinder? she chuckled as she walked around the room. 'Shit...I guess my parents were right about me...I should have never gone to Beacon in the first place...'. Ruby turned to leave but was stopped by Weiss as she stood next to her. Through your actions, everything from this point on had changed," said Void. Cardin was terrified as he watched the boy he once bullied be subjected to the pain that he hoped that he would never have to experience. she said as both of them dashed towards the tower. Mercury and Emerald are by her side instantly keeping her standing as she clutches her gut, good the blast will get them too. But! Then the crazy shit happened with the Atlesian Knights turning on everyone, his partner being called into the basement under Beacon by Headmaster Ozpin - who showed them some mysterious woman in a pod - Jaune barely had time to register what was going on. Let me out! Roman had just caught up with them and swore viciously. ALl Jaune wanted to do was be a hunter. Jaune Arc is a Huntsman and former student at Beacon Academy.He is the leader and one of the remaining members of Team JNPR and a member of Team RNJR.His weapon of choice is Crocea Mors, which consists of a sword and a sheath that can expand into a shield.The weapon was handed down in his family from his great-great-grandfather, who used it to fight in the Great War. tip: lex m/m (mature OR explicit). His sacrifice would have stopped nothing, and she would be free to do anything she wanted... "This is all my fault," whispered Pyrrha, shedding even her tears. That all this death, pain and suffering was orchestrated by one woman. "Up!" He knew that people were in his way but he didn't care! Laughter? "Is Jauneā€¦in the afterlife?" What do you all think? But could do nothing as the lay on the ground weak and broken... Ren closed his eyes in frustration, while Nora growled at not being able to help their friend and leader. Her arm was missing, and her complexion was pale as Blake lay beside her, gripping the blond's only hand as soft tears streaked down her face. So, would you at least indulge a dying man's final wish?" "Now you know how we felt when you turned us against each other and tricked us into doing your dirty deed. At first, Cinder assumed it was the Nikos girl, who had decided to come up to the top of the tower to fight her and prepared to summon her glass weaponry. "This is how things are supposed to be. Work Search: Can their mysterious host aid them in preparations against Salem and her agents? Pyrrha said as Jaune stared at her confused. Jaune shook his head as he pointed at the tower. At this point, Team RWBY had joined their sister team around their couch. she stammered, flinching out his way when he came near. The windows were tinted but Emerald still felt awkward in the back seat every time a person walked by outside. She yelled as she was crying, even though she knew it wasn't her Jaune. "To be honest, we don't know what Jaune's personality is like in this...for all we know, maybe he doesn't trust us as much in this." 's Big Three (My Hero Academia), Midoriya Izuku and All Might are Closer Than They Should Be, Watching /Deku? No telling what other tricks she has. Answer: laughter, romantic drama, and real drama. Would saying he didn't plan to kill him even matter? Far from the pair, tied to a fallen gear and wrapped with a single piece of black cloth was Cinders scroll. "This is the only way Pyrrha, I've been in these things hundreds of time and I've come out all right. Those seven made it all worth it. Jaune wasn't wounded. Honestly I can't even count how many times I would have died or quit without you. They needed time to adjust. There is more than one way to make sure a girl is not speaking in your class... Watch as Jaune is a participant of depraved, lecherous acts against his choosing. Did she get that ability from whatever the hell she stole in the Vault? It's clear that Jaune had no idea his last thoughts on his friends were spoken aloud. You had better keep that smile on your face. Ozpin's group paled considerably at the current situation. The walls and floor of it were smeared with blood like someone had stuck a person in a blender and set it to max. My friends will find out the truth, and they will find out. "Guess that makes Emerald your illusionist" makes sense why Yang attacked now probably actually saw Mercury attacking "hit one target with an illusion to fool a crowd and no ones the wiser." Yang and Blake cried out in horror as Sun and Neptune could only gasp in terror, even Oobleck and Port could not stand the sight of the young man impaled and turned their heads.

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