In the end, perform the Aarti. During Santoshi Mata rituals, the first prayer is for Santoshi Mata’s father Ganesh, and mother Riddhi Siddhi. Offerings to Santoshi Mata contain Bengal gram and jaggery. After completing the story – Jaggery and Gram which is held in the hand should be collected and served to Cow (prayed and revered in Hindu culture). Both these Vrats are all wished to fulfill and have immense power to transform a devotee’s life from any kind of a pain to peace, wealth, success, and happiness. Then distribute gud and chana to your family members. They can take just one meal at dawn, and … santoshi mata vrat or puja vidhi :-दोस्तों आज हम आपको सन्तोषी माता व्रत और पूजा विधि के बारे में बताने जा रहे है. The jaggery and gram which is kept in the vessel should be distributed as Prasad to everyone. Then take the name of Santoshi Mata and read her Vrat Katha. You have to fast for an entire day or you can have food once in a day (supper or dinner). Also ensure, you neither cook … The listeners should say “Santoshi Mata Ki Jai” all the time. One can do two types of Vrat on Shukravar or Fridays. how can i say their parents, not to give any sour things to them ?? Udyapan is the closing ceremony of this ritual. Goddess Santoshi Maa is a symbol of love, contentment, forgiveness, happiness and hope. Related. When you are reading Santoshi Mata Katha, you should hold Jaggery and Bengal Gram in your hand. You can eat Sabudana Khichadi (साबूदाना खिचड़ी ). The fast should be broken by eating roasted Chana ke dal (चना के दाल)  (horse gram) and jaggery (गुड़). Santoshi Mata Vrat is a devotional fast that devotees observe on 16 consecutive Fridays or until their wishes are fulfilled. Light diya (deepa) infront of the Goddess Santoshi Mata’s photo. You are not supposed to eat or touch anything like curd, lemon etc. If the … every friday "I only do pooja,don't eat sour things", but i cook normal food for my family (which includes rasam, for my kids) till now Maata Santhoshi blessings are with us, if we do Udyapan in home for 8 neighbour boys, hardly they can spend 1 hour with us and then go, is it possible for them to stay away from sour!!!! Food to Break Santoshi Mata Vrat. Consume meal only once during the day. Keep in mind that there should not be any sour item in the house and you should offer food to eight boys. Keep in mind that there should not be any sour item in the house and you should offer food to eight boys. You can eat Sabudana Khichadi (साबूदाना खिचड़ी ). Is it o.k., if i call 8 boys to our home and offer puri's, kheer, chana-gud, books, pencils ?? Milk (दुध) . If this santhoshi maa vrata is in telugu it will be helpfull to andhraras, If santoshi Maa puja performance is in telugu it may helping to andhraras, Hello, i want to do Udyapan for Santhoshi maa ki puja, i have so many doubts, ihave been doing this puja from past 3 years and till now din't perform Udyapan (i want to continue this pooja as long as possile in my life) shall i continue like this , are do I need to do Udyapan??? I only got 5 boys on the udyappan day. On the last day of Puja i.e., Santoshi Mata Vrat Udayapan, you have to distribute 2 ½ kg Cashews, Poori, Kheer, Gram Curry and Sweets. now a days in temples they are telling just pay some amount of money, we will do rest of all, how far it is possible??? If the … One is Santoshi Mata Puja and one is Dhan Lakshmi Puja. By this way,Goddess Santoshi Mata becomes happy and removespoverty and sorrow and bless her devotees with happiness and prosperity. On this day also, you should read the story and perform Aarti, like the Vrat, and then distribute the Prasad. Santoshi Mata Puja is performed for a period of 16 weeks on the Fridays. The person who is fasting should have Prasad after listening to the story and only one time meal. On this particular day, there should not be any sour items in the house and don’t eat any sour items yourself nor serve to others. The fast should be broken by eating roasted Chana ke dal (चना के दाल) (horse gram) and jaggery (गुड़). The Bengal gram and jaggery is distributed as prasad after the … Start chanting the mantras,read the story and give aarti to Mata. The evening meal is made of foods that are white in color, such as a sweetened kheer made of rice, milk and sugar or jaggery. OnUdayapan, the last day of Santoshi Mata rituals include serving festival food to eight boys. All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2014-2020 in our telugu book it says Udyapan day we should offer flowers, chana-jaggery, bangles , kumkum-haldi to 8 GIRLS (kanyas), which one should i follow. Devotees performing this vrat have to wake up early in the morning and remember the Goddess. Can I take medicine during the santoshiMata vrat . Santoshi Mata Santoshi Mata. Santoshi Maa Katha – The Story of Santoshi Matha… First and foremost, gathered important puja things before starting Santoshi Mata Rituals; likekalash, betel leaves, flowers, puffed bengal gram and jaggery for prasad, camphor for aarti, diyas, turmeric and kumkum, photo of santoshi mata, agarbatti, coconut for kalash (same coconut has to continue till you complete the Puja), a wooden stool for placing the photo and rice mixed with turmeric It is a faith that helps prayers to do all rituals smoothly. Goddess Santoshi Mata fulfills all your wishes and she brings success in business, removes poverty, destructs the evil. Udyapan - Completing the Santoshi Maa Vrat After completing the 16 weeks, you will be required to do Udyapan - that is offering food to kids. Water. Santoshi Mata Rituals performed correctly are believed to bless devotees with peace, prosperity and light in the family.

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