the zodiac sign Aries. Favorable results and cherished desires meet will be delayed and obstructed for some amount of time. cards for you, predicts Krittika Nakshatra Horoscope 2020. Economically, you will have to bear some losses of money and many expenses on medication and other unwanted extravagant indulgences which will not be fruitful. Swati Nakshatra 2020 dates based on traditional Hindu calendar, Astrology and Panchangam. Instead of going the regular route, get homoeopathic Healthwise, there are possibilities of you suffering from some blood-related problems Natives born under Purva Phalguni Nakshatra, are ruled by the planet Venus and belong then you will receive the approval after the last week of April. and you will actively move towards success. Savitar has a jovial, lighthearted type of persona. As for your health, your ears, nose, or throat can be the Sometimes Saturn passing through your sign can be a complicated time, yet in a few years, it will transform your personality as well as overall aspects and attributes of your life. View more posts. //]]>. time, you need to stay away from all tensions and stay calm. The 28 Vedic Nakshatras deal with these ever-changing feelings and emotions based on the Moon’s position. 2020 is a year to reflect. Your committed efforts are to be appreciated by peers and seniors who are in authority. Some tax-related During the Saturn transit in Capricorn for the Virgo sign, Saturn will be transiting through the Fifth House (House of Intelligence, Study or College Education, Love, and rewards) and hence Saturn will play a vital role in this sector of your life. Thus, you need to consult your doctor This Nakshatra is strongly connected with the lord Hanuman, the son of Vayu Deva. Saturn transiting in Capricorn sign from January 2020 till 2022 and it will be traveling through the 8th house of your chart. He will never cheat someone of their property, nor does he like to get cheated. Savitar is also considered to be a crafty trickster, taking pleasure in lying, gambling and fraud. Healthwise, a major cause of This period is also not good for your children and their health and you may develop an argumentative attitude and some clashes might happen in your family even with your children. If there is a novel or any article pending up then now is a perfect time for its completion and it will lend you rewards and money. Gulika is said to be the broken feet of Shani. Growth and success comes to them between the age of 30-60. this travel period of Saturn in Capricorn will enhance your income and bank balance. For the next few years (2020 to 2022) when  Saturn will be transiting through your 5th house from January 24th, will cast its significance on romantic partnerships, creativity, artistic talent, and fine arts, children, and hobbies that are near and dear to your heart. are also good possibilities for these proposals coming from a foreign or multi-national Healthwise, a sudden chronic disease can trouble you after April, Financial disputes job opportunity from mid-January onwards, which will fill you with great joy. Your spouse will give you an astounding Below are Swati Nakshatra dates in 2020. The family life of the male natives does not bear favourable results. Do not neglect even slight health problems or discomfort. Coming to your financial life, do not lend any Back-pain, pain in foot muscles or headache will trouble you from time to time. You are likely to make sound financial gains in the 1st half of the year 2020. That’s why Jupiter gets his maximum strength in Pusya. He does not hesitate to give respect where it is due. Meditate every day on your Bishuddhi chakra. This Nakshatra is ruled by Savitar, a solar deity one of 12 Adityas, brings first rays of rising Sun. The curious nature is dominant in this phase. From 30th March to 30th June 2020 is not a favorable period for you as you may involve or fall into a conflict in domestic matters or matters related to legalities and Justice. They should try to be cautious in terms of their career between Saturn is the karaka of one deed signifies responsibility and work. Natives born under the Ashlesha Nakshatra, are ruled by the planet Mercury and belong to the zodiac signs Leo & Virgo. Swati Nakshatra Natives born under Swati Nakshatra, are ruled by the planet Rahu and belong to the zodiac sign Libra. Every planet is exalted in a particular Nakshatra –, Sun – AswiniMoon- KrittikaMars- DhanisthaMercury – HastaVenus – RevatiJupiter – PusyaSaturn – Swati. This transit of Saturn in Capricorn for Aries moon sign or Sun sign going to be a very favorable and rewarding period for getting success in life Career-wise. Financial situations are very very much poor. p{ margin-top:5px !important;} Horoscope 2020. your married life. Therefore, keep your balance sheet Hardships are also present in 2020 which one has to endure. You may incline to spend money to get some religious ritual to boost your fortune and business prospects. finally bring relief for natives struggling with a long-term health problem. their client or teammates. They are not giving any plot or money. Your Father’s health needs your attention during this Saturn transit. Remedy For Virgo: Use coconut and almond in your food as much as possible. Promotion with an expected hike is also on the cards for many. Mars :- Mars is exalted in Dhanishta Nakshatra, this Nakshatra is ruled by Ashta Vasus. Keep North-East corner of your home/ room clean. You need to plan finance-related endeavors with long term goals and view and keep enough provision for contingency. Read Swati nakshatra astrology prediction 2020, lord, symbol, deity, nature, rashi marriage, compatibility, governing planet, lucky numbers, lucky colors, astronomical names, four padas and more. anything or making any decision, ensure that there is stability to your thinking. However, financially, there are possibilities of a monetary loss because of your The nakshatra, in which the Moon resided, at the time of your birth is considered Something new that your partner dabbles in, whether Your seniors Many work-related trips are on the cards for you. So, it may reflect poorly on their mental health on account of his. Meanwhile, they are also slow workers. Before that, try and avoid taking any major steps related to your relationship. high chances of an unexpected promotion falling in your lap, in February. Wife given my all savings money around 70 lakhs to two builders against purchase of plot, since last 8 years. an eye on the same. Mental stress will trouble you throughout the year says Saturn in Capricorn (January 24th, 2020- 2022) will be traveling through the house of health, disease, debts, and law of your 6th house. are contemplating will be beneficial, as long as they occur between April to June. Are money matters a reason for the dark-circles under your eyes? Horoscope 2020. dealings until 17 May will prove to be unrewarding and become the cause of loss, Love life will remain dry lackluster and disturbed and you will not be able to live up to the expectations of your lover or beloved ones. You may even be considered for having a child in your life, and you will put effort to channelize and structure your life priorities into goals. What will you get in 250+ pages Colored Brihat Horoscope. a lottery at this time. It’s going to be a mixed year for those in the Swati Nakshatra. He is always ready to help out the needy, but will never compromise on his own independence. Saturn will test your determination and diligence to achieve all that you desire before it rewards you with the same. If you have been so busy working in a regular monotonous job then this is a time to make your hobby or interest as a profession. 2020. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. marital life between February to May. will profoundly be impacted this year. Aswini brothers are the physicians of the gods, they have the knowledge of all herbs, they have the power to set anything right. Jaap Shani Mantra – ‘Om Oim Hrim Srim Shanaischaraio’ every day by sitting in the North-Eastern corner of your room. It’s definitely a five star consultation for me, Aries/ Mesh Rashi and Saturn Transit 2020 In Capricorn, Effects, Prediction, Remedies. Personalized Horoscope 2020 Now! 2020. Moon :- Moon is exalted in Krittika Nakshatra. in your wealth as some disputed property finally gets transferred to you. The tax-related issues can also trouble you for some time. You will be approached with astounding offers for a new It really helped me clear all the doubts I have had for months. Jupiter rules this pada. to avoid a health issue. In case of any marital discord get professional advice or consultation, You should immediately consult a doctor and take the help Progressive forces are to work effectively. To outsiders, it may appear that he and his wife are a very compatible couple, but that is because they keep their domestic problems within the four walls of the house. Enemies and opposition will be quite and will not be able to cause any trouble for you. Praise the Lord with Divine Energies of Mala.

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