Girl, just say it three times in a row [LYDIA, spoken] [LYDIA (ADAM & BARBARA)] [LYDIA, spoken] He also gets a little crazy at times. [ADAM] Alex BrightmanSophia Anne CarusoKerry ButlerRob McClure Need help? Then, Betelgeuse... what do I need you for? All you gotta do is say my name Okay. Then Beetlejuice, what do I need you for? Betelgeuse Really, it's a flattering offer Every word is the truth Oh! [LYDIA] Beetle-juice? [LYDIA] Beverage? [LYDIA] Betelgeuse I'm offering you a full-time specter Couple of five-star reviews. Betelgeuse [ADAM, spoken] That was possession. Your daddy should be leavin' And all you gotta do is say my name three times. Well, I can't say it. I've been swimmin' with piranhas Together we'll exterminate, assassinate [LYDIA] First word... Everyone knows if you say Beetlejuice's name three times he appears, but the number three is used multiple times in the film. I may be suicidal I may be suicidal Betelgeuse Girl, just say it three times in a row (Yes I do! A stand-up bro [LYDIA, spoken] And you won't believe how far I'll go —cause! You betcha [ADAM] Okay, so what's the plan? Your current browser isn't compatible with SoundCloud. But we're BF-F-F-F's forever! [BETELGEUSE, spoken] Oh! So violating! Hey Drüsi, sorry, habe die Übersetzung nochmal ... experiencing a prolonged spell of success or good luck; experiencing a period of success or good luc... Eti Bitton - הרועה הקטנה מן הגיא (haroah haktana min hagai). Trust me, baby! Beetlejuice: The Musical The Musical The Musical, [LYDIA, spoken] Any ghost can do that in less than one lesson. [BETELGEUSE] What? Girl, the way I see it Your Daddy should be leavin' And you should stick around (And kill him!) I'll lead that lamb to slaughter (Make him say your name) LYDIA: What? Wine? Every word is the truth Say My Name Lyrics: You could use a buddy / Don't you want a pal? No. [LYDIA, spoken] [LYDIA] Oh! [BETELGEUSE] No. The dilemma of this song boils down to Betelgeuse trying to convince Lydia to say his name but Lydia knows better than that, stating that she’ll think about his offer. [BETELGEUSE, spoken] 2020-06-20T18:15:40Z Comment by pls kill me. Trust me, baby! Be a doll and spare the lecture You are tougher than you look. [LYDIA] Betelgeuse... But Betelgeuse, it's not as if I've lost my mind [LYDIA, spoken] Avec Alex Brightman l'agréable démon connu comme Beetlejuice, cette distribution comprend de grands acteurs tels que Sophie Anne Caruso comme Lydia, Kerry Butler en tant que Barbara Maitland, Rob McClure comme Adam Maitland, et beaucoup plus! [LYDIA] Sung by Any ghost can do that in less than one lesson. Betelgeuse is sexy! Beverage? [BETELGEUSE] Okay, go. [BETELGEUSE, spoken] Vous pouvez cliquer sur les chansons pour visualiser les respectifs paroles et. Lydia! (I'm sorry if my beetlejuice is very hot).Follow me where I'm more active with drawings and anything else/Sigueme donde estoy mas activa con dibujos y cualquier otra cosabuy me a ko-fi: instagram: comic: Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for \"fair use\" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

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