Rock and Roll High School • School(s) As seen on the show, both of his parents appeared to be senior citizens. Manny rushes out of the room and is moments later seen vomiting in a toilet stall. He returned to Degrassi briefly to attend the end-of-the-year dance, albeit using a walker and being assisted by Luke. James HurstNicole DemerseShelley Scarrow After a few blocks, she breaks down and doesn't know what to do, so she runs to Spike's house and tells her she might be pregnant. The McKays had previously expressed a wish to send Shane to private school, as his older brother Carl had done, and Shane worried that revealing that he had gotten Spike pregnant would seal their decision to send him away. It is evident that his accident had left him developmentally disabled and we learn that after going to rehab he was now attending school for special needs kids. Father Figure (1) • The next day, she goes into the bathroom after Paige, and asks advice about if she knows when a guy used a condom. U.S. Airdate Accidents Will Happen (1) is the fourteenth episode of Season 3 of the Canadian television series, Degrassi: The Next Generation.It originally aired on January 26, 2004 on CTV Television and on August 26, 2006 on The N.The episode was written by story editors James Hurst and Nicole Demerse and directed by Eleanore Lindo. She tells him she's almost sure and that even though she's made an appointment to confirm it, she already knows she's pregnant. Season 3, Episode 14 Shane initially does not believe Emma is his daughter, still thinking that Emma is a toddler as in the picture he keeps by his bedside, but he realizes that she is in fact his child and the two tearfully embrace. Emma tells her Coach Hatzilakos should know and leaves to go and tell her, but Manny stops her and tells her that her life sucks at the moment and that she's just nervous. Shane was hesitant toward revealing his impending fatherhood to his conservative parents, Steven (an Anglican minister) and Mary. The other two being. Degrassi Junior High SchoolBorden High School (Part-time classes in Grade 9)Degrassi High School "Accidents Will Happen" is a two-part episode of Degrassi: The Next Generation that aired in the middle of season 3. Manny then tells Craig – he tells her no and that the baby is his too. Emma steps in and says that it is Manny's body. Kiss Me, Steph (DJH 101) Steven McKay (Father)Mary McKay (Mother)Carl McKay (Brother)Emma Nelson (Daughter)Spinner Mason (Son-in-Law)Another unnamed brother Pride (2) • Blonde Everyone at Degrassi has been coming down with a cold and the flu, but the gymnastics team are still going at it, getting ready for their tournament in a few weeks. Shane invited Spike to go to a movie with him; Spike, though sympathetic toward his situation, declined. Bill Parrott (DJH, DH)Jonathan Torrens (DTNG) At the concert, Shane's friend Luke got LSD for them to take, and Shane decided to try the hallucinogenic drug. Never Gonna Give You Up • Full Name At first Paige makes a joke, asking Manny if she was even there when she was hooking up with the guy, but she realizes that it's serious when she sees Manny's pale face.

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