Meghna is a BMS student who firmly believes in the saying, "Day one or one day. Although she doesn’t have a long-term goal of working at SHEIN, the soft skills of communication, marketing and networking will help her with her long-term goals of healthcare. The job experience that you gain from being a brand representative can spruce up your resume, which could lead to a better position in the future either at She Inspired Clothing or at another company. Last year, within the duration of three months, Shein India selected 100 ambassadors and executed 100 parties in four cities. (@dhwaja_jain) on Dec 9, 2019 at 5:26am PST. Free Shipping On £35+ 45 Days Returns 1000+ New Dropped Daily Get £3 Off First Order! The parties organised as a part of the campaign were rich in experience and décor. We try to involve our ambassadors in various campaigns to help them develop their skills,” the Shein India spokesperson concludes. An example of such campaign would be posting a product or a selfie wearing our product, suggesting followers to buy using your exclusive 15% off discount code. Answer Community Questions on social networks or via direct messaging. At She Inspired Clothing, our Brand Ambassador Program allows participants an opportunity to write blogs, craft social media posts and take photos for inclusion on such social media platforms as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. . I sat down with the SHEIN brand ambassador for Rutgers, Ayushi Shah, at the Livingston Student Center on Nov. 7 to talk about her role as an ambassador for this company. As a part of the Shein Campus Ambassador Program, 100 college ambassadors were selected to represent the brand while hosting new year parties for their college friends. We want you to pick what you want to wear. Take a look at all the highlights of #PartyWithSHEIN.✨ Thank you all for joining us and shout out to our amazing campus ambassadors for hosting the parties! MAKE EXTRA CASH. “To be honest when you work for something that you love it doesn’t feel like work. With about 2000 attendees, the campaign was able to garner 800 #PartyWithShein posts on Instagram. . All fashion inspiration & the latest trends can be found online at SHEIN SHIEN student discount, campus ambassador, {{}} Having spent three years in the Indian market, the brand has carefully studied the buying behaviour of its existing and potential customers. Guesture campaign invites students to co-living with #JustBringYourBag, Omnicom Media Group names Kartik Sharma CEO for India, Virat Kohli Campaigns that lead the advertising arena, The Bowl Company combines love for food & cricket with interactive AR Campaign, SPN rolls out ‘Aaj Koi Nahi Soyega’ campaign to mark the return of UEFA Champions League, Pond’s brings back ‘Googly Woogly Woosh’ proposition in recent campaign, Mondelez India’s Diwali campaign takes a hyperlocal approach backed by AI, Jaquar’s festive campaign around spike protection urges consumers to make the right decision, LinkedIn India features user testimonials to drive awareness in new campaign, Karva Chauth Campaigns romancing with the festive season. {{ lang_footer_customer }} {{ SHEIN_PC_KEY_4097 }} ? For her, this is similar to health management because you also have to work with people and see how they perceive healthcare similar to how people perceive the SHEIN brand. These user-influencers were given a special coupon code to get extra discounts on the platform and means to track their contribution to the brand. Also, we have a few things on display here which tells you how the quality of the products is. She was first introduced to SHEIN as a customer in India on its online website and decided to become an ambassador for them because she had a knack for marketing. The brand hopes to position itself as one of the leading fast-fashion e-commerce brands offering styles that cater to young enthusiasts at affordable prices. It offers free gifts and giveaways to passersby who download the application, follow it on Instagram and complete its survey. Pranks, mischief and trickery on display with April Fool's Day campaigns! While shortlisting influencers for the Campus Ambassador Program, Shein users with significant social clout were approached. This side gig allows you the freedom of no set schedule. During each sector, a new team of ambassadors will join. This job isn't stressful. Create Content And Buzz for a new product, collection launch or for a seasonal promotion – at least 1 campaign per sector is required. As a brand, Shein majorly caters to students as their target audience. (@aditisadana31) on Dec 5, 2019 at 3:26am PST. You can make money on your own time. Ambassadors of these startup retail companies play a huge role in the company’s future success. Being a brand ambassador can be fun and it gives you the opportunity to potentially earn extra money! ?? I sat down with the SHEIN brand ambassador for Rutgers, Ayushi Shah, at the Livingston Student Center on Nov. 7 to talk about her role as an ambassador for this company. an INFLUENCER: BRAND AMBASSADORS tend to have smaller social media audiences and generally purchase the product at a discounted price. {{ lang_footer_customer }} {{ SHEIN_PC_KEY_4097 }} Home; Affiliate Program {{item.titleGroup}} {{subItem.title}} At the stands there are brand ambassadors and the SHEIN campus events team, working with the students by displaying some clothes, telling people how to become an ambassador and what the role requires. {{ lang_footer_customer }} {{ SHEIN_PC_KEY_4097 }} Home; Affiliate Program {{item.titleGroup}} {{subItem.title}} @la_lit_af & all the participants ?Shop party outfits now (shop link in bio), A post shared by SHEIN India (@shein_in) on Dec 27, 2019 at 7:04am PST. This person will influence our target audience and has a broader social influence on media plate forms like Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram. #PartyWithShein, A post shared by Aditi Sadana? Write about the products, collections or promotions on your social networks (blogs, posts, pictures, videos, etc). If selected, a response will be emailed within 30-days. Each 10 times your unique code is used your commission will increase by 1%. In return for your work and support we will do everything in our power to promote and support you as our ambassador! It’s pretty cool,” Shah said. Awesome Perks. We offer discounts on everything you buy in addition to commission on anything you helped to sell. SHEIN is an online retail store that sells clothing — mainly for women — but also has items such as men’s and children's apparel, accessories, makeup, shoes, bags and other fashion necessities. @gaurav.gamre @plixxo @indian_fashion_bloggers @allindianbloggers @thebnbmag @shein_in . Gain Valuable Experience. You decide." Therefore brand awareness and interacting and giving out freebies with people are my main duties. She Inspired Clothing offers Brand Ambassadors an exclusive 35% OFF DISCOUNT on ALL products, and the possibility of even free products. LIKE SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE ? Ain't no party like the SHEIN party!?? INFLUENCERS tend to have larger social media followings … Shein Campus Ambassador Program collaborated with college students to create brand awareness and build a community through New Year parties. Are you all ready to grab these amazing gifts on 6th December? Flexible Schedule. (@mugdha.rokade) on Dec 18, 2019 at 3:24am PST. WHO IS A BRAND AMBASSADOR? Attend Events – She Inspired Clothing and our partnered blog will attend numerous events. There are a lot of benefits that go beyond just employment benefits. In addition, it will allow you to grow your social and professional network while also providing you with examples of your work you can show potential employers during your next job search. Shein started the Campus Ambassador Program in Mumbai with 30 ambassadors in 15 colleges and slowly extended its scope to Pune, Delhi, and Bangalore. She likes working with people and enjoys when SHEIN does promotional events similar to this. This is a great opportunity to be noticed by different audiences. We also give out a QR code which they can scan and purchase right away. Why influencer marketing? A brand ambassador will root for the She Inspired Clothing brand. #ThankYouKisaan says Indofarm through their rhythmic film. Through ambassadors such as Shah and this campaign, maybe SHEIN will become as famous as H&M, Forever 21 and American Eagle. Lee Cooper India delves in influencer outreach with Master Of Denim. Affiliate Program | SHEIN USA. Once you share your exclusive discount code; every individual who uses that code during checkout at – you will earn 10% commission of their total purchase for as long as you remain a She Inspired Clothing Ambassador! Last December, Shein, an international B2C fast fashion e-commerce platform, executed a new year’s campaign with college students across the country. SNEAK PEAK!! There are opportunities to be featured as editor and published in magazine publications. The difference between being a BRAND AMBASSADOR v.s. This tour involves going to different universities all across America and having a table or stand to promote its brand name. Get ready to have one of the best evening with shein.Hope to see you all at the party. Some of the duties she does as a SHEIN ambassador is interact with people with the stand at the Livingston Student Center event and give them a 15% discount and $5 gift card if they download the app. A brand ambassador will root for the She Inspired Clothing brand. The brand was founded in October 2008 by Chris Xu, and it tries to uphold its philosophy that “everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion” by having quality, affordable and trendy clothing.

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