In 1997, Ian Wilmut and Keith Campbell of the Roslin Institute shocked the scientific community and the world when they announced the birth of a successfully cloned sheep named Dolly. California was the first state to ban reproductive cloning. Those who are involved in cloning human beings may also be played God. Sample Persuasive Speech: Does television have a negative influence on society? This featured Human Cloning Persuasive Essay is one of many example essays available on this topic. They also argue that the process is a little different from the birth of identical twins. The cloning of human beings is also dangerous. Human cloning is illegal in some states, and institutions that receive U.S. federal funding are prohibited from experimenting with it, but there is no federal ban on human cloning in the United States. Treating a person as a thing has become common in our societies. One of the most satisfying and difficult things about being a human is developing a sense of self. A parent’s right to bear a child through cloning should, therefore, be respected. Arizona and Missouri have restrictions on the use of public funds for cloning. I think Tribe is right that we strive to be unique because we are human not because we have chromosomal DNA. Those who are engaged in researches to find ways so as to clown human beings will be practicing God’s work. On cloning still be prohibited even if we really be stopped immediately because of a genetically engineered bodies are very souls. Providing better research capabilities to find cures to many present diseases, bringing back friends or relatives who have passed away y cloning an identical copy, providing children for women who are single and do not wish to have artificial insemination, and the choice of physical characteristics (who to look like). Scientists generally agree that it would be irresponsible to clone a human being until cloning has been perfected, given that the cloned human would probably face serious, and ultimately terminal, health issues. The possibility of human cloning engages not only religious, social, cultural, and moral challenges but also legal and ethical issues. There are also those people who argue that cloning human beings will turn them into commodities (Sherlock and John 573). Copyright © 2020 123 Student. 4. The National Bioethics Advisory Commission report stated that it is morally unacceptable for anyone in the private or public sector, whether in a research or clinical setting, to attempt to create a child through somatic cell nuclear transfer cloning because it would pose unacceptable potential risks to the fetus or child. The influence and the indication of God’s love is destroyed when a child’s life is created in the laboratory (Pinon 506). Genetically alter animals to produce organs that can more easily be transplanted into humans. Seppa,Pg367). Come on, be realistic technology is going to be more advanced and robots might even replaced their jobs. (6. Human cloning involves the creation of a generically identical copy of a human. Not yet. A couple could potentially decide to have a clone of the man born through his female partner or a clone of the woman providing the genetic material.

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