These pens are all handmade by artisans who have been in the business for generations. True Friendship: Helping Someone Untangle Their Yarn. Thanks. String pun – A horrendous pun, with the different between a piece of string and a knot. Daniel Kurtzman. “So what can we do?” the other two pieces asked. Would you like to see some funny balloon pun pictures? If so, great! Here are related puns: Bring → String: As in, “ String it on” and “ String something to light” and “ String the house down” and “ String to the table.” Ring → String: As in, “Alarm bells began to string ” and “Doesn’t string … Also, don’t forget to let your knitting friends know. Horrible things. Yarn Is the answer! My your knitting adventures bring lots of joy. Or perhaps it was the era of the Renaissance when people just couldn't Handel the music of Handel? If your phone starts to ring, and you have a friend nearby say this: "Yeah, Luters I expect." And off they went down to the “Greasy Penguin Cafe”. You know you’re a knitter when the first thing you pack for your vacation is your current project. Thanks for visiting Punpedia! Oops, did I buy yarn again instead of milk? If you have any more please get back in touch. I thoroughly enjoyed your knitting jokes and how true. A: Guardians of the Galaxy. After I was given my instrument I confessed that I wanted to play the bell. //]]>String Number 2 went back to the others to report his failure. If you can’t remember my name say ‘Knitting!’ and I’ll turn around. Many of you are suggesting your funniest knitting memes, knitting puns & funny yarn memes. They are examples of the wittiest wits that the internet and business world has to offer as to funny names. Laugh, knit, eat, knit, sleep, knit, repeat from the start. Was it The First Humans who mistakenly called the Sabertooth tiger a Lightsabertooth tiger? Yes, I did receive your 3 jokes. Do you know a funny one liner? But, before he went to the bar he tied a knot in the top of his head and fluffed the end out till he looked like a frayed piece of string. See our new one liners or check one liner of the day. Oh, the weather outside is frightful but… This yarn is so delightful. I’m saving them here for when you’re having a bad day or need a good LOL. He says, "You have no idea mon, I be responsible for every ting.". musical terms: music, musical, musician, sound, song, tune, voice, melody, harmony, rhythm, band, beat, instrument, instrumental, a, b, c, d, e, f, g, sharp, flat, natural, accidental, autotune, tempo, chorus, verse, stanza, note, intro, refrain, echo, encore, bridge, outro, solo, dub, dubbing, major, minor, clef, bass (clef), treble (clef), riff, stave, decibel, composition, composer, noise, pitch, tone, ad lib, improvisation, audience, studio, maestro, recording, piece, notation, acoustic, electronic, lead sheet,virtuoso, lyrics, chords, scale, piano, pianissimo, forte, crescendo, decrescendo, chromatic, arranger, phrase, phrasing, conductor, fake book, tablature, tabs, line, motif, interval, cadence, semitone, audio, theory, syncopation, sightread, bar, through-composed, twelve-bar blues, ternary, strophic, key, string, octave, coda, upbeat, downbeat, tonic, dominant, turnaround, time (signature), rest, whole (note), minim, quaver, crotchet, semi-quaver, repeat, ledger (line), slur, accent, bracket, brace, grace (note), adagio, lento, lent, allegro, alto, staccato, tenuto, marcato, pause, soprano, tenor, amabile, andante, anima, arpeggio, bend, brio, calma, canon, canto, capo, staff, comp, comping, count, dim/diminuendo, dolce, double dot, facile, fine, forza, fugue, jete, pizzicato, pluck, largo, legato, lilt, metronome, trill, nocturne, pedal, pezzo, prima, primo, reprise, fill, run, segue, sehr, stem, vibrato, tremolo, triplet, troppo, turn, saltire, ghost (note), break, breath (mark), caesura, tie, dynamics, ornament, pulgar/pollex, indice/index, medio/media, anular/anularis, menique/minimus, sustain (pedal), mallet, lick, vamp, speaker, loudspeaker, roadie, tour, subwoofer, bleed/bleeding, triad, cover, crossfader, drive, fader, feedback, hook, jam, lead, ohm, furia, senza, triste, vivo, frequency, genres: classical, contemporary, a capella, acid rock, art rock, pop, art, country, polka, rock, hip hop, traditional, folk, afrobeat, afropop, apala, benga, genge, jit, gospel, kwela, marabi, morna, rai, sega, semba, seggae, taarab, liwa, sawt, enka, j-pop, k-pop, trot, baila, baul, bhangra, filmi, trance, lavani, morlam, experimental, noise, lo-fi, blues, metal, mosso, muta, pausa, bouyon, calypso, chutney, compas, mambo, merengue, punta, rasin, reggae, dub, ragga, rumba, ska, punk, salsa, songo, suca, timba, souk, hokum, zydeco, rap, rockabilly, bluegrass, cajun, honky tonk, lounge, new-age, ambient, dub, drone, psybient, nu-funk, disco, afro, disco, chill, trip hop, drum and bass, bhangra, darkcore, makina, speedcore, extratone, dance, japanoise, glitch, glitch hop, wonky, jungle, boogie, vaporwave, techno, funkstep, dancehall, coldwave, krautrock, new rave, synthpop, electronica, trap, drill, alt/alternative, house, eurobeat, crunk, nortec, trance, dreamwave, grime, grindie, bassline, kwaito, celtic, chalga, filk, indie, progressive, skiffle, coom bap, chap hop, cloud rap, crunk, emo, g-funk, low bap, hyphy, nercore, ragga, trap, bebop, bossa, nova, dixiland, hard bop, ragtime, soul, stride, swing, west coast, latin, brazillian, brega, choro, frevo, lambada, maracatu, samba, pagode, banda, grupera, mariachi, ranchera, norteno, tejano, flamenco, tango, folk, fado, huayno, bachata, bolero, criolla, cumbia, chicha, porro, mamba, rumba, salsa, timba, chalga, chanson, laiko, nederpop, fado, sunshine pop, synthpop, vispop, worldbeat, funk, freestylem go-go, r&b, boogie, britpop, dream pop, grunge, sadcore, slowcore, cabaret, art rock, slowcore, epic doom, deathgrind, krautrock, space rock, freakbeat, rapcore, rockjazz, rock and roll, stoner rock, visual kei, worldbeat, showtunes, hymn, jazz, new wave, acoustic, lullaby, lullabies, avant-garde, ballet, baroque, cantata, chamber music, choral, jingle, bluegrass, cowpunk, latin, chillwave, bitpop, enka, french pop, bounce, crunkcore, cumbia, freestyle, latin, merenrap, ragtime, neo-soul, motown, doo wop, roots, glam rock, surf, soundtrack, barbershop, kapuka, kizomba, kwela, ode, types of instrument: brass, percussion, strings, woodwind, keyboard, instruments: vocal, singer, vox, piano, guitar, ukulele, harp, drums, cymbal, tom (drums), snare (drum), hi-hat (cymbal), synthesizer, organ, banjo, piccolo, flute, lyre, xylophone, rattle, mbira, guiro, idiophone, membranophone, kazoo, chordophone, zither, autoharp, lute, aerophone, theremin, amp, amplifier, axe, microphone, condenser, fiddle, horn, alto horn, baritone horn, buccina, bugle, cornet, euphonium, flugelhorn, helicon, mellophone, tuba, saxhorn, trombone, trumpet, tuba, ajaeng, anzad, banhad, baryton, cello, dahu, bass, erhu, erxian, esraj, gadulka, gaohu, goje, gudok, gunjac, gusle, haegeum, huluhu, huqin, igil, jinghu, jouhikko, jouhikko, igil, kobyz, leiqin, lirone, maguhu, masenqo, neola, orutu, psaltry, rebab, rebec, sarinda, sihu, sintir, tro, veena, vielle, viol, viola, lyra, violotta, yehu, zhonghu, dulcimer, plectrum, bazouki, barbat, domra, dotar, dutar, dramyin, gabusi, dotara, ektara, gittern, kabosy, kacapi, kankles, kabosy, kacapi, kantele, kanun, koboz, kora, koto, krar, kwitra, laud, lute, mandolin, sanshin, sarangi, sarod, sasando, saung, saz, setar, shamisen, sitar, surbahar, ta,bura, tanpura, tarica, tar, timple, tiple, torban, tremola, tres, barbat, begena, biwa, brac, cak, ceng, cetera, chapey, cittern, cuk, ceng, cetera, chapey, cura, mandore, nevoud, pipa, oud, ruan, rubab, zheng, zhu, khim, clavinet, orphica, spinet, oboem bombard, fipple, pipe, pku, pommer, reeds, shawm, fife, koudi, dizi, venu, quena, caval, diple, fluier, frula, fujara, ocarina, kaval, fyell, ney, danso, hun, suling, panflute, xun, clarinet, sipsi, bassoon, duduk, piri, rackett, rhaita, sornas, suona, zurla, zurna, ashiko, basler, bass, bell, castanet, celeste, clave, conga, zill, djembe, tabla, ganza, gong, guiro, marimba, pandeiro, rattle, ratchet, shaker, tabor, tambourine, timbales, timpani, tom-tom, tonbak, triangle, whistle, glockenspiel, zendrum, bak, bara, bell tree, bendir, bodhran, bonang, boobam, bubon, buk, cajon, cabasa, carillon, chenda, chimes, clapper, cowbell, cuica, daf, damaru, damphu, davul, dhaa, dholak, dhol, dimdi, dohol, dollu, dunun, galgo, ganza, gender, ghatam, glockenspiel, goema, gongue, hosho, igba, ikembe, ikoro, ilimba, jawbone, jingle, kakko, kecer, khim, khol, kisanji, kundu, maraca, riq, sambal, shoko, slit (drum), surdo, timbal, turntable, udu, washboard, whip, harpsichord, accordion, concertina, virginal, musicians/bands: taylor swift, justin bieber, alicia keys, post malone, beyonce, cardi b,  tupac, no doubt, avenged sevenfold, grateful dead, kings of leon, the script, muse, rage against the machine, the fray, steely dan, evanescence, the cure, inxs, slipknot, goo goo dolls, the offspring, korn, limp bizkit, dave matthews band, mumford & sons, arctic monkey, creed, system of a down, the smashing pumpkins, matchbox twenty, alice cooper, toto, deep purple, oasis, iron maiden, the cranberries, paramore, the killers, the doobie brothers, boston, radiohead, marilyn manson, dire straits, blink 182, panic at the disco, gorillaz, zz top, rush, kiss, r.e.m, genesis, one republic, abba, the police, fall out boy, foo fighters, def leppard, nickelback, black sabbath, pearl jam, green day, lynyrd skynyrd, the doors, coldplay, the beach boys, the who, nirvana, santana, journey, van halen, U2, bon jovi, maroon 5, red hot chili peppers, linkin park, fleetwood mac, aerosmith, guns n’ roses, metallica, eagles, ac/dc, the rolling stones, pink floyd, queen, led zeppelin, the beatles, the supremes, nine inch nails, david bowie, jay-z, eminem, elton john, elvis, michael jackson, beastie boys, the police, billie holiday, the temptations, duke ellington, the kooks, tina turner, janet jackson, jewel, sex pistols, aerosmith, slash, ice cube, dr. dre, kanye west, snoop dogg, 50 cent, frank sinatra, ray charles, buddy holly, johnny cash, james brown, aretha franklin, marvin gaye, van morrison, spice girls, bob dylan, rod stewart, janis joplin, stevie wonder, bob marley, prince, jimi hendrix, the who, fleetwood mac, judas priest, kiss, madonna, outkast, wu-tang clan, amy winehouse, daft punk, adele, norah jones, backstreet boys, usher, nelly furtado, enya, lady gaga, britney spears, jack johnson, shakira, pink, celine dion, dido, avril lavigne, jeff buckley, bon iver, mariah carey, ed sheeran, ariana grande, j.lo, destiny’s child, composers: bach, wolfgang amadeus mozart, ludwig van beethoven, wagner, haydn, brahms, schubert, schumann, handel, tchaikovsky, mendelssohn, franz lizst, chopin, stravinsky, mahler, strauss, debussy, puccini, sibelius, vivaldi, music sources: live show, performance, perform,  orchestra, symphony, concert, gig, opera, radio, mp3, cd, theme song, score, medley, march, karaoke, sheet music, cassette, tape, mix tape, big band, aria, overture, prelude, quartet, rondo, sonata, choir, music programs: garageBand, frooty loops, ableton live, spotify, pandora, music mouse, youtube, Did you find the music-related pun that you were looking for?

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