Again, I appreciate your generosity in sharing your media kit here and wish you the best of luck in your sponsorships! Hope this helps! Great way to specify to brands exactly who they’ll be reaching through you. A social media kit or a blogger media kit is a promotional public relations tool which you can use for several functions. I did think that the all caps font was a bit hard on the eyes. Great ideas, I added those user comments a while back and always tried to communicate the funny aspect of my blog but as my blog evolves and becomes more helpful, and less overtly funny, the comments should communicate that. They DID. It’s similar to a media kit, but instead of elements for reporters like press releases and press mentions, it contains information for social media marketing. Thanks a lot Srikath for sharing this useful article with us. Love it! File Format. National Review opted for their media kit to be placed on a sub-domain for convenience purposes. Impressive blog and Media Kit. Otherwise, adore you! The reason I say this is just because you want brands to take you seriously – you need to show them that you take yourself seriously first. Very inspirational. The way you outline your demographic is a fantastic idea too – creates a selling point to the businesss, especially if they allign! . If I was brand new to your website, I don’t think that your media kit would give me enough information to know what kind of content I might expect, or if my values would be a good fit. BuzzFeed, Inc, and Fast Company were BY FAR the best 3. Stacy! I love the way you worded your “legal crap”, about posting and such. I agree, it may be a tad long…Happy you liked my New Year’s Pic , I love that suggestion, Stephanie. It’s funny because I usually zero in on people’s social media info too. We are also thinking we will develop a larger kit. Everyone has their own style and their own unique situation, but I included a variety of media kits to make sure *everyone’s* imagination was sparked. Thanks! Hi Kristy! I love Geralin’s example the most. I also like how your contact info is *BAM* right up front! This post is giving me a lot of inspiration to re-work my media kit! Think about this as a potential brand/sponsor. If you’re just starting out, what would you do to gain attention from brand sponsors as you’re growing? This is such a supportive environment and we have really gained a lot of knowledge of what others are doing with their media kits. Thanks Teri! The picture is beautiful and conveys what you’re trying to sell. How regularly? Thanks so much for sharing! Your contact info is really visible which is also a huge plus! I previously used a professionally-designed kit that people could download, but my marketing manager found that she was more often just pasteing in my stats to cold call emails to our sponsors.

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