PlayStation Network (PSN) users in the UK who've paid via PayPal have had their accounts suspended. After reading horror stories about people getting their PSN accounts banned because PayPal automatically initiates a chargeback if they suspect a transaction might be fraudulent, I’d never used the service for buying games. For other topics, head to our Forums. Other payment methods that have recently become available (region dependant) include Giropay, iDEAL and Sofort. I love IDEAL. ich habe genau das selbe Problem seit Anfang 2017... Wie kann es sein, dass eine Firma plötzlich kein Geld mehr von den Kunden annehmen möchte/will ? Senior Vice President, PlayStation Worldwide Marketing, SIE, Emeric Thoa In Ihrem Profil können Sie Ihre bevorzugte Zahlungsquelle auswählen und Ihre Abbuchungsvereinbarung kündigen.Wenn Sie Sony Interactive Entertainment … Yeah Sony if you are wondering nobody is buying games (thats why you made this post, right?) hide. Is it OK if we also use cookies to show you personalized ads? Such games should be free for the first 10 or 20 levels so you can see if you like it and then 5 is a good price… Sony needs to learn so much from Android its funny AND sad in a way. For example, if your Sony Entertainment Network account was set up in France, you will only be able to use PayPal if your PayPal account billing address is also in France. Sony has built a fantastic infrastructure, but the store and pricing currently are having huge problems every week. This is the exact sort of post that’s bound to have legitimate questions! Rather go all physical or use a PC. Founder, Hello Games, Brian Parnell Senior Vice President, Platform Planning & Management, Sean Murray No need to use any payment methods with the current prices. Any chance of this happening? Sony why no replies? Anyway why use PayPal/card direct to wallet when you can get vouchers cheaper eg £30.39 for a £35 voucher? Sony can you shed some light on this? Please can you lower the minimum £5 top-up limit (or even better, let us choose a custom amount), because if we buy £5 credit, we cant use it because it costs 10p to send the message, which means we need to top up £10 just to transfer 5 to PSN. Director, No Matter Studios, Eric Lempel Via account management; Go to [Settings] > [PlayStation Network] > [Account Information] > [Wallet] > [Add Funds]. Auf der PayPal App steht das es zurückgezahlt wurde aber mein Guthaben beträgt immer noch des gleiche wie vorher. Sony Interactive Entertainment Network America LLC hat eine Abbuchungsvereinbarung mit Ihnen gekündigt. This will be extremely useful for many different uses. Wie kann eine Firma ein Abbuchungsverfahren kündigen wenn man mit PayPal doch immer gleich bezahlt??? Report inappropriate comments to That was enough for me to remove my card details from any Sony database. All content, game titles, trade names and/or trade dress, trademarks, artwork and associated imagery are trademarks and/or copyright material of their respective owners. But their accounts have been automatically suspended because Sony hasn't received the money - which means they can't play online. MouseCraft sells really bad because of this :(. save. Thankfully, Sony implemented a way to fund your PlayStation store wallet via Paypal not too long ago, ... Then log into your PSN account on the Sony Entertainment Network website. Well, if you read the PSN terms of service, section 6 clearly states that you’re not entitled to refunds for money put in your wallet, so a chargeback would be a violation of them. 2) Actual Store functionality (PS4). PayPal can be used in PlayStation Store in these countries: If your account was created in Germany, you can only use PayPal if you are over 18 and can use ID to prove it. Damit Ihr euer Geld bekommt und wir als Nutzer es ausgeben können! With a credit card they will usually at least call you to verify if they think there’s suspicious activity, but PayPal shoots first and ask questions later. 10 comments. Select [PayPal] and choose the top-up amount. Still, spamming gets you nowhere. I see this is your first post to EU consumers. Any plans to bring good game prices to PSN? Horror stories, to scare gullible victims out of using Paypal. Of over 100 games but they all (or most) do not have their prices reduced even tho they are clearly in the sales section. However I noticed that the Vita store still doesn’t have the option to top up via PayPal. Option of using Bitcoins or other crypto currency would be very cool! I tend to use cheaper PSN instant codes from the likes of ShopTo but if I really can’t wait, and I am impulsive, then the PayPal route is great. The data of accounts created in these non-EU countries is administered by Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe: If you live in one of these countries and your PayPal account does not have enough funds to cover the wallet top up, PayPal may charge your registered card or bank account, which may lead to an international transaction charge. If you bring sales make sure they have better prices than before and stop pricing year old games at 70 euros. Diese Website verwendet Cookies. Heißt das dass ich mein Geld zurück bekomme oder nicht? One PSN user, Adam, has told Newsbeat that he received the email on Thursday. Phil Rosenberg Would PSN ban the account if Paypal received a chargeback? Würde mich freuen für eine Antwort danke. This thread is archived. Please note, if you have PayPal saved as your default payment method, you will not be able to see your PayPal account details in the [Billing Information] section of PlayStation Store. Along with PayPal, these payment methods are proving more popular than ever. Tho I do appreciate paypal its easy to use. German here: Why is it, that I’ve to enter my ID information everytime I want to buy something with Paypal? I like the sales tho, they are often good in EU :). Ihre Abbuchungsvereinbarung mit Sony Interactive Entertainment wurde storniert, Guten Tag !Sony Interactive Entertainment hat eine Abbuchungsvereinbarung mit Ihnen gekündigt.Beschreibung:Sony PSN BA via WebLoggen Sie sich zum Bearbeiten Ihrer Abbuchungsvereinbarung in Ihr PayPal-Konto ein, und klicken Sie in Ihrem Profil auf den entsprechenden Link. Beschreibung: Sony PSN BA via Console Loggen Sie sich zum Bearbeiten Ihrer Abbuchungsvereinbarung in Ihr PayPal-Konto ein, und klicken Sie in Ihrem Profil auf den entsprechenden Link. Like many gas stations in germany/spain sell some cash cards like ukash and others and you can use them in SOME webstores. In Ihrem Profil können Sie Ihre bevorzugte Zahlungsquelle auswählen und Ihre Abbuchungsvereinbarung kündigen. I’m EXTREMELY happy with IDEAL support .. Both claims denied. hey i got uk account and i am living in europe at the moment (Spain and Germany), and i don’t have any bank account, how can i fund my psn wallet.

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