Our tech people are working with them to get a solution for this and we apologize it's taken so long to get done. Thanks for your patience! @Matt27850178 Trying to access the Web Player via Chrome, Android. Since the company isn’t interested in bantering with fans, which works well on Twitter, they channeled their focus somewhere else. OUR SPOTIFY STREAMINGS ARE KIND OF FINE SO FOCUS MORE ON YT. Check your Statistics You have the right to your views and we have the right to not support you because of them. @gridlerbing We're having an issue with Spotify but trying to get it resolved very soon. It’s not the job of the artists whose content their CEO has used to become a billionaire to manage their internal finances in order to be a profitable company. @chrswlsn Good morning. Everyone, whether you’re a listener, a music lover, a music artist, manager, label, or you’re part of an artist’s team, Spotify can bring you, not just entertainment, but fulfillment. offline downloads. Paying $9.99 a month to access tracks on Spotify Premium means no ads to interrupt your groove, unlimited song downloads to your mobile device so you can playback offline — all of these comes with another cost. Overall, this quality is richer, sounds better, and provides the best experience. Have invited my wife to join but she cannot get past the captcha robot and never gets to the page to confirm her address. @TitansHeat I’m not sure my man seems it’s working for other Spotify folks. @EmeryWilkerson4 @newrulestweets @ryanmeaney12 @MrNathanLambert @not_mcgarry Pls pick people from the reply’s since it’s not working for everyone, like I’ve tried 50 times now and it still doesn’t do anything but open spotify. @MattGozzer @Milliuc83 @Spotify @iHeartRadio Good morning to you all! I had to do mine to get Spotify working, @bananachefuwu @newrulestweets help, @JonathanCaseyYT @aa9skillz @RealJtunes @RunTheFUTMarket @Preediction It not working on Spotify for me. Get the very best of Android Authority in your inbox. @realdailypayne The Spotify link is not working for me. Spotify keeps un-downloading my offline downloaded songs its so annoying. sensual, angry). Our tech people are working with them to get a solution for this and we apologize it's taken so long to get done. In the end, finding your social media platform is the key to winning more social media fans. Bow you're inflating the overall listener counts on Spotify's platform, which reduces revenue proportionally for lesser known artists. Is anyone’s Spotify app glitchy (poor loading, cuts in/out) when trying to play back podcasts on their IPhone? Has anyone else had a problem with Spotify telling them to watch an add for 30 mins of uninterrupted music...and yet we get adds anyway... @PORTAMIVlA @MonsterBedir Oh really? downdetector.com, On the @Spotify @SpotifyCares Hola Spotify, me cobraron dos veces el abono de mi cuenta en mi tarjeta de credito. Anyone else experiencing this issue? Even though Spotify is still penetrating the music industry, and in the process, losing money, there are plenty of positives that can be attributed to the company’s second quarter earnings report as a public company after losing $1.5 billion in 2017. Spotify’s playlist is huge. @p6345uk 180 million monthly active listeners across 65 countries, Spotify has gained well over 21,468,887 fans on Facebook, Spotify has 40% of the global music streaming market, consumes 2.40MB per minute, which equates to 115.2MB every hour, over 5 million playlists on Spotify already, Spotify users and listeners enjoyed over 20 billion hours, 10 billion euros paid that have been paid out since launch, Spotify reported an Annual Revenue of $5.6 billion, Spotify by the Numbers: Subscribers, Artists and Music Statistics. All have been removed. Yo: Alexa reproduce Daddy Issues. Any fixes? @erinwert Spotify sites. @Matveyich @DJmag Is this Spotify’s bottom line? What about Spotify’s competitors? I’m on iOS. Educate yourself w facts. IMOAS, OUR YT STREAM IS REALLY ALARMING. @michaelthelle86 Google Play Music and Deezer both offer a maximum audio bitrate of 320kbps, which uses approximately 144MB of data per hour. Idc what anyone says Spotify is mid. -E, @Liquid_Swords1 @MC_WorldTour @joerogan @LukeThomasNews @spotifypodcasts @Spotify Wasnt technical issues It was a 20 second test or he didn't realize he pressed the live stream lol. Go listen to 2 AM! The royalty rates are a separate issue. Today I was using Samsung Galaxy A41, Android 10, Spotify version

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