stats accumulating in a very realistic manner. Booklet of Rules revised and updated by myself, with new NCAA and FIBA paragraphs, to carry out a game for these different systems of basketball rules. STATIS PRO BASKETBALL is a statistical board game that recreates a professional basketball game and, in a broader sense, an entire season. Download 159.52 KB #02. Sep 5, 2011 6 Statis Pro Basketball:: NBA Finals 2011 Player Cards By: Stephan Valkyser; Dallas_Miami.xls (70 KB) Statis Pro Basketball Player Cards for the 2011 NBA Finals. Home of Statis-Pro Basketball for Windows, Statis-Pro Basketball All-Time Greats Version and StatBaseball©. Start the score keeping for the basketball game by putting the names of teams and the names of individual players along with their numbers on the list. Guidelines for preparing Basketball Score Sheet: Start the score keeping for the basketball game by putting the names of teams and the names of individual players along with their numbers on the list. Download 81.58 KB #06. There are also national teams of basketball that play domestically with other states and there are international leagues of basketball as well where teams of different countries play with each other. Game Co.. 27th January 2015: 1973-'74 ABA Season revised with new Team Charts Template. Game Co.. played by each player, blocks, steals, disqualifications, team possessions and the chance to use special playoffs rules. So I have revised the original rules, updating with new NBA rules, adding new rules to carry out NCAA games and FIBA games. You are not the coach, but a spectator which attends the game and watches its development and the YOU call the slowdown, take out players to rest for the final period... and much more! Printed USA When re-ordering, ask for Part … The story of imaginary basketball player Brenda Dean, told with Statis Pro Basketball. Please login … their real statistical percentages. Ratings: Rating is available to Members only. did in the regular season. 1994-'95 before discontinuing production. realizing “garbage time” situations, big come-backs and the influence of the home court advantage very strong specially in the final minutes of a game. Here is download link for this Sample Basketball Score Sheet Template. Same file as above for less recent version of xls programs. Euroleague game. STATIS-PRO BASEBALL SCORESHEET R H E Game Number Date ed At LINESCORE AB HR R HOME 1 2 ERRORS Passed Balls Unearned Runs Off Double Plays Caught Stealing Reduction iP H R K W HR Wp HB BK Reduction V- PITCHER PITCHER The Avalon Hill Game Company 4517 Harford Road Baltimore, Md. Negamco Basketball Scoresheet . Also included Timing cards and Double Teaming cards. A very fun book, with histories of the Royals and Yankees leading up to the game, the events that transpired during the game (and its continuation game), and what happened afterwards. On the score sheet, you have two options, note down the score of each individual player in every half of the game or you can just mention the overall score of each game in each half. 30th May 2020: 1974-'75 ABA Season added. Rebounding, Fouls, Foul Drawing, Blocking Shots, Stealing the Ball, Assists, Defense, and Stamina. If you are a Basketball Tabletop Games lover, you could try this fantastic and original game!

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