Cloning isn't cheap, or even guaranteed to be viable. Now the adult body can run out of stem cells to repair itself, this due to aging, degenerative diseases or both. Not want to create a flame war but that is just the honest truth, stem cells are a hot topic on many many theologies.. Maybe in 20 years, we find out it was good thing that it was slowed down. Yea that other guy said it, but placentas and umbilical cords were found to be a better source of stem … I suppose one way we could do this is donating/selling eggs/sperm and doing it that way, but again, the scientific possibilities of it are stifled due to current laws and the morality of it. Convenient Travel Distance  5. Maybe they'll turn out to be medically useless, or maybe by the time we know more we'll have sorted out the ethical quandaries revolving around them. Scientists are interested in studying these stem cells … these specific stem cells, I mean, from actual human beings. All patients were symptomatic despite analgesics treatment and required arthroplasty. This is a place for both patients and caregivers to discuss living with arthritis. Im looking to have the injections done this year. You could probably Wikipedia for more details. There is also no down-time or recovery time like there would be through a surgical harvesting of cells. Stem cells are cells that have not chosen a fate, they could develop into different kinds of cells (a neuron or a heart cell or a liver cell). Autologous Stem Cells only through special request. Affordable Price  4. What they may mean and what prevents the widespread use of stem cells comes down to two limitations. Embryonic stem cells come from: existing stem cells (they self renew: a stem cell will divide to make new stem cells in the absence of a signal to differentiate), aborted/miscarried embryos, unused in vitro fertilized embryos and cloned embryos (take an egg, remove the DNA, add DNA from another cell). Some say that we absolutely need to be doing this basic research now, and damned be the ethical questions, because embryos are only sort of like people and can't complain anyway, so screw those guys. However, this would be a really bad ski park if they didn't give you a lift to get back to the type. If we can learn the signals that control how they develop (differentiation signals) we could theoretically take some stem cells and grow new organs/limbs (grow a person a new kidney, replace a leg, repair damaged brain/spinal cord, etc). At Stem Cell Mexico, we make these joint treatments possible for everyone that meets the correct health criteria. There is a huge risk of starting and spreading cancers if not used the way the body expects then and then even still. They struggled to get the 40ml of fat from my back as I am a thin young person with not much fat but more fibrous tissue holding it together. The issue with using random stem cells from random places is due to our immune systems. Please exercise caution and due diligence on health benefits and potential risks of treatments mentioned on this site by consulting with your trusted certified medical professional before inquiring. My stem cells have been flown to Melbourne to be multiplied over the next 2 months, they will keep left over stem cells frozen for future use. When using autologous cells you are limited to using only however many cells can be harvested from the patient at any given time, which in some cases may not be a large enough number to have a therapeutic impact on the condition to be treated. Stem cell injections were administered to 18 patients (mean 65 years) with severe knee OA (KL 3 60%, KL 4 40%) with long disease duration (mean 10 years) after informed consent. He said people go to Florida, have these treatments, pay like $5K, which he calls exorbitant, and it doesn't work, and then they come back for knee replacement. Benefits from stem cell treatment can vary from patient to patient depending on many factors including current health condition, age, medical history, medical diagnosis and other factors. ADSC were characterized by the presence of CD73, CD105, CD90 markers, and viability above 85%. Feel free to post personal stories, ask questions, and participate in discussions! ", New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I'm thinking about having adipose derived stem cell injections for osteoarthritis in my knees. It's controversial because of the source. Powered by MedicalMex Medical Marketing Solutions. Each case is evaluated individually by an area specialist who will provide the best options according to he specific case. Multiple studies have shown the benefit of guided adult stem cell therapy in halting the progression of these conditions and reversing the deteriorating effects over time. It is difficult to make stem cells from a person's skin cells but not impossible. Yea that other guy said it, but placentas and umbilical cords were found to be a better source of stem cells than embryos, because there were more of them and the process was not detrimental to any ethical issues like killing an embryo. Don't Panic! Your procedure will begin and your Medical team will walk you through each step. But a brain cell is very different from a blood cell is very different from a liver cell. They take fatty tissue, spin it down, and inject in knee. These specific types of cells are obtained from four different types of tissues: Adipose tissue, Umbilical cord, Dental Pulp (tooth) and Placenta. ), That said, OP, the answer to your question is basically, "It isn't that simple.". I'm a Bioengineering PhD student and this was literally a question on my recent final on cellular engineering :O. *I have no first-hand patient reports of results. We can now get stem cells from a person's own fat. And even then, it often doesn't work (for example, early miscarriages of malformed embryos are actually pretty common). Explain Like I'm Five is the best forum and archive on the internet for layperson-friendly explanations. Press J to jump to the feed. That raises obvious questions of medical ethics! His analysis … They are also working on using stem cells to grow complete organs out of the body. I will appreciate if you can give me information after you get the injection of how you feel. *For a 2nd opinion, I visited Dr Y, who only does knee replacements. Mostly. Certified Stem Cells  2. But how do you turn a stem cell into something useful to cure an illness? It could potentially make you worse. Second, without an established protocol stem cells can differentiate into undesired cells, rather than target cells. Here in lies the problem, since culturing stem cells can be difficult and is an inefficient process. Multiple him. - Intravenous (IV): Stem cells are injected into the bloodstream with mannitol to expand blood volumes in the central nervous system to ensure they reach the affected area.- Intrathecal Administration: Through this procedure, stem cells are infused into the cerebrospinal fluid through the subarachnoid spaces of the spinal canal.- Locally: Stem Cells are surgically delivered in the affected area by an endoscopy or guided by fluoroscopy. OK, so what's all this Stem Cell stuff? because stem cells are not widely available and harvesting them is a ethical question under debate and so it's too expensive to do. Soon, the entire mountain is covered up with these steam cells. There are a number of kinds of stem cells. Different than in the United States where stem cell transplants are still in clinic trial, in Mexico, this practice has been regulated for some time now, in fact, there’s extensive regulation, specific licensing and certifications, and government mandated guidelines and best practices for the treatment of stem cell transplants for therapeutic purposes. My chiropractor also said he has a patient who raves about Dr X, and "she is dancing now". Stem cells are cells that have not chosen a fate, they could develop into different kinds of cells (a neuron or a heart cell or a liver cell). Press J to jump to the feed. Explain Like I'm Five is the best forum and archive on the internet for layperson-friendly explanations. "Stem cell" is the term we use to describe any cell which isn't fully differentiated. Continued No Results, No Regrets. Stem cell therapy, also known as regenerative medicine, promotes the repair response of diseased, dysfunctional or injured tissue using stem cells or their derivatives. Welcome to r/stemcells! Our patients are our biggest advocates, listen to their stories. There are some developed protocols to make stem cells differentiate into a desired cell, such as beta cells (as therapy for diabetes), but most cells do not have an effective protocol. Right now we can take stem cells and make them grow into different kinds of cells in a plate, making an organ is much, much more complicated. Also, the US is way behind on stem cell research more so because of misconceptions about stem cells, religious beliefs, and politics; but other countries (Asian countries in particular) are leading the way. Dr. Victor examined my x-rays and my knees and following an initial diagnosis, he told me my left knee not only had bone and cartilage damage, it was close to being bone on bone. That means we have the option of simply studying other kinds of human stem cells, leaving those special ones alone until we know more about them. The other saving grace is that there are many types of human stem cells, and we understand very little about any of them. I think it is more of an issue of medical advancements taking time due to ethical concerns, regulation, resistance to change and bureaucracy. On a side note, they don't cure everything, but they're pretty darn cool. So long as people consider a life a life, I don't see this happening presently. All patients were symptomatic despite analgesics treatment and required arthroplasty. No need to rush into anything, let's take our time and figure it out." What you need to know about Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico Stem Cell Therapy involves the use of stem cells to treat different diseases. Well I had the lipoaspiration 3 days ago. When talking about the extraction of the cells, all our operating procedures are FDA approved: Donor cells are obtained from pre-screened donors, and can be isolated and stored in large numbers or in individual doses for ease of use and complete dosage control. We help patients of all ages from around the globe, who suffer from complex illnesses and health conditions, which are believed not treatable through conventional medicine Stem Cell … Time will vary from patient to patient depending on many factors including their medical diagnosis, current health condition, age, medical history, and overall lifestyle. At last, in the high dose group, 2 patients experienced transient knee joint pain and swelling after local injection. The current method for collecting embryonic stem cells requires the donation of developed embryos that were fertilized in vitro; a straightforward process. That first cell-that-was-you, the fertilized egg, divided and divided and divided, and special stem cells appeared inside your (very tiny, very immature) body. Thanks, that was an excellent answer to this. Stem Cell Mexico is a team of board-certified specialist led by our medical director Cesar Amescua, an experienced and recognized stem cell treatment specialist, anesthesiologist and pain medicine expert with over 30 years of practicing experience. ", "The Stem Cell Revolution is almost with us. We understand the difficulties of traditional surgical options and why patients prefer alternative treatment to help improve their daily lifestyle and gradually slow or regenerate the worn out cells in our body.

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