So she could not have shot her kids at the distance determined by the state unless she changed her clothing and it did not come up at trial. Also, the title of the website clearly demonstrates an inherit bias. “You have a photo of Diane before the parole board. (Yes in the 1980s a ten yr like myself was not as mature as say today’s 10 yr olds. During the time they were together Diane gave birth to three children, Stephen "Danny" Daniel (born 1979), Cheryl Lynn (born 1976) and Christie Ann (born 1974). A slightly ‘humorous’ observation is that you said, and others have, that James Haynes ‘physically resembled the sketch’. She has an excellent conduct report and never reacted violently to any of the harassment from other inmates. She says she shoved the man down, got back in the car, then sped to the hospital. This statement alone would seal Diane’s fate. According to the state, the shooter was well inside the car and would have had gun powder on its clothing, body or hair if 3 people were shot in the car at close distance. He separated from his wife and was going to follow Diane who, by now, had decided to move and work in Oregon to be closer to her parents. Her first three children with husband Steve are Stephen "Danny" Daniel (born 1979), Cheryl Lynn (born 1976) and Christie Ann (born 1974). They both fainted when they saw their dead child, but it did not count. I care about the experts’ reports written about Diane because they know her situation and mental state. Many troubling elements of the case were discovered after the trial, but there was enough during the proceedings to be asking questions. I wanted to ask you something on this case. To this day, his record is mixed; his law license was suspended for 6 months in 2011, and there was also talk of a suspension in 2015. During his travels, he visited prisons and spoke against this type of barbarism because his father was imprisoned for a debt of 40 pounds and 10 shillings when he was twelve years. Cqu International Student Support Contact, I have simply bothered researching the evidence and in some instances, the lack of it. The State had the same gut feeling and made sure she would pay. And how the letters became so bizarre, paranoid and psychotic that she told Diane to stop writing her. There were days she was unhappy to see the staff and her family because she was very ill. That poor girl had a lot of bad moments where she would cry constantly or trigger the machines and to have defined this single incident as one of terror instead of excitement over seeing her mom was biased and self-serving. and so on. Their haste to go to trial created this mess and lingering doubts. It was cited that she keeps her emotions close to the vest. Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes. Would you know at what speed you are going if you were shot and driving with wounded children in the car? I go through every new finding and I point out what was done at trial that did not respect due process. Watch Arizona Diamondbacks, It turned out to be a mistake because he was married to a County Circuit Court Judge who would become a colleague of Foote and he had no intention of defending Diane vigorously. As a result,  he decided not to attend the rest of the trial. Get Used To Meaning, If that’s what you want then don’t pretend it’s anything but. Sheriff’s Deputy Roy Pond admitted in court that he had already concluded that Diane was guilty and stopped following leads on the orders of his sergeant three weeks after the shooting. It’s tiresome. View our online Press Pack. What a terrible injustice. “Judges are subject to certain ethical standards and have a duty to be impartial. She managed to jump in the car after getting shot in the arm. Diane ran away from her husband many times between 1976 and 1977, but with nowhere to go except her parents’ house, she would come back. Why did CK shoot the kids multiple times and DD once? I am all for reviewing facts and getting a decision overturned in cases of corrupt decisions, and many people are on your side and find these cases totally worth their time. I didn’t know that. This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy & Cookie Policy. A long long time ago. Yet in their mind, she was already guilty. Meaning it was unlikely she was the shooter. ABC MOVIE FOR TV – “Small Sacrifices” 1989 Farrah Fawcett, Ryan O’Neal. But she's alive . The diagnosis of the psychiatrist for the state is also clearly documented. She then went through the State (Circuit) Court habeas corpus relief for four years to no avail. In 1983 Downs shot all three children, killing Cheryl and paralysing Danny. I guess Diane forgot to have that part engraved on the Unicorn. But if you compare them, and if stranger there was, there are similarities but it is not dead on. Christie became the star witness against her mother and who could resist such a touching testimony? It is in the blog. But my beef is with the interference by the media, TV shows and Ann Rule. I might not have put enough information to your liking, but I stuck to what came out at trial and not the fantasy factory coming from the state, the media and Rule. There were good reasons to look at this mother, but the detective admitted on the stand that they stopped looking at anyone else after two weeks and the stranger on the road became a joke. Best Hospitals In Uk, Rule even talked about writing a book about her but it never materialized. But he overestimated the kind of people that would go along with this soap opera. I was a patient of the doctor who worked so hard to save her children’s lives that night. I am publishing your comment because once in a while, I need to post the pitiful representation of true crime readers who made Anne Rule a rich author. A fact strongly denied by Diane and by the nurses’ reports. The definition of ‘deviant sociopath’ does not even exist in the DSM-HI, which is the official psychiatric diagnostic manual. It’s as if they can’t control it. She was a first time offender who has shown no violent tendencies and is afflicted with a mental illness. I feel sorry for Diane too. I know people who know or knew people is not a valid argument. Van Houten has made her choices and needs to own up to her actions and stop putting all the blame on drugs and Manson. her revealing clothing. "You can’t replace children, but you can replace the effect they give you. Lack of blood spatter is not evidence of innocence Especially when a shooter is leaning in and shooting into a box (car) while standing outside. “She keeps her emotions under tight control, presenting only socially acceptable feelings and burying other contradictory feelings.”. Not our place to decide. Her arm was severely damaged, so shattered that she needed a graft from a hip bone. Amy, who was adopted and given the name Becky Babcock, went public about her mother in 2010 and has also met her in a bid to find out about her roots. Meaning a trial where lying or failing to disclose exculpatory evidence by prosecutors is not happening. And with hindsight, the fact that this young mother had a personality disorder probably brought a lot of drama to the mix. The proverbial expression ‘It takes two to tango’ applies here. Nowadays, this insanity would never be tolerated. I agree that the phone call from Angel was totally inappropriate. Saudi Princesses in Captivity for More Than a Thousand and One Nights Are Tweeting the Blues, Having recently done research on the Liysa Northon’s case which was the subject of a book written by Ann Rule titled, Some 287 errors and falsehoods were documented by Liysa and verified by official sources. How interesting. Danny says he's my best buddy, and I'm his best buddy. 2. James C. Jagger who was hired by Diane’s father was an ex-Prosecutor. I agree on many points with your comment. She says she was outside the car n watched the man shoot her children n then the only adult n person who could tell police about him only gets a shot in the arm n takes time to bandage her arm. CHRISTIE ANN DOWNS aka Hugi CHERYL LYNN DOWNS STEPHEN DANIEL "DANNY" DOWNS aka Hugi IN MEMORIAM Often neglected and abused by Diane Downs, the children were dealt yet another indignity by their mother. Avoid These Three Mistakes When Handling Upset Customers. Frederickson became more of a typical father -- as if cessation Wherever she went, she was the "square," the ugly duckling. Ask them what they did to a good man. This article is about due process and the legal right to a fair trial for everyone. My question is: why is she still locked up? She also told media she became pregnant without Steve's "permission". So if we started judging people harshly for their flaws, it would never end.

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