August 16, 2014 SUCCESS! Therefore, teachers need to evaluate their performance and try to maximize learning. Get a verified writer to help you with Strengths and weaknesses of the theory . Gagne’s theory can be adapted to suit the needs of varied learners. Many educators may use the learning styles to help aid in their teaching while some researchers debate on the effectiveness of this dependency on a methodology. Taking the VARK learning style questionnaire I have come across that I have two learning styles, student achieve success in the classroom setting. Integration with Adobe Connect and other video conferencing tools, Providing a sequence of events and practical applications makes it simple to follow a process to get a desired result. This reinforces the idea that when there is a change in the child's environment, the child's behavior may change. Home » Chapter 2: Learning styles – examples for use » Strengths and weaknesses of the Kolb Model Strengths and weaknesses of the Kolb Model. You can pick from a wide range of options to test the learner’s knowledge and decide on the most appropriate strategies and solutions to meet a variety of learning situations. Gagne’s theory practices are systematic in nature. Often, the same content can be presented in different ways. A SWOT analysis is a tool or technique that can be used in business, design or personal settings to evaluate a project or company and to create constructive goals and strategies. With a heavy emphasis on how the child's environment affects him and directs his learning, this theory is weak when it comes to the child's accountability for his own actions. Want more insights on Learning Theories? Constructivism calls for the teacher to discard standardized curriculum in favor or a more personalized course of study based on what the student already knows. The cognitive flow was determined as per the existing skill-sets and the content was accordingly chunked into relevant topics/lessons. Learning Style : Strength, Weaknesses, And Preferences 789 Words | 4 Pages. Submitted by admin on Sat, 02/09/2008 - 14:19. 6. All Rights Reserved. The steps require a lot of guided assistance when teaching the new skill. All rights reserved. students are actively involved, rather than passively absorbing information; the learning environment is democratic, the teacher is not seen as an authority figure as much as a learning guide; the activities are interactive and student-centered instead of being lesson-centered; a teacher facilitates activities in which students are responsible for their own learning and are autonomous from one another. There are strengths and weaknesses in relying on learning styles or learning preferences for educators, parents, mentors and learners. The Social Learning Theory revolves around three concepts. Individuals bring different behavior styles when they come together in a group. (Armstrong) The theory of multiple intelligences propounds that intelligence can be found in many forms and that different learning methods are required for different intelligences. Gardner identified 8 “intelligences”: linguistic, logical-mathematical, spatial, mechanical-kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal intrapersonal, and naturalist. ThankU!!! Vivian Hamilton To do justice to this mandate, an Instructional Designer must first understand the Learning Theories in order to apply them. I believe this would have to do with my strength in intrapersonal development. The tasks seem to follow a logical order and provide a blue print for the individuals learning the task to feel confident in applying a step and achieving a desired outcome. There are some benefits from this teaching method you may want to employ in your classroom, however, there are significant disadvantages as well. Behaviorism does not “focus on a new behavioural pattern being repeated until it becomes automatic” For example, Gardner breaks down the learning styles into eight, more specific, multiple intelligences, which allows us, as educators, to more properly identify the unique learning needs of our students. 3. This method of teaching tends to be more tolerant of different cultures and encourages diversity rather than other theories. She heads the organization’s Solution Architecting and Innovation team and brings her rich 18 years’ experience into play to help EI Design customers transform their learning and keep pace with the changing dynamics in the Learning industry. Although teachers do have strengths, weaknesses, I believe it allows the teacher an opportunity to grow, and revamp their learning and teaching capabilities. Bandura himself noted that individuals can learn through direct experiences or through observation. Nor does it imply, that “the learner depends on an instructor for acquisition of knowledge”. As one learns they normally don’t take into consideration the style of learning intelligence they are using in their learning experiences. She has published several titles, including The Art of Learning Journals, Calais: The Annals of the Hidden, Lemosa: The Annals of the Hidden, Book Two, Rachel’s 8 and Securing Your Tent. Knowing yourself as a learner is important if you want to achieve to the best of your ability. on Develop a Greater Understanding for Other Cultures, on Social and Psychological Foundations to Education, MBTI Learning Styles: A Practical Approach, Improving Strategic Planning in Self and Others, Develop a Greater Understanding for Other Cultures, I am a visual thinker. HIRE verified writer $35.80 for a 2-page paper. If you have any queries, do contact me. According to David Jonassen, Distinguished Professor of Learning Technologies at the University of Missouri, there are three roles for teachers who use the constructivist learning theory in their class. A real-life perspective was provided through the use of a character who is an ID. A learning style is an individual's approach to learning based on strengths, weaknesses, and preferences. The constructivist teaching method has been used in special education settings for some time. I would love to see more updates from you in the future. Constructivism explains the manner in which knowledge is constructed. A “learning theory” is not usually “presriptive”, that’s what instructional (design) theories are for Whoever wrote this has no idea what he or she is talking about: To point out but a few of the many erroneous statements in the article: 1. Source: The environmental -- or societal -- aspect of social learning theory says that children learn in a social context. Lastly, educators, with generally good intentions, determine to strengthen the weaknesses of students. Students have even been noted to blame failure for learning a concept or within the confines of a learning experience on how the information was presented, differing from their preferred learning style, using it as a type of self-fulfilling prophecy. A “story” was created, and the character was placed in real-life situations where she had to understand and tackle different aspects of storyboarding. To enable me to create an Action Plan, I first need to list particulars of thing needed to do to accomplish my goal. A learning style is an individual's approach to learning based on strengths, weaknesses, and preferences. Learning theories can provide insight in this important issue. Educators also contribute to the weaknesses in learning styles as they may or may not favor one style over another. You are continually doing exercises or reading about leadership styles to learn about what your leadership style and from there, action plan. In the days of old, students were expected to sit through lectures, take notes and take tests. Cognitivism is based on the change in behaviour through sequential development of an individual’s cognitive abilities. Copyright © 2020 Bright Hub Education. Tracy Harrington-Atkinson, mother of six, lives in the mid-west with her husband. Knowing yourself as a learner is important if you want to achieve to the best of your ability. Each different dimension has strengths and weaknesses and no dimension is better than another. It indicates the thought process inside the learner’s mind. It also removes grading in the traditional way and instead places more value on students evaluating their own progress, which may lead to students falling behind but without standardized grading and evaluations teachers may not know that the student is struggling. 4. Based on the Word Net lexical database for the English Language. It is not a difficult task, but requires learning to be efficiently executed. Some instructional designers see this approach as a more boring and less challenging method of instructional design. While some of that still occurs in classrooms, more and more educators are learning that students need to be fully involved in the learning process, using all of their senses, not just their eyes and ears. The social learning theory is one of many approaches that child development and educational scholars use to explain how children learn. HUL: The Pestel Analysis Of Hindustan Unilever Limited, The Hershey Company Case Study: Dairy Milk Chocolate, The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Liberal Education, Argumentatives Of The Treaty Of Versailles. The social learning theory is one of many approaches that child development and educational scholars use to explain how children acquire knowledge. It is quite effective for those students who have special needs like sensory processing disorder or those on the Autistic spectrum. In contrast the strengths balance the scale for the use of learning preferences as the methodology aids individuals in an understanding of themselves as learners and increases self-awareness. This can be great and helpful insights for us. Regardless of how old we are, we never stop learning. Strengths and Weaknesses of the Social Learning Theory The theory was created by Albert Bandura, he argued that. She has a Master of Science in applied developmental psychology from the University of Pittsburgh's School of Education. This study aimed to review the strengths and weaknesses of learning theories including behavioral, cognitive and humanistic theories. Using these styles, students may even morph an inactive learning situation to a more active and engaging opportunity (Wood, 2017). Some students require highly structured environments in order to be able to excel. Learning Theories are frameworks that are extensively used by Instructional Designers to meet the requirements of the target audience and the situation. Reasons to Incorporate Learning Styles in Teaching. In constructivism. Instead of having a finite answer, constructivism teaches that the learner creates the answer as they see it. Each learning style has its strong and weak points. Constructivist learning theory operates based on the principle that students build knowledge based upon prior knowledge. I could go on forever, but I hope you get the point. A framework is not a theory and vice versa Students and teachers bridge generational gaps to arrive at a mutual understanding. Such personalization should address how students learning needs are assessed, what students learn, and how they learn it. There are many practices used to determine student learning styles, but I believe Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory helps identify all types of learning styles. When it comes to processing information, your brain is the most important part of your body. She loved storytelling and sharing her stories with her children. Learners aren’t just passive participants in the classroom; they need to be actively involved in “the bigger picture” of the world around them. (Alessandra). Spearheaded by researcher Albert Bandura, this view combines cognitive and behavioral approaches to learning. This is done by, A Personal Reflection of the Visual Learner: Self-Assessment and Reflection Paper. I was really able to find my own strengths and weaknesses in university. Asha Pandey is the Chief Learning Strategist at EI Design. Lemosa: The Annals of the Hidden, Book Two, MBTI Learning Styles: The Eight Preferences – Course Overview, Learning Style Versus Learning Preference, Social and Psychological Foundations to Education.

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