Happy New Year and better luck in 2013. It’s hard to believe that Freeland was a rookie politician not so long ago — a respected journalist recruited in 2013 to run in Toronto after Justin Trudeau won the Liberal leadership. Yes I agree. To order TOP STORIES, delivered to your inbox. Dean, now I can see why her sickeningly bias articles are always for the pointed headed liberals. Conflict of interest would be interesting to know. “So, we get a lead that someone might have surgical masks … I make sure I call her and say, ‘Hey, I got a lead here and here’s another lead.’ And then she’ll jump on it.”. If I were them, I'd be thinking "refund." She has become the steady centre of Ottawa’s operations — the chief operating officer of pandemic response. Their household incomes and their spouse's JOBS depend on the Liberals being back in positions to give "largesse".Senators, Governor Generals, ambassadors, etc. Freeland strives every day to present herself and the government as the face of reassurance. Was I upset that day? A lot of credit is going to Freeland for managing those relationships — phone call by phone call, from early morning to late at night. Did SunMedia tell the proper story of its own reporters crying and hugging Donolo, while this reporter wasn’t there? “I just get out there and dust off the old black book of all the medical essential services,” Ford said. Worthy idea. There's a clip here of Susan dragging an innocent woman through the muck here:http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=VjU3xP1N7EA. As “Guffman” says, it MIGHT not make any difference in her reporting, but given that I’ve never seen anything Susan Delacourt has written that is complementary to Stephen Harper, have to believe she’s of the same ilk as her bro. Has a big heart but she’s no nonsense as well.”. Thanks (I think), but no sale.If you look to your left you will see the Blogging Tories blog roll, on which I have been listed for over two years. I’m there next week. As it happens, that NAFTA experience keeps popping up in the current crisis. And these same media want to be given carte blanche open doors claiming it for US their audience to know. She says she’s never been scared for herself during this crisis, but this virus’s particular threat to older people stops her in her tracks. Scratch almost any of them and you'll find collusion and "friendships" that go far beyond professional within the media and the Liberals.You'll find media sons and daughters and brothers and sisters who have been rewarded on your dime with jobs, appointments and contracts. Is it OK to cheat? @bcbluecon 38,000 tweets. CC link @ 4:46amIt*s all win win. My husband has worked for the Conservatives.

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