First Order Low Priority Zetas: First Order Tie Pilot (Keen Eye) - A nice Zeta that ramps up what's best about the FOTP, more Critical Chance and Critical Damage. However some of the best teams in TW, TB, Arena, and Raids are build using the characters you receive from these legendary events. This lvl makes it possible to farm additional omegas, but more importantly its the most effective place to farm zetas. SWGOH has like 5 types of currency, and the reason you're reading this guide is because you've stumbled upon some cantina credits and you want to know where to spend them. I've won matches with just GG and droideka left, due entirely to the marked+damage immunity+stacking damage mechanic. Ezra’s says that in the zeta text, so pretty sure the answer for Magnaguard is no, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the SWGalaxyOfHeroes community. Cassian's U-Wing will dispel all buffs on enemy ships. Kind of simple. Thrawn will be more difficult. Current strongest Meta Team: Home One, with Hound's Tooth, Millennium Falcon. Palp's Leadership, Thrawn's Unique, Palps Unique. 95% of the time the match will be over before you can call if your FOTP or Sun Fac reinforcement. An absolute monster. Hard node farming is currently set to 8 sims and a 25 crystal refresh for the first node refresh, so farming hard nodes is no longer as long as they used to be. CW Chewie (only up to 5 stars as he is not really useful), Stormtrooper Han (Squad Arena Store), Boba Fett (Cantina Store), Cad Bane (Galactic War Store), IG-88 (Squad Arena Store), Lando (Cantina Battles), and Han Solo (Heroic Pit Raid) are all good characters to get from easy farms. Tarkin's Capital Ship leadership should be maxed by now giving you 20% turn meter every time a ship is destroyed. Then you need 6 ships at 5 stars (this includes Tarkin's lead ship) to do the lvl 3 Ship Ability Materials challenge (for zeta farming). I dropped 2 zetas on Old Republic (Carth/Mission) to get them over 17.5k, glad that isn’t going to bite me in the ass. He is the piece that really makes Bastila/Revan teams run. The zeta order assumes you will be running Shaak Ti lead. A good example of this is when I was ready to farm Vets Chewy and Han, I knew I would not have them finished in time for the JTR event, so I instead farmed Death Trooper, a good character for Raids and TB. Most people should be able to at the very least apply this guide to figure out a schedule of characters to farm. It's something for a well-played character on a long match against a team without much cleansing. Furious Slash (Basic) – Deal Physical damage to target enemy. Substitutes can be Hermit Yoda or Ezra Bridger, or Chewbacca on offense. GGs bonus TM on dead allies stacks his damage and health way faster than B1 anyway.A side note: I haven't used this team much in STR, so the comments are mostly from arena. His zeta that prevents bonus tm is really meant for facing JKR teams as it prevents a LOT of the tm gain mechanics that the team has flying around (GK, Bast, JKR, and Yoda all have some form of tm gain in their kit that HK nerfs if they have protection up), so do that one eventually but not as a priority. I would suggest farming TFP AND Old Ben before Mission or T3 as TFP's ship is still very good in ship arena and Old Ben will be your 5th Jedi for GMY (Grand Master Yoda) and is used to unlock CLS along with being a pretty quick farm. Rex is great for PvP and on defense, as shown by Clash HERE, at least until Shaak Ti zeta can be gotten. You are now at the point where you can start working on your First Order team, and Jedi Training Ray (JTR) team. If this is the first ability General Skywalker uses during his turn, he immediately uses the Special ability Telekinesis, if able. I'm playing all-in all-Grievous since day 1 of his rework. They're all pretty good, but I think B1 is probably the most important to the character itself, if that makes sense. Cantina Credits. LS I have QGJ-led Jedi, Finn resistance, Jyn Rogue one, CLS-led rebels. Bastila's leadership zeta makes her team very hard to beat on defense and very good on offense, a direct counter to Palp lead teams. Starting over will more than likely allow you to rank higher in your Squad Arena and Fleet Arena, netting you more crystals, which will allow you to farm faster.

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