November 30, 2014 in Handguns. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. No snubby is designed for target practice, so designing a weapon, (the 94 in this case), for self-defense with such a trigger pull is unacceptable. Reliability only a SA/DS pistol can offer and at a budget price. The TH9C is no 1911 and certainly not a performance pistol, but the mush and squish through the hammer falling was closer to a typical striker-fired gun than a 1911. Snaveba The second group was high, mostly because I was so excited I was making progress that I aimed even higher, and the group became something much more close to what I like to see. Compare the dimensions and specs of Taurus G3 and Taurus TH9c Unfortunately, "all sales are final" bit us in the bum. It doesn’t cost much, and it doesn’t look or feel like a gun that costs much., IWI Jericho 941 ALL STEEL 9mm NEW IN BOX $500, First batch of Christmas knives...make a nice gift. It was hands down my least favorite. And while this is slightly more expensive than the TH9, this gun punches well -above its weight and is excellent value. My only negative review was back in the 80's. There were some tool marks on barrel. However, there are a few things you’re going to want to get in order to maximize your shooting experience. Typically hammer-fired pistols have a crisper feel and cleaner “break”. Yikes. CHECK AMAZON PRICE, Compact and effective aiming assistance. In an update of their line, Taurus refreshed the aesthetics and feel of the 809 and named it the TH9. TAURUS® PT 111 Millennium® G2 / G2c 9mm PT 111 Millennium® G2s 9mm .40 PT 140 Millennium® G2 / G2c .40 ArmaLaser TR23G Search all brands. I standby my statement, and believe we are actually in agreement. While not a pistol I would specifically seek out, the TH9C is not a pistol I would deter anyone from buying nor console for owning. CHECK AMAZON PRICE, Though Taurus isn’t listed, the TH9C uses Novak cuts to accept 1911 sights. Despite having a perfectly serviceable 1911 model for quite some time, Taurus was known for value-level revolvers, inexpensive options for your .38 or .357 jonesing, especially for those who like a snub nose for concealed carry. Since they have a lifetime warranty, they didn't need any quality control, they sent the good guns out with the bad and let the customer send them back if they were bad. Could have threaded it. Nobody should rely on a 22 lr gun for defense unless they have extreme circumstances that rule out every other more powerful option. It’s how I work the Tristar T-100 I normally carry, and I can acquit myself reasonably well with that firearm. I would not hesitate to drag it out of the safe in any "have to" situation. Every one makes a bad product every now and then but Taurus has a bad rep. Springfield Armory 2020 Waypoint Bolt-Action Rifle Review. I polished the bearing surfaces and clipped one coil and the damned thing was still too hard for her to use, so I traded it off for her S&W revolver. Getting a good new S&W or Ruger or used S&W, Ruger, Dan Wesson or Colts is money better spent. The gun fired OK for 200 rounds or so, then one day the cylinder locked up so tight I had to use a wooden mallet to get it open. Thanks again. FOR 9MM MODELS ONLY (Based on 18 vote(s)) Be the first to … The barrel ports can be somewhat troublesome. These holsters are made out of Bolteron and tend to outperform standard Kydex. Had to take it apart to clear the revolver. CHECK AMAZON PRICE, Affordable Illumination, no laser, but not needed at in-house distances. Sign up for a new account in our community. When it comes to people with small hands, weak hand or arm strength, or other physical limitations there are special methods which you can teach them to allow them to safely shoot and enjoy quite a few calibers and guns even though they initially don't believe they can do so. I changed the sight picture, just a little bit, and that turned out to make all the difference. It wasn't until I took her back on the range that we discovered the problem and then it was too late. For those without concerns of unauthorized access keep your firearm at hand through the night. READ MORE. FALCnR Affordable Illumination, no laser, but not needed at in-house distances. Man of Steel, always Harpin' about it... 36.382729,-86.40086. 3" was perfect. If you’re new to pistols, or coming from a striker-fired gun like a Glock the TH9C won’t feel odd at all, just don’t expect a $300 pistol to feel like a race gun. Click to enlarge. I have a 357 M66 from the early 1980s that works great. Not in the league with the Raging Bull though. If you’re wondering what our favorite budget gun is…Check out the Canik TP9SF. If you purchase this firearm expecting it to be a world-beater, you’re going to be disappointed. The finish on the slide and barrel isn’t likely to be anything worth admiring a few years into ownership, and the controls have an almost toy-gun feel to them, but they work. Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team. Grand Torino Tiny guns are easy to carry, but typically offer less-than-friendly shooting dynamics on the range. 4" appeared to have barrel cross-threaded to frame. I know people who swear by Taurus revolvers. I also have a 22 model that works good but stays stiff both in the trigger and case ejector. Item Number :T-TH9-RA-STNLS. Choose the best weapons, improve their shooting and increase their knowledge on their rights. The top grouping was aimed at the -1 it’s centered around, but still. Fair review. I've seen good and bad products made by Taurus...but can say the same for all of the other firearms companies as well. I would not keep a modern Taurus revolver. My Taurus model 85 ultra light had problems out of the box. He is passionate about not only ensuring that American citizens know their rights, but why they have those rights and what a gift it is to be in a country that acknowledges their God-given freedoms. It is a very common scenario, one that I have heard and dealt with many times as an instructor, with more than a few students coming to class after going through similar experiences and developing some serious bias against brand, caliber, action types, etc. Veteran-owned CYA makes a great holster for the TH9C. or simply preference. The cylinder was not machined well. I would take a Rock Island .38 before I would take a late model Taurus .38. No biggy. A couple of years ago the CEO of Taurus pledged to have better quality control. Love it and carried it everywhere I went, even though I didn't have a HCP... but that was back in the early 90's/late 80's. It did not have the trigger quality of a Smith and Wesson or the newer Rugers. The TGO logos and all content presented on this site may not be reproduced in any form without express written permission. I have deer hunted with it and banged gongs at all sorts of long distance(for a pistol) with all sorts of different ammo that I built and it has never let me down. Sent it back for a 30 year tune up. I took her to On Target in the Boro to shoot several weapons in semi-auto and revolver. I wouldn't have another, if you gave it to me. bubbiesdad It looked good and felt good, but just didn't compare well against the other 22 revolvers I have. I am not sure about newer ones, but I had a Raging Bull in the late 90's that was awesome! A few have been absolutely great. Some people are going to love that — I have bear paws for hands and was quite comfortable with the short magazine — and some are going to claim that’s too fat. TGO David Are there better choices, yes, for some people it may be their only workable choice because of inherent weakness, minimal experience at shooting, weapon size, comfort etc. Required fields are marked *. I had 3 from the early 90s that worked well but I have seen a lot of them the last few years that didn't work, or worked poorly. Unless you really have your heart set on something else and the couple hundred extra dollars something else would require the TH9C is a safe buy. Some are better than others. Taurus, a company frequently known for its insanely powerful Judge and unbelievably affordable G2c, has honest-to-goodness delivered a dirt-cheap option for those who like to carry concealed with a hammer-fired firearm. It’s a solid option especially for those looking to purchase their first hammer-fired pistol–or first pistol in general. The trigger was too hard to pull repeatedly for my wife who is small in stature. CZ 457 Varmint Precision Chassis Review [2020]: 22LR Rifle, ATF Strikes Down Q Honey Badger “Pistol Brace”. It has preformed flawlessly for well over 3000 full powered loads and at least 2000 of my lead loads. I have purchased, sold, traded, shot, cleaned, worked on, and inspected literally more than a hundred Taurus revolvers, both on my own and while helping a friend with an FFL business. Raleigh, North Carolina but my heart is in Tennessee. The test runs three rounds from slide lock to see if it’ll feed under the slide’s own spring pressure, cycle completely, and lock the slide open on an empty magazine. I have a 44 mag revolver that I have shot a lot through the years and it has always performed flawlessly. Enabling full advantage of this ability the TH9C can be carried cocked and locked in single action with the safety on, decocked for a double action first pull to serve as the safety, or decocked and with the safety on. The examples above are indicative of the usual problems I have seen. Falkenberg is a veteran writer and active voice in the gun community. Decent choice for your first hammer-fired pistol. It’s worth noting that there was not a single FTF through the entire battery of testing, and I used four different brands of ammo in a vain attempt to trip it up. I know of others that have had great luck with the raging bull models. I have also done the same with a similar number of revolvers from other makers including Colt, S&W, Ruger, etc. Two groups. 2. One of ours was broken out of the box. The TH9C is sized in the Goldilocks realm of being both small enough to carry and large enough to be shootable. I had a Taurus .22 revolver that SUCKED!!! Working on the theory that shooting a badguy with a .22 repeatedly was better than scolding him sternly, I took my wife into the store to look at .22 revolvers. My wife is 5' tall with very short fingers. How the heck did that make it out? Heading out to the range or utilizing the TH9C as a CCW is going to require a different set of gear. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. She had small hands and terrible arthritis, which initially made it a challenge for her to load and shoot anything, and after some initial practice her and her husband had assumed that she had to go with a small caliber revolver and the lightest possible trigger pull. We don’t know. What do you think about this story? These holsters are made out of Bolteron and tend to outperform standard Kydex. In addition to the second strike benefit, hammer-fired pistols are much safer for carry; place your thumb over the hammer while holstering and no amount of trigger interference will discharge the firearm without first giving you clear tactile feedback that something is amiss. For those $300 I don’t feel the typical gun-shop bro talk questions of, “How much is your life worth to you?” applies, but nor does, “You get what you pay for.” The TH9C is far from a nice gun, but it does offer incredible value for the price. The gun fired OK for 200 rounds or so, then one day the cylinder locked up so tight I had to use a wooden mallet to get it open. Will agree with wileecoyote about the Taurus 94. I struggled a little with that, which we’ll get into in a minute. Trying to remember, I know the cylinder spun both directions and would free spin, it was like it didn't have a stop at all but it did because it worked if you cocked it or pulled the trigger, even locked up correctly, but it was also clearly fubared.

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