They were perfect after pregnancy to told my tummy in and they didn’t pill where my legs rubbed together. Share your photos using any of my tutorials on Instagram and use #smallthingshair. Hi Kate, It's amazing.". For more recent hair tutorials, check out another straight hair tutorial (for dark hair) and a low halo braid tutorial! Emily is “Sky” from Paw Patrol, Luke is a “Creeper” from Minecraft, and David is a Bakugan character from the anime series. Do you have a reccommendation for maternity leggings! I totally agree with your assessment of each of these leggings. The new house... when she sold that beautiful rug.. her constantly saying how hard she works. I have 3 pairs now and have been happy with each one. My hair is just past my shoulders and fine in nature. Ok I love this, but I have been spending more money than i care to say to find underwear to wear with my leggings!! I am seeing more and more gross behavior online. And truly, I think Kate is one of the most boring people on the entire internet, but these people are judging her parenting based on 30 second bits on Snapchat. Facebook; Pinterest; Twitter; Snapchat; Instagram; YouTube; Contact; Black Leggings Competition: the best and the worst for working out & lifestyle. When we bought this home, the sellers left the furniture they had on the screened in porch. Because they are so thin, it is very easy to see panty lines, so just keep that in mind. If you’ve never tried Lysse’ leggings you need to give them a try. The set is pretty simple, so I knew I would need to add some character with texture and greenery. Any suggestions on how to keep the ends bent? However, my scalp tends to get pretty oily, and I am thinking any volumizing product/mousse would have the roots greasy by am. Makeup for a Fresh, Spring Glow + The Sephora Spring Savings Event Info! tutorials; products; q&a; Browse Gallery; beauty. … under these leggings. I also have had good luck with the pace rival crops, time to sweat , and train time. I’ve gotten my tummy almost back in shape and so I’m looking for something that is trim fitting but doesn’t scream “I’m nursing” and doesn’t breal the bank. This tutorial has made me fall in love with my straight hair all over again! Gonorrhea in Boat Shoes. Love this tutorial! I also got the Colorfulkoala leggings and sadly they do fall down for me just walking in them. Is it still available. 7 Same girl! =), I actually really love the 90 degree leggings! I gave them a try, and I love them! This is why I follow you! I’ve never tried higher end leggings (no room in the budget) so I don’t know how they compare to more expensive leggings but they work for me. p.s. They are very, very similar to the Colorfulkoala Buttery Soft High Waisted legging. Whenever you link to Target, the item doesn’t actually come up – it’s just the home page for target and you’d need to search for the item. We reserve the right to remove posts deemed offensive without notice, and the right to ban anyone who wilfully violates the forum rules.The Gossip Bakery does not monitor the contents of these forums in real time. I love the idea of the beauty advent calendars especially for someone new to makeup or a teen. The bangs do well if I curl my hair, like yours, but only really do that on weekends. I’m using my very old, though beloved, GHD classic flat iron. Love your tutorials! Consider gifting a product that you use and love so you can include a personal message like, “I’ve been using this lip gloss for years and I can tell you it feels so hydrating and I think you’ll love it!”. Gluten Free Banana Bread Thanks for sharing theses brands, I will definitely be checking them out. Love this! The pants can be found HERE. Sex Gum. I have no idea what happened other than somebody posted her real estate listings. They are spendy but so worth it. Hi, I am new follower… thankful your tips…. You read my mind! I am a curvy girl, and have found I stick to something with a drawstring. I also do mine the same way. ga('create', 'UA-19717505-4', 'auto'); It has already served us so much more than the other furniture did, and I’m glad to have a space that we can enjoy most of the year! What temperature should I set it to? Hi Kate! I’m a very similar size/shape to you and have to size down in the Athleta Salutation leggings to a medium. I’ve never even heard of most of these brands… actually, I’ve only heard of Lululemon! And speaking of longer, now that my hair is longer, I thought it may be helpful if I updated the tutorial! Thumper. hair. I didn’t put any product in before bed. I’m curvy so I need my leggings to stay where I put them. But for the price… the Colorfulkoala are definitely worth a try! April 24, 2019 - 5:00 pm. 1 Are the truly essential, more gimmicky, how do you know what’s a good one versus dud? I have them in black and navy and they are my favorite leggings to work out in. display: none !important; })(window,document,'script','','ga'); Just like the non-pocket version, they don’t move, slide down, or twist when you wear them. I use hot tools practically everyday and the damage is starting to show . BB Thickening Dryspun Volume Texture Spray is what I use mid-shaft to ends to add texture to my curls so they don’t nest into one another, and a light mist of the Thickening Spray on damp hair will add lift and volume! Hi! BUT I could definitely use more volume. I can’t get into my stylist until June 2 (great news to know she’s busy! I am about a size 8 and my thighs rub together when I work out. If you want to see a video walk through, find it on my Reels page of Instagram. I think I wear the Athleta ones less now because they have stitching along the outside of the legging. I posted a “question box” on Instagram Stories recently and one of the most common replies when I asked “what kind of content you’d be interested in for the rest of 2020” was “self-care ideas”. Thanks so much! i dont think i could spend soo much money on leggings tbh hahahah im still a newbie as im 22 and bought my first leggings about 3 months ago hahah. Yes! Do you have any leggings that you’ve found that do not attract lint/hair? -Read my blog posts about Lash Lifts here and here!-Read my blog post about Lashify here!-I’ve used Latisse at two different times in my life. DIY Lash Extensions : my thoughts and experience. If you’re wearing something not as “athletic” looking with leggings (say a long sweater and mules), it can clash a bit. My most re-purchased beauty products from Sephora: Laura Mercier Caviar Eyeshadow Stick in Au Natural, Ole Henricksen Banana Bright Vitamin C Serum, Fresh Beauty Black Tea Instant Perfecting Face Mask. I usually leave it this way (how you have it) for work during the week cos it’s fast. Let me know if I can help you find some! It’s warm and inviting, but still feels clean and airy. Lol. Thanks!! I always struggled with keeping my volume when flat ironing my hair so I tried out a hair straightening brush and absolutely loved it, it’s super fast and gives me a naturally straight look. I hope you can share more articles about custom pants. I feel like they may work better on someone who isn’t curvy. “You sit on a throne of lies!” . What you said about bike shorts…YES! . While we’re talking about leggings, how do we feel about the bike short trend? I love all your stuff. Especially if they have a skirt attached To them!!! I’m definitely a bike shorts devotee. Commenters in her thread are downright nasty about her body and I feel horribly for her. A similar furniture set is this one from Overstock. I’ve been wishing for a tutorial for this hair style. I literally just found your original flat iron video this weekend – and I was thinking “I wish there were one for longer hair!” and here it is! Thank you for your honest opinions as I’ve been torn between trying the Colorful Koala vs. 90-Degree ones! Also, the Colorfullooka pants, I see they measure a XL at a size 12, are they forgiving at all cause I am typically a 12 in the Align but more like a 14 in other stuff. Black color is all time trendy. Now, I can play more with my hair and get different styles, have more fun! I remember your original post, which I used when my hair was shorter, and appreciate this post now that it’s longer. Also…as far as what you shared on snap chat goes… UGH! I love the 90 degree leggings too!! Thank you so much! I’m happiest with arms full of beauty products. A legging with a pocket is perfect for days I’m running around with the kids. And Walmart has a similar set under $600! Price doesn’t matter- I just want quality and comfort . It’s just an every day struggle. Come on! But my problem is living in the south and the heat and humidity DESTROYS my beautiful, straight, volumized hair. You must try the Aerie Play Real Me high waisted 7/8 legging. If so, can you do a post about that. I get them on ebay and Amazon for around $20, but I think they are available at Costco as well. Better than lulu – I know, it’s difficult to believe. Nothing from ikea belongs in a house like that. I still love the Athleta ones – they are a little thicker than the Align’s and maybe a tad less “cloud-like”, but still are in the regular rotation and extremely comfortable and hold their shape. Thanks! The simple tip of pulling the hair straight up with the flat iron was a game changer for me this morning! I feel like we have a similar body type so I really appreciate your honest review! Overall, I’m so happy with this space. I wear an 8 in Lulu’s and a Large in ColorfulKoala . Meows: 2122. A panty like this would be a good option (and what I wear!) I may look like a 90’s child but I LOVE my shorts leggings from Athleta. I really wanna know what went down with Alice locking her and … Any suggestions for the bean-pole people? My only issue is the black for me is way to see through and it’s not because they are to small for me. If you aren’t signed up to be a Beauty Insider, you can do that by clicking here! Magical! List of products above here: Bumble and bumble Sleek Chic Hairdressers Invisible Oil Set, Bumble and bumble High-Volume Hair Thickening Set, NARS Mini Undress Code Afterglow Lip Balm Set, FENTY BEAUTY Glossy Posse Mini Gloss Bomb Set: Holo’Daze Edition, Grande Cosmetics Goldie Luxe Lash and Brow Serum Set, Sephora Collection Wild Wishes Advent Calendar. So would say there is no worst thing in it. Currently wearing the Colorfulkoala leggings.. ordered them in the car after reading your post! However, when they are worn and washed several times they start to become a bit sticky and they grab every piece of dog hair in my house. Also, my thighs touch so pilling between the thighs is to be expected. I have been wearing the ‘bike short’ shorts to work out in for a few years. I can slide my phone into it or even just my license and credit card.

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