Follow the BuzzFeed Community on... We lead busy, busy lives. I thought: could my form of self-expression be dangerous? We look at the common household toxins known to disrupt hormone function. We’re using an increasing number of cosmetic products on a daily basis, but as the beauty industry isn’t required to list ALL of the ingredients on their product labels, it begs the question; do we really know what we’re putting on to our skin? Joe said it best — knowing is half the battle. With eco-friendly beauty buys becoming more of an industry standard, now is the perfect time to arm ourselves with the best resources that can help us make better choices one purchase at a time. It's a movement that means different things for different people. "I always love seeing what other apps people are using and I’ve gotten a few really great recommendations over the past year, so I thought I’d share a few that I’m loving (and using) lately. I scrutinized ingredient lists and cross-checked with the Think Dirty app database to make sure the foundations I was testing were free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates and petrochemicals (the main substances that the clean beauty community is passionate about avoiding). It's called "Think Dirty" and if the app takes off it could lead to a new generation of formulation savvy consumers who will be telling formulators what ingredient they do and do not want to see in their products. You can normally treat yourself or your child at home. Described as an “independent source that allows you to compare products as you shop,” new mobile app Think Dirty rates personal-care products based on the perceived safety of their ingredients, referring to government lists of prohibited chemicals, peer-reviewed journals, NGO reports and regulatory guidance. Getting beautiful can cause problems. Toronto-based entrepreneur Lily Tse has created ‘Think Dirty’, an app that shows you the exact ingredients found in your facial wash or lipstick. Many cosmetic and personal-care products contain ingredients that can have negative environmental or health impacts, she says... Just what is in our personal care products, and more importantly, how safe are they? You owe it to yourself, your health, your body, your skin, and your loved ones to make informed choices by knowing the ingredients in the beauty products and cosmetics you use.". The newest eight ventures selected by the SheEO network for funding this year have been announced. TOXIC OUT: Think Dirty® mobile app launches in Canada. Why? Mobile applications make it easier to track ingredients in skincare and makeup products. The program takes place at the Canadian Film Centre's Media Lab (CFC Media Lab). Here’s a list of my favorite apps in different categories...If you're looking for the best apps to help you make 2019 your most successful year yet, here they are! Think Dirty and other apps let shoppers scan for toxic ingredients in cosmetics such as the Drop Dead Red lipstick once touted by Kendall Jenner. What changed my routine and really my life is the Think Dirty app. It’s do or die time for cosmetic and personal care brands. Few of us really know what we are smearing on our faces, hands and bodies when we pick up creams and lotions these days. Any type of food can cause food poisoning. This week's featured apps are Think Dirty, YouTube and IKEA Catalogue. Plus, Bobbie shares some of her favorite products. Lily Tse left agency life to become an entrepreneur, and now she’s on a mission to help people purchase beauty products that are good for you and good for the environment. Need a last-minute meeting space that isn’t your office or local coffee shop? The concierge-like Sosh is a city guide built on an algorithm from former NASA employee and astrophysicist Rishi Mandal with lists of restaurants and bars curated by live (not robotic) editors. Non-toxic or “clean” products—everything from household cleaners to baby supplies to beauty products—have been on the rise in recent years...I didn’t see what all the fuss (and a few extra bucks) was about. Unfortunately, when it comes to the beauty industry, it seems not much has changed in the course of two millennia... Reading teeny ingredients lists is tough, especially when you're out shopping. More than 10k products are in its database. But with thousands to sift through, how do you figure out what is actually useful? The Coronavirus concerns have some people cleaning more than ever. As any startup knows, gaining momentum in the early stages can be extremely difficult. What exactly is inside the beauty and cosmetics products that many of us use on our skin every day? The top 25 female-led startups to participate in the Fierce Founders Bootcamp were announced today. THINK DIRTY Finally! You can catch food poisoning if you eat something that has been contaminated with germs. 女士們每日用在皮膚的產品,例如護膚品、化妝品、沐浴用品等,動輒有十多種,你知道當中有多少產品含刺激性或潛在毒素嗎?應用程式 Think Dirty聲稱可以測化妝品毒性。記者測試數款化妝及潔膚護理產品,部分國際品牌致癌性竟爆表,究竟這些app可信度有多高?. Apps like 'Think Dirty' reveal what you're really using on your skin and hair - including allergens and carcinogens - We explore how beneficial they are. The Future is Here. The useful, unbiased Think Dirty helps you navigate the complicated world of product labeling with succinct information on over 2,900 brands and over 200K products.

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