A one-stop shop for all things video games. Things get even tougher in the battle’s second half. Ganon has quite a bit of health and not a whole lot of opportunities to attack and do serious damage to. Looks cooler though, and can be done in the DLC rematch: https://youtu.be/9Ov9WmeT8Eo. It's not easy to see in the video but he does try to block it / change his stance, so it makes contact with his shield either way. __________________________________________________________________ Anthem 2.0 Update Announced By BioWare, Red Dead Online Weekly Update: It’s A Good Time To Be In Business. Once you’re some distance away from the spikes, use your magnet to grab one of the spikes, and move it overhead and toward Thunderblight Ganon, eventually zapping him with his own lightning. I tried with the Duplex and it fails to stun him consistently. Once again, it’s very important to keep Thunderblight in your line of sight. Keep chipping away at his HP until he finally goes down for good. Another thing to watch out for is an additional attack he has that functions a lot like the laser the Guardians use. When this happens there’s a high likelihood that you’ll drop your weapon, your shield, or both. So I'd have to at least double the inventory space. Copyright © 2017-2020 Let's Play Index. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Breath_of_the_Wild community, Continue browsing in r/Breath_of_the_Wild, All things The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild! In this moment he becomes completely impervious to all traditional means of damage. Check out more of our articles and guides about the game. Did you manage to defeat him using a totally different strategy? The Switch has sold more units in 10 months than any other console in the US. At this point it should only take one or two attacks to bring it down. If the boss jumps into the air, move away to avoid any electricity, then rinse and repeat until phase two. RELATED: The 10 Best Nintendo Games Of The Decade (According To Metacritic). Whispers Of A Machine Review: An Exercise In Subtlety, With... World War Z Review: Great Potential Tainted By Mediocre Online... Far Cry New Dawn Review: Smart Gameplay Makes Up For Lacking Story, Amazon Prime Day 2020: Five Movie Collection Deals To Save Big, JoBlo Partners With Rock Steady To Bring Arcade Dreams To Life, 6 of The Best Sonic The Hedgehog Collectibles Every Fan Must Own, Marvel United Kickstarter Campaign Now Live From CMON And Spin Master, 5 Home Decor Items To Make Your House A Marvel Paradise. The fight has two phases, with the first one being very straight forward. Page generated in 8.6030960083 milliseconds, THUNDERBLIGHT GANON EASY KILL! One attack will send three lightning balls toward Link, which move slowly and are relatively easy to avoid without too much fuss. He’ll fall to the ground, possibly presenting a chance to quickly whack him with another combo (sometimes he’ll get up before you get a chance, if you’re not near enough). How to kill Divine Beast Vah Naboris | Breath of the Wild, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-taCRS51nY, https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL08iM2yigOuHFx2NTwnEE45xm4Iy_8gLi, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/, http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100726, Horizon Zero Dawn Let's Play #3 | PS4 Gameplay: "Deep Secrets of the Earth" and "Heart of the Nora", Crota's End Challenge Mode | Destiny: Age of Triumph, Horizon Zero Dawn Let's Play #2 | PS4 Gameplay, Horizon Zero Dawn Let's Play #1 | PS4 Gameplay, Wonderboy: The Dragon's Trap Let's Play 2 | Nintendo Switch Gameplay, Wonderboy: The Dragon's Trap Let's Play 1 | Nintendo Switch Gameplay, King's Fall Challenge Mode | Destiny Age of Triumph, DOUBLE CLUTCH! During this phase Thunderblight will drop a set of iron spikes on the ground. Thunderblight is usually floating in the air, so taking higher ground will make it easier to lift a pike up to it. Otherwise, just chip away at Thunderblight Ganon. If you’re anywhere near them when this happens you’ll take a few volts and likely drop whatever you’re carrying. So shield breaks again, another full autocombo into knockdown, follow up, mash again as he's rising... he'll go for the lightning balls again everytime at this point. How to kill Divine Beast Vah Medoh | Breath of the Wild, EASY MOLDUGA KILL!! Let’s just say I was sweating bullets down to the 1/4 ish of its life left. I'm also sure the boomerang trick is pretty well known since it's used in speedruns (in fact, that's where I stole it from). I managed to bring him to phase 2, but I broke all of them. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. In this video, I will show you how to kill Thunderblight Ganon (Divine Beast Vah Naboris) in Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Nintendo Switch. My guess is that the second hit somehow cancels the stun. When Thunderblight’s health is low, it will use the energy beam common among the Guardian enemies. Bows are surprisingly not very useful in the fight against Thunderblight Ganon, so don’t worry if you’re short on arrows. Use the same strategy of dodge back as soon as you see the dashes begin. Rematch is easy enough with Urbosa's and Daruk's powers. This portion of Ganon’s soul is crackling with potential and he has a few tricks up his sleeve, depending on what phase of the fight you’re in. Thunderblight Ganon will float high into the room, so climb up to the platform in the middle. He has authored over a dozen strategy guides for Prima Games, worked as a consultant on numerous gaming-related TV and web shows and was the Operations Manager for the fighting game division of the IGN Pro League. There you have it. Well now I wanna go Thunderblight up like this for all the trouble he's caused me. His primary attack in the first and third phase is a quick teleporting strike where he blinks around the room a bit before zeroing in on you and striking. Before you get to how you damage him your main priority is to avoid the hail of metal pillars that will start raining down on the arena. Seriously, I tried with Boko Clubs to force more cycles: he never fails to do that as long as you're point blank, somewhat "under" him, mashing Y. Headshot, rinse & repeat. Be sure to check out more strategies and advice in our Zelda: Breath of the Wild game hub! It will knock your weapon and shield away if you block and leave you open to tons of damage. Home » Guides » Zelda Breath of the Wild: How to Beat Thunderblight Ganon. Now Ganon will be upset and his attacks will be more damaging, and more electricity will be coursing through him. The Xbox Series X loads games so fast, that it glitches them out. The brightly hued trees and dark skies may be a clue. During the first phase of the fight, Ganon will occasionally pause a moment and then rise up off the ground and start glowing. Use the surrounding infrastructure to avoid a direct hit from the laser beam. I also tried a perfect dodge to flurry rush, but he is just too fast. After all, all it takes is mashing till the 4th hit; doing the quick spin is just a more efficient way. The stunning new Breath of the Wild Zelda Switch controller is now available for pre-order. And, for the final pieces of preparation, put on your strongest armor (no need to worry about temperature during the fight), and get some defense-increasing food/elixirs into your system. RELATED: The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild: 10 Storylines That Were Never Resolved. Your best bet is to drop down to the lower level of Divine Beast Vah Naboris so you have more room to move around. Zeveria 2 years ago #2. During the fight there will be moments when he’s taken enough damage that he becomes stunned or he’s busy regenerating his shield. It’s easy to dodge these orbs by running to the right or left once you see them coming. But I never seen mentioned that you can keep him "stuck" into a pattern: as long as you keep pounding him while he's getting up from a knockdown, if he doesn't have the shield, he will always do lightning balls next. Once he’s done and dusted, collect the heart container and any treasures you may have missed. When you venture to the far west into the Gerudo Desert, Thunderblight Ganon will be waiting the Divine Beast you’ll come across. Thunderblight Ganon easy strategy with mediocre weapons - no parry/dodge. Like a wounded tiger, the closer he is to death the more dangerous he gets, so stay on your toes. There are a couple mechanics that make it REALLY easy, and you don't have to worry about his phase 2 attacks once he reaches 50% or lower. I also found a way to unshield him without the boomerang, using Magnesis during the pillar phase. Too lazy to hunt for that many korok seeds :/. If you’re close enough you can quickly run up for a few more attacks before it dashes away to start another attack. But it's a little more reliant on luck / where he falls. Even Waterblight Ganon is more annoying with the Cryonis spam. And when we say rush, we mean this boss moves faster than you can blink. After this, he’ll go back to his earlier attack pattern (three lightning balls or zigzag strike). Quickly move in and get some hits before phase three of the fight starts. Nintendo has done it! Did this approach to fighting Thunderblight Ganon work for you? Like the puzzles, this boss is themed around electricity (if you couldn’t tell by its name), so you may want to invest in some food/elixirs that increase your electricity resistance. Thunderblight Ganon can be a real pain to deal with - mainly because unlike other incarnations, this version of Ganon doesn’t mind getting in your face - and will do so a lot. Before even facing the boss you’ll want to take the right gear with you to ensure you’re able to defend from his attacks and to exploit his weaknesses.

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