When I first started playing bass, I was a Maiden and Yes and Rush fan and I tried to learn how to play the songs coming off just playing “God Save the Queen” and “Anarchy in the U.K.” to playing “YYZ” and “Red Barchetta” and “Number of the Beast” and shit like that. Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave bassist talks history, influences and new Future User project, Exclusive interview with FBPO’s Gary Graff So it lasted all of five minutes and it was just destroyed and I had to have it repaired. So that could happen. [Laughs] There’s gonna be haters and there’s gonna be people who dig it and you’re never going to be able to satisfy everyone. Like “Roundabout,” the bass sound on that is still one of my favorite bass sounds of all time, just the tone of it. But if you wanted to put upright bass on a song, you can’t just go, “Oh, I’m gonna get it out of storage today.” It doesn’t work like that. It takes muscles that need to get developed and practice every day. The 'Killing in the Name' rockers are reportedly playing five reunion shows next year. I’m a team player and I love the bass in the same way that an offensive lineman on a football team loves blocking people. And then as they got faster I realized I could play some stuff with just one finger that I used to use two fingers to play, and I started tapping into that. TC: I don’t play with a pick at all. Several years ago, I met Rage’s bass player, Tim Commerford. See more ideas about Tim commerford, Tims, Rage. Our kids go to school together in Malibu, and we discovered several overlapping interests. Instagram; Youtube; Tim Commerford AKA: Tim Robert Commerford, Timothy Robert Commerford, and Timmy C About Tim Commerford. TIM COMMERFORD DEBUTS NEW TRIO WAKRAT & MUSIC VIDEO – ROLLING STONE Breaking News 8/25/15: TIM COMMERFORD DEBUTS NEW TRIO WAKRAT & MUSIC VIDEO – ROLLING STONE For more than a year, Rage Against the Machine bassist Tim Commerford had been biking around with his future bandmate and didn’t know it. As I got more into that I sounded better than ever. And then I brought it to a Rage rehearsal – this is years ago – and I was like, “Yeah, let’s put this on a song” and plugged it into an amp, turned it on and it immediately started this low-end feedback and it blew the whole front of the bass, like the feedback got inside the bass and blew the front of the bass off the body. Both from the 1980s. Will you play live? Rising Music Festival at the L.A. Memorial Coliseum on July 30, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. Tim Commerford, bassist with Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave is also well known for his extensive blackwork tattoos. We wrote tons of songs and we have tons of stuff; these happen to be the first seven that we finished, and we have a bunch we’ve finished since then, so we have tons of music. Audioslave has been on ice since 2007 and Rage since 2011, though the latter has not broken up. I love Tom Morello and he’s such an innovator and he does some amazing stuff, but Brendan is the complete package. Zach De La Rocha of Rage Against the Machine performs at the L.A. I couldn’t play with two fingers, so I would use three fingers to play. 19/mai/2017 - yuki encontrou este Pin. TC: The tempo’s, like, 140 bpm; that was our template for songs. TC: We don’t talk about anything, but we never have talked about anything. In order to play 8th notes or 16th notes at 140 bpm, you can’t do it with two fingers; I don’t think there’s a bass player alive who can play that fast for an extended period of time with two fingers, so I had to go back to my roots and go, “OK, I know how to play with three fingers. That’s not what we do. FBPO: The ultimate revenge of the bass players. Extensive blackwork tattoos on Tim Commerford . And we had done that. TC: When we got together with Rage I was getting into slapping and stuff, but I didn’t want to be the Chili Peppers. That guy is so cool!” So I was immediately drawn to the bass player even before I played bass. No winner has been declared in the 2020 U.S. election. But fingers are the only way to fly for me, man. And then I started playing with Rage and I was kind of big on Jaco, even though my left hand was never – and never will be – Jaco. And this is not the only thing I have in my little bag of tricks. Facebook Youtube Instagram Forum Twitter Pinterest Subscribe Contact RSS. Required fields are marked *, Copyright document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); , Notehead MediaGroup, LLC. And one thing I’m proud of is that I never, whether you look at it as transitioning from Rage to Audioslave or going from Audioslave to what I’m doing now – I’m not interested in doing the same thing twice, that’s for sure. TC: Well, there’s always going to be haters. That helped me so much to get the sounds I’ve gotten throughout my career in all the music I’ve made. Anyone willing to hazard a guess as to how long the chest/arm/back black work would have, 2,517 Likes, 41 Comments - WAKRAT (@wakrat) on Instagram: “Timmy’s weapon . Career highlights – and some great stories – from a bassist who’s played with just…, From the Carolinas to Nashville to Miami, seasoned bassist/producer has music in his blood Exclusive…, L.A. But I sort of emulated his right-hand playing, and he had that instructional video where he talked about playing and he only used two fingers. I just need to build the strength of my two fingers to get them to go as fast as three fingers,” and I got them to go pretty fast. He can play any Zeppelin song, any Yes song, any song from the classic rock era front to back, note-for-note, exactly as it was played. FBPO: You have Brendan O’Brien playing guitar on #steroidsorheroin. TC: Oh, yeah. What’s your bass approach to that music? But you never know…the last show we did was at the Coliseum in Los Angeles (July 30, 2011); that’s a pretty iconic venue. TC: [Laughs] We wrote a bunch of songs that were all vocals and everything and I went and played it for Brendan, who produced two Rage records, Evil Empire and Battle of Los Angeles, and he also produced one Audioslave record. seus próprios Pins no Pinterest. FBPO: Did the support role of a bass player appeal to you, too? And I still talk to Chris all the time and we talk about that. Join Facebook to connect with Tim Commerford and others you may know. I played a ton with three fingers as a kid, and that three-finger style was a big part of my playing. And I was just like, “Wow, man, this is sick. Rage Against the Machine bassist Tim Commerford claims Wife Drove Car Through his Home & Beat Him With iPhone and Fists. TC: When I was a kid, when I first started listening to music, one of the first bands that I loved before I started playing music was KISS, and I had that KISS ALIVE II record and that picture of Gene Simmons on the inside, where he’s just got blood all over his face and his tongue out and his face is all sweaty and his makeup’s dripping off…To this day, occasionally I’ll go on the computer and I’ll just put in KISS ALIVE II and just look at that picture. My music tastes are eclectic, but Rage Against the Machine has been the soundtrack for the finest of my workouts. Your email address will not be published. My ring finger’s actually pretty strong. Makes all the sense in the world to me. June 15, 2015. But (Squire) had that that kind of pick/thumb together that made this just unbelievable sound. I have two of them. Tim Commerford Bass Rig - Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave |. One day after his wife filed for divorce, Rage Against the Machine bassist Tim Commerford has gone to court for himself and is looking for a restraining order. FBPO: Future User is very much a studio project. Tim Commerford cemented his place in bass playing iconography with Rage Against The Machine, introducing a, well, raging but also melodically complex style that brought together elements of metal, prog rock, funk and hip-hop into a death-defying approach that, when it worked best (which was often) left listeners’ jaws on the floor. TC: Oh, totally, man. Session bassist on upcoming album and touring with Billy Cobham Exclusive video interview with…, Is it because all the “good” instruments were taken? What happens now? Left backpiece by Ed Hardy.

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