Amsterdam • Because I got here before there was any issue in the USA or here I don’t have a health card so I no longer go out on my scooter. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. }); Thank you for your support and we look forward to meeting a lot of you around the world. Current Events in Philippine Province – Tim K. March 26, 2020 ReekayInAsia Tim K. I discuss the status of current events for my family here in. I agree with you the we are going into a massive amount of debt but if it saves lives, it’s the right thing to do. Lima • Learn how your comment data is processed. Some would say with a 23 trillion deficit we already were before all this occurred. Warsaw • God bless and do what you can to prepare. You are correct. jQuery('.track_record_'+lang).show(); This should make the recession short lived and temporary. Kiev • I will check in on your vids . I have been living in Cebu City with my girlfriend. Central Africa Time (CAT) • We are looking at April 24th maybe to be better. Taiwan • Novosibirsk • End of the day, money can be replaced but your life can’t. This is only the first wave. Kristyn should get her license #1, Might as well stay there Tim work in the rice fields because if there’s an economic collapse here the peso will be worth more then the dollar. Dave H. You are not understanding the Dangers of this virus ,stay at home,followed the rules. Saskatoon • This website uses cookies to improve your experience. BEWARE !! We do the best we can to provide exciting content to you bros and broettes. You look much better in this video. Yearly Income: P1,750,000 – P27,990,000, Estimated Its getting hard here in north carolina too.monday start of lockout here.stay home u cant go anywhere unless ur essential employee.grocyries mostly gone.ur still in the better place so enjoy the beach…. And if you really wanna fill up the car just have Chrissy buy a gas can and fill it every time she goes out. They are doing what they can to keep the country safe and I am glad of that. By supporting creators you love on Patreon, you're becoming an active participant in their creative process. What is the time zone difference from Manila to the world? Almaty • This meant that the local time in the Philippines jumped from December 30, 1844 to January 1, 1845, effectively removing December 31 from the calendar. Current Events in Philippine Province – Tim K. March 26, 2020 ReekayInAsia Tim K. I discuss the status of current events for my family here in Leyte and around the world. Stockholm • Please support Christin and I on this epic journey. } East Africa Time (EAT) • Manaus • I would have to say Trump is to blame for the high rise in cases because in 2018 he cut funding to the CDC by 16% and fired the best people there and replaced them with his buddies that financially supported his presidential run for office. Dubai, West Africa Time (WAT) • We do the best … It is shocking that cars, planes and tech gadgets are no longer being built here. The netizens are uploading numerous photos and videos on social media to earn instant popularity online. Monthly Income: P75,000 – P1,210,000, Estimated Looking well Tim, it is good to have a beer or three sometimes, bottles that is brother not cases get your hands on some propolis to boost your immune system. The way this has been handled globally is a COMPLETE disaster. They have been doing it for decades too. stay safe. People are crazy right now. Privacy & Terms. Maybe you can show me around the places where all the history happened on your wonderful Island. Ethiopia • He isn’t draining the swamp he is the swamp, what a sad day to find out we are the worst country in this virus pandemic and now he is saying he wants all Americans to gather together on Easter Sunday and go to Church. var text_elements = ts_list.children('transcript').children('text'); Join. Rio de Janeiro • Exact time now, time zone, time difference, sunrise/sunset time and key facts for Manila, Philippines. The beach is just across your house. Share. You can always get a job dancing at a male strip club. Monthly Income: P24,150 – P385,000, Estimated Pakistan • Philippines Time and London UK Time Converter Calculator, Philippines Time and London Time Conversion Table. It will all settle down soon. Smile Tin I still Love you . Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. AEDT • ACDT • ACST • BEWARE !! Perth • function onYouTubeIframeAPIReady() { (for the most part anyway) Granted there were few of us who were raised but the greatest generation that actually listened to our fathers and mothers advise. Being one of only 2 white Americans in the toledo area and having had the doh called on me once for being American, I go to the check point everyday day to have my temp checked. Argentina • take care tim k and family we are praying for you always we are here in the visayas region also. Some cities are starting curfews. Sincerely, Evan. jQuery(this).removeClass('highlight_line'); just an average worker but saved good amounts. i might be your only viewer then at 60 with women friends in the phillipines, Evan, hello friends and haters ? The only exception was a period from 1942 to 1945, when Japan occupied the country during World War II and turned clocks 1 hour ahead to Japan Standard Time. 65k Followers and a bunch of traffic is enough to show who’s the boss Karachi • It is too bad those born from 1944 until about 1952 ware such braindead dunces. Colombia • Already follow timshootsthings? We here in Ireland were on top of it real fast. In 1899, the Philippines adopted PHT as its standard time. I’m from Washington state by the way, Canned spaghetti sauce is disgusting man a can of crushed tomatoes and spices can do way better. And we are in lock down to until April 15 It is what it is. The bad news is that pandemics usually come in three waves. I hope hyperinflation does not take us down. var lang = jQuery(this).val(); you do exactly that what the bloodsuckers want …. This is crazy – living in an alternative reality! Follows by request. Yearly Income: P9,955,000 – P160,000,000, Estimated Thanks for sharing! Being at home in Maryland for a month sucks. } else { This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. } This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. var start_value = jQuery(this).attr('start'); Cairo • Saudi Arabia • God bless you always. I am not saying it doesn’t suck though. you guys are our heros right now. Good point, the baby boomers just protected there asses at the cost of the future generations. jQuery('.track_record').hide(); Mexico City • Baking my own bread :). if(!timeSpent.length){ – CHOOSE YOUR EXPAT FRIENDS WISELY IN THE PHILIPPINES – THE GOOD/THE BAD/THE UGLY, EXPLORING MANGO AVE, CEBU CITY, THE PHILIPPINES. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Omsk • Cal… love the Phillipino culture being from Cali. In the USA most businesses are the very small ones. Tagged as: Melbourne • Chihuahua, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) • Is everything OK? Keep up the interesting videos. Yearly Income: P290,000 – P4,635,000, Estimated var selected_lang = jQuery('.transcript_lang').val(); My future wife is from tay yay rizal near manila. Staying home, I think is still the best. This week I went from fear to acceptance…. Be the Heart and Soul of this Channel. Look at cases per million in the country chart . Stop listening to Fox unless you want a bunch of BS, Keep doing what your doing and keep the videos coming…good to see you smiling. Vloggers. Many in China who had the virus before are now getting it again. Yearly Income: P2,225,000 – P35,610,000, Estimated if (!window['YT']) {var YT = {loading: 0,loaded: 0};}if (!window['YTConfig']) {var YTConfig = {'host': ''};}if (!YT.loading) {YT.loading = 1;(function(){var l = [];YT.ready = function(f) {if (YT.loaded) {f();} else {l.push(f);}};window.onYTReady = function() {YT.loaded = 1;for (var i = 0; i < l.length; i++) {try {l[i]();} catch (e) {}}};YT.setConfig = function(c) {for (var k in c) {if (c.hasOwnProperty(k)) {YTConfig[k] = c[k];}}};var a = document.createElement('script');a.type = 'text/javascript'; = 'www-widgetapi-script';a.src = '';a.async = true;var b = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];b.parentNode.insertBefore(a, b);})();}

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