I have lost thousands of dollars. Thanks so much Sir for making it simple to understand it was straight to the point. And that they think this way says a great deal about the dead man, as well, of course. I’m not sure what I would’ve done if I had not discovered such a thing like this. Familiar faces, time jumps and a fitting ending as Showtime bids farewell to its pot-smoking comedy. The ability to write such two versions on the same story is quite amazing, but I'd say the book version is better. "Never, father!" This is not enough yet to call a reversal but on the next candle we then start seeing bullish candles, Price trends lower on the left with strong bearish candles and no bullish candles in between, Then suddenly the bodies become smaller and the wicks longer, showing that the momentum is fading, At the support of the range, we see that candles are becoming smaller and have more wicks, confirming the indecision. and after 30 min I began to ask who is the protagonist who is the antagonist of the story? Better not to watch it, it is a waste of both time and money. At the same time, she finds herself struck with cancer. I don't know why Chinese investors would spend their money on movie like this. STORY. Learn how to understand how buyers and sellers push price, who is in control and who is losing control. Thank you Rolf it couldn’t be more simple as you explain it, I undestand now, a thumbs up 🙂, Yeah but 90% of traders will still blow there brains out…emotional traders, which are the vast maj will blow it every time regardless of what they know about price action and any other indicators…. Looks like one world in one candlestick, shows the behavior from buyers and sellers. One problem I am facing now a days is my winning rate is high but my RRR is not improving. send me the answer by email please. I think the Gong Ming theory does makes a bit of sense though, and fit in with the entire Tiny Time theme – selfishness, jealousy and unscrupulous in this modern world. and the 3 D animations, sure it capture the face of the movie star into 3 D CG, but they fail to capture any expression from their face, it's like watching a doll house. Characteristics of candlestick-shadow analysis: For a better understanding of price movements and market behaviour, the first two elements must be correlated in the third element. Very nice article it gives u a clearer vision on price action. Thank you. Nan Xiang is preparing for her first day at JM with Lin Xiao. This storyline seriously make no sense and will make watchers believe in stupid things like a man means happiness, you get easy money, you get promoted for making coffees, plastic surgery is ok, etc. I've heard that there is a book to go along with this that helps to explain a lot. Christmas Yet to Come is a sad, immoral place, full of people who have the same miserly values as Scrooge has shown in his life—they don't care about the man who has died; they care only about they can profit from it. Meanwhile, Lin Xiao becomes engaged with the mysterious Lu Shao. The room changes, and now in dim light, there is a bed and on top. Active Themes At that moment, Bob enters, wrapped in his blanket. (Of course, the good looking cast helped A LOT. Below, the most important characteristics of the analysis of the candlestick body are listed. Really easy and clear explanation for a beginner like me. In fact, the world seems to be better off for him being gone. My last article about Tiny Times! Thanks for the article Rolf. Teachers and parents! But the body of the miserly man is left alone, in a godless place. Forex is simply an odds game, Your edge only tells you that there is a stronger probability that one thing will happen over another. However, if there are more sellers than buyers, prices will fall until a balance is restored and more buyers enter the market. Gong Xun falls into a coma, and the traumatized Lu Shao dumps Lin Xiao. If we set our charts so that one candlestick corresponds to one day, then we can read the daily fluctuations in the financial market using the shadows of a candlestick. Congratulations for your good job, you are amazing. Christmas spirit is completely absent here. But as for me, Jue Ji makes one of the best stories. Even in death their face is expressionless. The shadows show the entire fluctuation width. Better story than most maost an imax version, and a 3D version as well. So it's a bunch of guys who meet and fight and no one is winning and no one is losing? Only someone who can read the charts like a book can make profit. i would love to buy your book, but i’m brazilian, my english is terrible, i was able to read the text because i used the google translator. Hi dear Rolf It was great but a question came into my mind. It really felt like GJM kept intact the most important part of the Tiny Times Story: their friendship and love that survives through any kind of problem. Analysis, Price Action, Rolf, tips, Trading Method, Trading Strategy, Indicators, Price Action, Technical Analysis. Trust me your money is better spend watching other movie. The first book doesn't have the finished point and it continues to the next one. Haven’t traded much though. However, if there is only a slight overhang, prices tend to change more slowly. Firstly, some might think like me that the film cut off in the middle. Chaos theory is a branch of mathematics focusing on the study of chaos—states of dynamical systems whose apparently random states of disorder and irregularities are often governed by deterministic laws that are highly sensitive to initial conditions. A white candlestick represents rising prices, whereas a black candlestick shows that the price fell during the period. Thanks. And after watching it twice, I do appreciate it more the second time. It is very clear and simple. I've also heard that it resembles other previous movies. For those who don’t know anything, we would think it’s a happy ending but for those who know about the original ending, it is quite clear from all the hints that it was all part of Lin Xiao’s hallucinations. Yet here Scrooge sees that for all his wealth the man died alone, with no one to stand up for him, and that in fact he is afforded no respect at all by even the scavengers and dealers that he used to dismiss. She sees the ex-boyfriend of NX in the hospital who discovers her secret. Strength or weakness and what the next step maybe can be. That mastery and kindness in dealing with every part was tremendous. I hope for the sequel we get to see them have solo battles like there male counterparts. The visuals are great (when the technology is working the way it should be). Hehe, I am done recapping this movie (well, more like writing a long and precise synopsis since I didn’t add pictures)! Guo is a director who has nothing but awful reputation. GL is too proud to let her friends watch her die and fake sleeping with the ex-bf of NX. External Reviews I liked the whole idea of fire based on real life story, but I also feel really bad for Gu Li… she just survived CANCER, got rid of her debts, reunites with her friends and now, she suddenly dies in a fire? As CG confronts him for that, Mr. C gets hitten on the head as he falls on a table and isunconscious (okay, everyone needs to calm down ><). NX goes visit her ex-bf’s grave and finds peace for herself (he was killed by street mobsters). Best regards from Brazil. Unhappy with this, Gong Xun orders her to be sacked, which in turn causes a scuffle between him and a protesting Lu Shao. Tiny Times 4 ; Where to watch JustWatch. ), a ring on his left hand (did they get engaged?). And the movie managed to stay true to the novel while still presenting a ‘happy ending’ for those who didn’t read the novel and don’t know about the supposed ending. Footbinding, cultural practice, existing in China from the 10th century until the establishment of the Peoples Republic of China in 1949, that involved tightly bandaging the feet of women to alter their shape for aesthetic purposes.. Footbinding usually began when girls were between 4 and 6 years old; some were as young as 3, and some as old as 12. Explain the processes of digestion and absorption. The movie story line is so convoluted, I got instant migraine just from watching it. Great teachings. Especially because of Duke VII and his disciple. i have read two – three books on candle stick but this type of explanation i didnot get anywhere. Horrible movie indeed. Thank you for the insight Rolf, its very much appreciated. Nan Xiang, who gets a job at M.E Magazine thanks to Lin Xiao's connections, quickly reveal her true colors as she climbs the corporate ladder thanks to her new-found relationship with Lin Xiao's boss, Gong Ming. Of course, this will only happen after my exams in December xD But I think I like it enough to do this because there’s a severe lack of english information! The size of the candlestick body shows the difference between the opening and closing price and it tells us a lot about the strength of buyers or sellers. The original text plus a side-by-side modern translation of. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The general plot is interesting and creates a lot of room for character development and relationships. Obviously most people don't know what an actual crap movie is. There is a mere thin cloth between him and the sight of the dead body, and it causes him to remember the moral lesson that he has been denying for so long. Tiny Times 4 小时代 灵魂尽头 . Awards As the name suggests, a candlestick chart is made up of so-called (price) candlesticks. The body of the white, rising candlestick below shows that the price opened at $10 and closed at $20 in the selected time interval, but has fluctuated between $25 and $5 in the meantime, as indicated by the shadows. Scrooge has been in such a small, selfish world that he doesn’t even realize that these businessmen are talking about him. And there are like four of these, all under Guo Jingming’s hand. Right: Rising candlesticks are stronger in the upward trend. This could have made for a decent 45 episode drama, but in just two hours there are too many characters and concepts, too much world-building, for anyone's head not to spin. Rolf, no doubt a master piece of a blog. During the fight, Wangru gets her face deformed. I helped me a lot to understand candlestick in better way. Gu Li is getting better. The book itself was just like that. I know multiple actors that were cast in the movie, and it's not their acting skills that fail. He Li Chen Guang Media EE-Media Star Ritz Prods. They do not find anything at all. She gives Gu Li a ultimatum: find the 400M or give away all her Shenggu holds. Later that night, she makes an adieu video to all her friends and Gu Yuan. Two sample candlesticks are shown below. After making another disappointing series "Tiny Time", Guo made this expensive 200 million crap again. The forth installment of the Tiny Times series. "It's just as likely as not," said Bob, "one of these days; though there's plenty of time for that, my dear. At the same time, Cratchit is crushed by Tiny Tim's death, and of course had someone just had some charity Tiny Tim wouldn't have had to die. Meanwhile, Lin Xiao Opens: July 9 (Mainland China) Since directing the movie series "Tiny Times", which is adapted from the novel series of the same name, also written by him, Guojingming has become a target of ruthless internet hate. At the same time, Cratchit is crushed by Tiny Tim's death, and of course had someone just had some charity Tiny Tim wouldn't have had to die. too bad Chinese theater don't give refunds. With this article we want to show you that you do not have to remember any candlestick formation to understand price. The only part in the story that I have complaints for is the part where the rampant soul beasts storm into Reyes and they all happen to be lizards or scorpions.

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