RIDDLE: The Headmaster may have forgiven you, but the next time you break the rules, I won’t let you off so easily.ACE: Um… By the way, Prefect… Is it possible for you to remove this collar?RIDDLE: I was thinking of removing it once you’ve repented, but judging from what you said a while ago, it seems like you’ve yet to do so.RIDDLE: I’ll have you walk around like that for a while longer.RIDDLE: You don’t have to worry. Choice 1: A talking r-raccoon?! Guwaahuhh~ There! As usual, chapters with a Rhythmic or a Battle will be marked so you could be prepared before going in ^^ If you've noticed, this chapter has more battles compared to Rhythmic, so … Change ). It’s true that if Diasomnia cards where released already they probably would get the spotlight. I cannot believe you all. Yes, I have!! Mmmgmm, I-I'm a genius. HEARTSLABYUL STUDENT B: Did the Prefect leave…?HEARTSLABYUL STUDENT A: I completely forgot to follow Rule #186: “Never eat hamburg steak on Tuesdays.” so I was wondering what he’d do if he found out…HEARTSLABYUL STUDENT B: (sighs) Giving us a bit of freedom won’t hurt him, you know? Would you mind gathering some for me?ACE: It’s troublesome either way…! Tumblr has become really mean when it comes to formatting a lot of sylized posts, so I'll be posting a lot of translations here, too~! Oh, yes!! Choice 2: I'm in a room with floating coffins!? Good grief, the Headmaster is too soft. Ok, ok. Gotta get.. Whaaaaaaaa! **All translations are for personal use only so please don't re-upload or share anywhere else. The material farming is super nice, isn’t it?! Thank you~! Or Ryota from those who follow me on Tumblr~! That’s a lot of investiment! Alright, let's chase them all outta here. It gave us time to know the other boys better, so i feel that was the right choice. You've got this stupid look on your face like a spider being attacked by a water gun! Not letting me in would be a loss for the world, humans just don't get it. Choice 1: You might win the Headmaster's favor if you drive them out, Choice 2: I'll give you a can of tuna if you win. I’ll be updating with Episode 3 Chapter 1 today~! ( Log Out /  View All Posts, Thank you so much!! I just added you~! Change ), [Masterpost] Twisted Wonderland Episode 2 Translations, https://unofficial-twstd.tumblr.com/post/614365812733706240/new-story-addition-jade-pick-up-part-2-of. About the Episode 3 story part 2 I mean? And here is the masterpost for Episode 2 of Twisted Wonderland’s main story~! [[MORE]] ・━━━━ ━━━━・ Prologue 12: Punishment Escape! https://unofficial-twstd.tumblr.com/post/614365812733706240/new-story-addition-jade-pick-up-part-2-of. ( Log Out /  It’s so fun looking through the SR illustrations~! CATER: Man, that was scary…~GRIM: He’s really lookin’ like a bad guy now, yanno?DEUCE: Hey, that’s very rude! I’ve been super invested in it afsjkasfjhafj AHHH!! I shall watch over the raccoon, step in front of the Dark Mirror. We were missing one new student, so I went to find them. Diasomnia and to be honest, Malleus alone, is enough to actually draw in the fanbase XD So I’m really glad that we got to know the other boys better before they arrived~! Gyahaha! No waaay! We’re gonna go pick some chestnuts ‘til we drop! I hit it! [Twisted Wonderland] Episode 1-9 Translations. This is the guy who put that weird collar on me during the Opening Ceremony!RIDDLE: You two are the ones who caused a ruckus yesterday, aren’t you?RIDDLE: Would you refrain from referring to someone’s unique magic as “a weird collar”? Keep the good work, but don’t push yourself too hard, take a rest sometime, your posting really fast!! ( Log Out /  The world-building is ridiculously good and the card arts are so amazing~!! So that's why I came here on my own. Thanks I accepted the request here ❤ omg you’r rank 39 already that’s amazing!! I love thises. ※ Please don’t re-post these translations anywhere without permission. If you have space on your friend list please add me kBw1jMAz ~! Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Have you heard the news? ** TREY: There are a lot of chestnut trees right by the forest behind the school’s botanical garden.ACE: Alright! I'm a genius who is destined to be a great magician! I love how Crewel just goes “Good boy!” during Alchemy lessons LOL !CATER: Hey there, Riddle! ( Log Out /  I'll have no trouble sneaking back into school. So, how much do you need?TREY: It’s going to be used for the Unbirthday Party, so about two to three hundred will do.DEUCE/GRIM: That much! Oh, but feel free to re-translate to your own language given that my blog is linked as the JP –> ENG translator ^^ Time for ... my secret move! –> YUU: An unexpected talent!–> YUU: I guess that’s cheaper than buying it. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Those tarts were all made by Trey here, y’know~? ♡—Hall of Mirrors—♡ Ace: They really expect me to … Posted on March 22, 2020 March 31, 2020 by kanadesmusings. Oh my gosh, Sam was super awesome! Can’t wait for the next episodes. Don't go wandering around the school! Thank you soo much for your hard work. Wah...!? ... Wha, you can't use magic? [Twisted Wonderland] Prologue 1: Awakening Stranger! Choice 1: You'll burn the place down like this. How about you guys? There’s just something about him that’s really captivating~! I'm going back to do more research. I especially like Floyd a lot, too~! Magic should fix this leak up real quick. https://twisted-wonderland.fandom.com/wiki/Prologue_Chapter_5?oldid=16660. ** Choice 2: F-fire!?!? Choice 2: Are you closing your eyes when you breathe fire? I update with multiple chapters daily~! ( Log Out /  Anyways, Twisted Wonderland … Gyaaaaaaaa!!!! They are all so handsome omg I’m always surprised at how breathtaking the illustrations r. The Dark Mirror just doesn't have an eye for this. Thank you for accepting~! –> YUU: It’s your fault for going wild during the ceremony, Grim.–> YUU: Speaking of, what exactly is a “Unique Magic”? Choice 1: Why do you want to get into this school? **All translations are for personal use only so please don't re-upload or share anywhere else. It’s better than what they sell here!TREY: Haha, thanks. The art is just breathtakingly gorgeous~! My profile’s fave card is Ruggie’s SSR and the Support is Ace’s SSR~! You mean Riddle’s unique magic?DEUCE: Unique… Meaning, it’s only exclusive to the Prefect?TREY: Putting aside all the other magic in the world, magic that can only be used by one person is called “unique magic”.TREY: I think you’ll learn about it in detail if you pay attention in class.CATER: Riddle’s unique magic is being able to seal off another person’s magic for a given time.CATER: It’s called…. !CATER: This and that are different~DEUCE: Still, isn’t a whole tart a little bit expensive?ACE: Ugh… I don’t have that much money though…CATER: Then why not make some~? Get your rear in gear! ^^, ※ Please don’t re-post these translations anywhere without permission. CAN you tell me when you publish? Amazing! Apparently, there are 20 chapters in total, and I’ve been translating them as I go… I’m not done yet, though, but I’ll just post those I’ve finished here. Thankfully farm seens very simple in this game. I’m a clown for thinking the prologue will end at chapter 5. I wished he’d get more interactions with everyone! Gaston as the PE teacher was so funny!! I've been waiting for the Ebony Carriage to come pick me up. Keep talking like that, Cater, and it will be off with your head, too.CATER: Come on now~ Please go easy on me~GRIM: Ah!? You’re gonna ask us to pay you! Likes and reblogs are appreciated.Oh, but feel free to re-translate to your own language given that my blog is linked as the JP –> ENG translator ^^, Hi, I'm Kana~! Staying here will at least keep you out of the rain. You’re the Vice Prefect, so you better do your job properly.RIDDLE: As stated by the Queen of Hearts’ Rule #339, “After-meal lemon tea should have nothing more or less than 2 sugar cubes in it.”RIDDLE: In order to protect that rule, I shall need to buy more sugar cubes at the school store. CATER: Hm? Oh, yay~! Make yourselves at home. Don't go wandering around the school! Jade and Floyd are two of my favorites as well! If you think getting thrown out is gonna make me give up on getting in, you've got another thing coming! I hope you enjoy the recent chapters~ I’ll be posting more later on! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. You better get a can of tuna ready before I do any work. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the game~! Letting someone off the hook for not following the rules once will break the foundation.RIDDLE: All those who don’t follow the rules should just say goodbye to their heads. That's simple! Or Ryota from those who follow me on Tumblr~! I think I have most of the tools and ingredients here… But I won’t simply offer you my services.ACE: Eh?! Ace and Deuce are really great characters that go along well with the protagonist and they’re such good boys T^T Hello~! ACE: You made all that Trey-senpai?! ヽ(>∀<☆)ノ, Yeess i’m loving the story and the characters way more than I expected. GRIM: (shrieks) Even the name’s scary!CATER: Since magicians having their magic sealed off is similar to having your head chopped off~CATER: That’s why, as long as you’re in this dorm, it’s better not to go against Riddle.TREY: Conversely, as long as you follow the rules, he can be pretty gentle.ACE: Oh yeah, am I gonna be chased out again if I don’t come back with a tart…?CATER: Pretty much~ That’s what Rule #53 says, after all~CATER: Oh, and since Riddle was looking forward to getting the first slice of that whole cake, he probably won’t forgive you if you don’t bring the same thing~ACE: You said you want to get along, but you won’t let me off that easily? Choice 2: Did something make a noise just now? I’m looking foward to know more about Octavinelle and Diasomnia their design caught my attention the most. Twisted Wonderland Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. I’m enjoying this game a lot and it’s great to be able to read the story here. I'm just a regular monster staying in a rainy place. You're useless! Grim, the Great Magician, isn't scared of some ghosts!!! Hey Kana! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Same!!! View All Posts. Thank you for enjoying them~! ( Log Out /  Hello~! As usual, chapters with a Rhythmic or a Battle will be marked so you could be prepared before going in ^^ If you’ve noticed, this chapter has more battles compared to Rhythmic, so it would be a good idea to have decently leveled up cards and magic before playing a specific chapter~!Octopus dorm is next XD, What’s your favorite dorm/fight/story so far~?? I'm still so happy that it was Yana Toboso who did all the art for the game though! ?TREY: Haha, there’s no way I can extort money from a junior, you know?TREY: The next tart that Riddle wants to eat requires a lot of chestnuts. (I didn’t get Floyd and I’m so sad orz) but the story for Episode 3 seems so interesting that I can’t wait to know more~! my supp is Floyd I’m hoping to get Jade too, saving everything i can (。T ω T。) ( Log Out /  g-g-g-g-ghoooooooooooootts!!! My adorable ear fire is gonna go out at this rate! Why are you up!? Goodbye! But so far, Crewel-sensei is my fave teacher~ AHHHH. She's so talented~! The people living here got scared of us and left. Choice 1: Gyaaaa!?!? TREY: The Dorm Head managed to become the head one week after getting into the school.TREY: He’s a little bit sharp-tongued, but he’s only got the dorm’s best intentions in mind, so he’s not really a bad guy.GRIM: People who think like that don’t just put collars on others.CATER/TREY: Ahaha…. Prefect? Oh Yeah Crewel looks great, i always liked Cruella’s black/white hair, and that madame’s cigarette holder is just perfect. You are the only one yet to be assigned a dormitory. We’re goin’ chestnut picking~! I'm going back to do more research. Choice 1: Please take care to not burn the one getting your prize, Choice 2: For a limited time, I'll give you one more can. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I wished Sam was playable tho, c’mon Dr. Facilier shouldn’t look this good just for shopkeeping! The lid is too heavy. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Fgyaa! ACE: GEH! Grrrr! Hmph! I was surprised by how well writed Ace and Deuce are too, I wasn’t a fan of the entire Heartslabyul dorm before.

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