Barton was launched 31 January 1942 by Bethlehem Steel Corporation, Quincy, Massachusetts; sponsored by Miss Barbara Dean Barton, granddaughter of Admiral Barton; and commissioned 29 May 1942, Lieutenant Commander D. H. Fox … At the end of a Mediterranean deployment in August 1963, Barton and Borie made a goodwill tour of the Baltic Sea to support Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson's Scandinavian tour. Following a period of upkeep, Barton prepared to put to sea on 14 March. She was the first ship named for Admiral John Kennedy Barton. During her remaining years in commission, Barton operated primarily between Philadelphia, Norfolk, and Guantanamo Bay. My grandfather. Despite the Americans having steamed directly into the middle of the Japanese force, neither side opened fire for almost ten minutes as they passed by each other, with the Japanese ships enveloping the American battle column as they emerged from the darkness in three separate groups. After several months patrolling the waters between Okinawa and Taiwan and participating in hunter-killer exercises with Catfish, Barton steamed around the southern tip of Africa—making stops in Kenya, South Africa, Brazil, and Trinidad along the way. Palmer Ridens St. please help me. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Articles incorporating text from the Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia, World War II destroyers of the United States, United States Navy Pennsylvania-related ships, Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, List of destroyers of the United States Navy, List of destroyer classes of the United States Navy, Does anyone know of the where abouts of CMDR Traynor, Daughter's email PO Box 177, Rosedale, WV 26636, 2 Med cru,Cub Crisis,Gitmo-loaded 5in projectiles,bridge wat,great liberty in Med & Carib-did we have fun, My Uncle (niece Susan) killed 9/16/52 when ship hit a floating mine-made ultimate sacrifice at only 19 yrs old. Would like to hear from guys that were on the Barton. . After participating in NATO Exercise "Whipsaw", Barton and Soley steamed to Port Said, Egypt, to escort a convoy through the Suez Canal and into the Persian Gulf for a routine six-week patrol with the Middle East Force. USS Barton operating with USS Iowa and USS Philippine Sea in the Sea of Japan, July 1, 1952 On 15 May 1952, Barton departed Norfolk via the Panama Canal for Korea , Commander Harvey B. Seim in command, arriving at Yokosuka, Japan , on 18 June. Before I reported aboard I couldn't spell typhoon. On 11 April 1949, Barton was recommissioned and joined Destroyer Division 201 (DesDiv 201). On 14 May 1944, Barton departed Norfolk and arrived at Plymouth, England on 27 May. temp duty north atlantic and cuban blockade, 'A' Gang Handyman, was aboard during cruise to Finland, Deceased-1984 Daughter would like to hear from shipmate. Consisting of two battleships, one cruiser and eleven destroyers, the Japanese fleet rounded the northwestern coast of Savo Island and entered Ironbottom Sound at approximately 01:10hrs (1:10am) and shaped their course for Henderson Field; the American airbase they were sent to destroy. Returning to the U.S. on 10 July, Barton soon departed Norfolk for the Pacific, arriving at Pearl Harbor on 2 October. This was my father, one of the few who survived the sinking. On 15 May 1952, Barton departed Norfolk via the Panama Canal for Korea, Commander Harvey B. Seim in command, arriving at Yokosuka, Japan, on 18 June. This is my dad as he does not have an e-mail. She returned to Norfolk on 20 November. She was sunk as a target on 8 October 1969. Great memories of my shipmates..Like to make contact, Like to talk to old shipmates (we are old),Bill. Walton. During October she participated in the Buin-Faisi-Tonolai raid (5 October) and the Battle of Santa Cruz (26 October) where she claimed shooting down seven Japanese planes. Returning to the United States, she continued operations off the west coast until 22 January 1947, when she went out of commission in reserve at San Diego. He survived the sinking, later served on USS Ammen. Dad was on this ship in both theaters of war.. Dad was one of the original plankowners, just passed 10/28/10, at age 85. looking for any and all shipsmates who served with me, My father-was auth to wear ribbons & oper & engagement stars-4 asiatic-pac,1 euro-african & 1 phil liberation. On 10 August, while silencing enemy batteries on the island of Hodo Pando, Barton was hit on her number-one stack by a 105 mm (4 in) shell from an enemy shore battery. She operated with the Pacific Fleet until 11 July, when she got underway for Norfolk, arriving on 5 August. it's a small hole, about 18" in diameter", grossly underestimated the actual size of nearly 4 ½ feet. Samson,Al.36477, served on her when she was in the SelRes fleet in Philly until we decommisioned her, Hi Guys, It's been a lifetime--WWll seems sooo long ago. She moored in Norfolk on 10 August. After a brief tour with the occupation forces in Japan, Barton returned to Seattle on 6 October. Forty-two survivors were rescued by USS Portland (CA-33) and twenty-six by Higgins boats from Guadalcanal. USS Barton (DD-599) was a Benson-class destroyer in the United States Navy during World War II. Does anyone know where Ben Julian Diego RMSN is? In the second position of the rear, US Destroyer van USS Barton began to train her deck guns and torpedo tubes on several Japanese ships in her immediate area and awaited the order to open fire from the flagship. In July, Barton also steamed to Quebec and Montreal, and continued via the Saint Lawrence Seaway to Cleveland, Ohio, for a month of training combined with public awareness work about the Navy and its mission. Finally, on 12 December, the destroyer received orders directing her around the Cape of Good Hope to Norfolk, where she tied up on 5 February 1957. The massive explosions broke the Barton in two and both sections sank only minutes after the first torpedo struck, carrying with her 164 men: 13 officers and 151 of her crew. For the next seven years, Barton alternated between training exercises out of Norfolk and assignments with the 6th Fleet. The forward section of the wreck of the Barton was discovered in 1992 by Robert Ballard, with only the hull section and superstructure ahead of the boiler room found intact. Repairs completed on 15 August 1953, Barton spent the remainder of the year operating along the east coast and in the Caribbean. Reunion planner and Pres, reunions held every year. Meanwhile, Barton and Soley anchored in Sitrah Harbor, Bahrain, and stood by in case a need arose to evacuate Americans from the region. She operated along the west coast until June 1946, when she departed Oakland for Bikini Atoll, where she participated in Operation Crossroads (15 June – 10 August). My father-19 yrs old when she was sunk-dad assisted an injured shipmate to swim to an island-MIA for sev days. Barton exited Chesapeake Bay on 1 July and set out for yet another Mediterranean cruise. The destroyer then conducted ASW patrol and spent time in Norfolk in upkeep before going into drydock in Newport News for hull repairs. She was the first ship named for Admiral John Kennedy Barton. Barton began a schedule of training exercises and Atlantic Fleet maneuvers out of Norfolk, generally operating in the Virginia Capes area and the West Indies. The war closed the canal, and subsequent international military action prompted Egypt to block it with sunken ships. Would Like to hear from anyone who served while I was there. She Joined Task Force 77 as a member of a hunter-killer group for operations along the east coast of Korea. I'm the ships tap-dancer--'' I'm still dancing (AT) 86. Making an emergency stop to avoid colliding with the Helena, the Barton found herself at a dead stop as her engineering crew tried to get her engines back into gear to get her moving again. He was listed as missing in action for several months then reported KIA. She then steamed westward to take part in the capture of Leyte, including the Ormoc landings (9 November – 8 December), Mindoro landings (12–18 December), Lingayen Gulf landings (4–21 January 1945); Iwo Jima invasion, including the 5th Fleet's supporting raids on Honshū and the Nansei Shoto (10–19 February, 25 February – 1 March); joined Task Force 54 (TF 54) for the invasion of Okinawa (21 March – 30 June), and the 3rd Fleet raids on Japan (10–24 July). [2] Effective damage control by her crew enabled her to reach Sasebo for temporary repairs (29 September – 19 October) and then Norfolk, via the Suez Canal, for permanent repairs. He was my great uncle. Are there any surviving crew members? Would like to hear from shipmates. Fox division. It was commissioned by the U.S. Navy in December of 1943, and soon assigned to the Navy’s Atlantic Fleet, with early missions in support of the Allied invasion of Normandy. Assuming her position in the eleventh spot of the US force just before sundown, the Barton's crew settled into their battle stations to wait out the Japanese, expected to arrive around midnight. ; Freeport, Grand Bahamas; Bermuda; and Halifax, Nova Scotia. '', Address: 921 Millercrest Drive, Johnson City, TN 37604. The ship returned to Norfolk when the crisis ended. This is our uncle and great uncle. Jim Campbell was my grandfather. After a short repair period at Yokosuka (25–31 August), she returned to Korean waters. The destroyers held "open ship" for general visiting at Copenhagen, Denmark, and Helsinki, Finland, before heading home on 10 September. The ship was commissioned on 30 December 1943, Commander J. W. Callahan in command. I do remember it was in spring , and we were in one heck of a storm at sea . Barton carried members of the press to the ceremony and stood sentry with William M. Wood at the entrance to the harbor. Barton rehearsed with amphibious units at Onslow Beach, North Carolina, and stood by, ready for immediate action. We are and always will be very, KIA 11/13/42. Been wondering what happend to all my shipmates. At approximately 01:30hrs (1:30am), both sides finally made visual contact with each other as the first Japanese ships emerged from the squall line only 3000 yards away from the entire US formation. Looking for any information on him. IGunnersmate 2nd division, Would like to hear from my old buddies! I think the old man was a mustang, name of Trainor??? Barton's damage control parties could not contain the flooding caused by a large hole in Elefterio's hold, so she embarked the tanker's crew and passengers and transported them to Norfolk. 717-464-0687. After several weeks of training operations with NATO forces and other units of the 6th Fleet, Barton anchored in Port Said on the night of 20 September.

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