When the post goes live, this text will be replaced with a link to that post. Tinnitus | PTS(D) | Lumbosacral Cervical Strain | Scars | Limitation of flexion, knee | Diabetes | Paralysis of Siatic Nerve | Limitation of motion, ankle | Degenerative Arthritis Spine | TBI – Traumatic Brain Injury. Just closed my IU claim yesterday and waiting for the letter in the mail. The thing is, if you write that withdrawal statement on the 20-0995, the VA processor has everything they need to withdraw your claim from the legacy appeals process and initiate a Supplemental claim. This is called continuously pursuing the claim. Under the new VA Appeals Modernization process, you will get 3 appeal options. Refresher – What is VA Appeals Modernization? You must add new and relevant evidence (supporting documents) or identify evidence you’d like VA to gather for review. I think I need the letter that awarded you graves disease, the one that changed it to goiter and the one that denied any increase and any SOC you have. Claims Intake Center The Higher Level Review will (in theory) be performed by an experienced VA Rater a rater at the same or different office as the original decision. You must list the issue(s) you disagree with and the VA decision date. Either way, you have to know/understand why you were denied. After all, they are only going to process pending claims to reopen as supplemental claims, which is virtually the same legal standard. Appealing Your Veterans Compensation Disability Claims NOD, DRO, BVA, USCAVC, Latest Compensation & Pension (C&P) Clinicians Guide as of 2020. A claim does not close when the rating is complete (RD and Codesheet generated). The RVSR will review your entire claim application, medical records, supporting documents, personal statements, buddy letters, any other supporting information, and C&P exam results to make a decision on your VA disability claim. ET, to request a form. How will the supplemental claim affect your effective date? A Supplemental  Claim can be filed after any VA adjudicatory action issued after February 19, 2019: VA Ratings Decision, BVA Decision, even (as the statute is written) CAVC decisions.   You cannot paste images directly. After your BVA appeal, you will be able to choose 3 “Tracks” or “Lanes” for your specific BVA Appeal. Financial gifts are always appreciated but never required. To use this website, please, Get help with your decision review request, Learn more about the decision review options. https://community.hadit.com/donate/make-donation/. Use VA Form 20-0995 if you disagree with a VA decision and want to provide new evidence to support your claim. The VA has said, in its proposed regulations (that went into effect on February 19, 2019), that 38 C.F.R. While the BVA has some discretion here, often they "chop up claims". I would withdraw the legacy appeal and submit the Supplemental Claim as I explained in my earlier post. Do you have a VSO helping you? Remember your claim to reopen service connection for a previously denied condition? 14 Questions about VA Disability … A Supplemental Claim can be filed after any VA adjudicatory action issued after February 19, 2019: VA Ratings Decision, BVA Decision, even (as the statute is written) CAVC decisions. They requested the heart DBQ, got that on July 11 in their system and closed the supplemental with no action because the denied contention was erroneously included in my latest rating for a stroke. That's particularly true with procedural/development errors. Donate. You can post now and register later. You have to make a decision which process is best for your claim, wade through all the bulls**t and myths and fairytales that other vets and VSOs spread about the process, and pick an option that will be non-reversible. So I'm not an expert, but if it were me? Please review your VA.gov profile to make sure we have your most recent email address. It’s never about getting veterans the help they need to reintegrate into civilian life after years of combat, deployment or even peace-time military service.

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