This immobilises you, and will kill you if it isn’t removed within 20 seconds. Pay attention to the rows of green doors that line the walls of the central pit: After the nuke the doors will open again and the pit will be full of Taken Psions. It’s best to designate three people as eye-shooters and assign them an order: shooter one calls the eyes on her first appearance, and is responsible for shooting them both on her fourth. Morgeth’s crit spot is the huge bulbous mass on its back, which you should be able to hit from anywhere in the arena. Remember the raid reveal trailer? Distributing these stacks correctly is the key to success, and there are lots of complications that you’ll need to manage as you go, so keeping chatter to a minimum and your callouts clear is essential. You should have players shout out the open zone so that the Decoders can go there to take out enemies waves. Someone else now has to get another Eye of Riven to cleanse another plate –. She has a painful laser attack, and can push you around with an attack that’s telegraphed by the floor underneath you lighting up green. That’s one cleanse. When it dies you’ll get a prompt saying ‘you’ve slain Riven of a Thousand Voices’ and the Ethereal Key, which you’ll need to unlock the final reward chest. When all the adds are dead, Shuro Chi’s song will speed up, and three crystals will appear on the plates. Four of those ninths will look different from the others, obscuring parts of the picture with a dull green pattern. Prioritise Taken Phalanxes as their shield blasts can knock people off their plates, which is no good. It lasts three minutes and if you let it expire, it will wipe you. Getting to the Vault This is the only possible source of One Thousand Voices, a power trace rifle that draws a beam of explosive fire, which will probably become one of Destiny 2’s most coveted weapons. It’s a complicated, mechanic-heavy encounter with no bosses. The arena itself is surrounded by three rooms behind these plates, which are connected to one another by small tunnels. Call your Supers out so you don’t squander two at once. All the raid icons will fill the room, and you’ll also be able to see the Eye-carrier in the other chamber. When you’ve completed all three walls, Shuro Chi’s song will reset to four minutes, and hemispherical platforms (like those around the Oracle Engine) will appear. However, this time two knights will spawn. If you’ve shot her eyes successfully, an elevator beam will activate at the back of the room and carry you up to another identical chamber. You need to split your team into three pairs, each of whom should go stand on one of the plates marked by the central icons (don’t activate the wrong plates – this will spawn an ogre and guarantee that some of you will die to Kalli’s nuke later, so just wipe if you do it accidentally). Notice that beneath each bomb is a pool of sludge, and that one section of your plate is unmarked by said sludge – this is where you want to stand. Take the Psions out and return to Kalli, who will have moved to another section of windows. The runner then goes directly there via the connecting tunnel – go the wrong way and you waste time. Riven’s Heart will then choose a new carrier. You now need to get on the plates again and repeat the whole thing twice more, cleansing a grand total of nine plates across three rounds, to complete the encounter. The Fighting team and the Puzzle-solving team. Alle Benutzer können dank einer zentralen Quelle organisierter Daten effizient zusammenarbeiten, Fehler reduzieren und Zeit sparen. During your second cleanse, you’ll also have to deal with a second Knight… and, yes, three Knights on your third cleanse. There are two identical chambers on either side of the following room – assign each chamber to a sub-team and head on in. When you’ve done enough damage to Riven’s mouth or tentacle, you’ll stagger her, at which point her upper face will open and two of her eyes will light up. If the Knight reaches a plate, he’ll stick a sword in the plate and lock it, while all the players will die immediately. She serves as a bit of a gear check for the rest of the raid – you’ll likely struggle here if you’re underpowered. Basically, if the Knight doesn’t go down quick it will run into the Vault area and the challenge will fail. Drop all your usual boss-melting DPS tricks, and note that her health bar is divided into sixths – when one sixth is gone, she’ll move on. Only two Eyes of Riven will ever appear at once, and they’ll still kill you if you hold them too long. When you’ve completed all three walls, Shuro Chi’s song will reset to four minutes, and hemispherical platforms (like those around the Oracle Engine) will appear. This resets the Vault Security Mechanism, so you effectively have three minutes per cleanse. There are some adds in the tunnels and outer rooms, which is why the runner might need a hand (even though the Eye of Riven gives them a powerful gun). You need to agree callouts for these, because Riven is about to change rooms – the other team now needs to stagger her in exactly the same way, and when they’ve done so, they must shoot the exact same eyes you just called. But you’ve got one final challenge before you get there – when the key drops, you’ll be teleported to the Queenswalk. Its other trick is the relevant one here, though: use your Super while carrying an Eye, and you’ll shoot a bomb that will cancel Shuro Chi’s new song. Three players, one of whom was just cleansed, should now have zero Strength. When someone gets to the portal, you’ll all be teleported back to the starting cavern. Your cue to move is when the tentacle glows, but it still needs good timing – if you screw up, the force of the impact will throw you against a wall, fatally. Four orbs will spawn on the next wave, another four after that, and then one final, tenth orb. Dealing with the Knight The icons are also divided into ninths. It’s entirely possible to one-phase this on a good run, but if you have any doubts about your DPS or if you’ve let Morgeth build strength, it’s a sensible insurance policy to designate someone to grab an Eye. It’s worth noting that you also need to own the Forsaken expansion, complete its campaign, and unlock the Dreaming City after you’ve done so. Use these to jump up to the next floor, but note that shortly after a player touches them they will capsize. They should pick up the heart (the orb), which will suppress all their abilities and project a protective bubble that will remove all stacks of Creeping Darkness. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. That floor is the same as the first, but with Psions instead of Thrall. If you get two Antumbras, you can deduce that the third plate will need a Penumbra, and vice versa. Stormtrance, Nova Warp, and Hammer of Sol can help with adds, and the best way to keep them ready is to have a Nightstalker with Orpheus Rig generate orbs for everyone. If you are successful, the flame in the center of the plate will vanish. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Black orbs will spawn around the arena in fixed locations, each of which will grant a stack of Taken Strength when picked up. If you were quick when gathering Taken Strength, Morgeth’s strength before this phase may be 10% or lower, meaning you have that much more time to lay into it. Adds will spawn during this phase, so have the remaining two players mop them up. As always, a Dawnblade with Well of Radiance is extremely useful for buffing damage. If you let him reach a plate, he will bury his sword in it, and the entire team will wipe after a few seconds. After a short time, the HUD will say ‘Kalli prepares to wield her weapon’, which means she’s about to cast a nuke that will wipe you. Agree an order to call these out: As with Morgeth’s Umbral Enervation, you’ll use an Eye of Riven to do this, but here, Eyes of Riven can give one of two buffs – either Penumbra or Antumbra. Wait until the carrier’s timer is running low before grabbing the last Taken Strength, so as to maximise your available time. Add clearance is a real problem in this phase; each of Riven’s appearances will swarm you with mobs, including ogres. Shoot it. Someone initiates the encounter by taking the first orb. After dealing with the Eye of Riven, get the Decoders team back to the zone and have them pick up the buff. But if the team succeeds in wiping the Knights of Riven quickly, they will complete the challenge and earn another loot drop (if they have the clan bounty). Stay as a group and try not to fall behind, or you’ll take ages to join the fun at the second floor. The central symbols help other players to know whether the left or the right symbol on their plate is the correct key for the plate. Communication and covering your teammates is key. When the encounter starts you’ll drop through the floor, fall past Riven, and exit her nest via some stairs. The only other thing to note is that Kalli has a strong ground slam, so entering melee range is extremely risky. It’s helpful if orb carriers call the countdown out so that others can anticipate the next handover and manage their cleanses. Coordinate with your team to make sure you don’t step on the same actual plate twice. Player one takes the leftmost open room on the top row, while player six takes the rightmost open room on the bottom row. You want to be able to field as many of these tools as possible across your party. This Destiny 2 Forsaken The Last Wish Vault Puzzle Guide will help you with The Last Wish Vault Puzzle that will see players coordinating with one another in order to succeed. Remember to watch out for the Axion darts at 50%, too. In the other chamber – where Riven is – someone needs to stand on the plate on top of the equivalent pillar. You start in a massive chamber with a stone circle in the centre and six plates around the edges. As promised, Bungie has made sure that the raid challenges for Destiny 2’s Last Wish raid are now cycling as they are supposed to. The main hazards here are getting swarmed by mobs or fried by Kalli’s laser. This copy needs to be ‘cleansed’ at the plate where it is found. This way, a decoder will shout out the Central symbol of his plate, and it will be printed on another player’s plate either in left or right. Will is our resident review-master, and it's him who writes most of the reviews you'll have read on our site. As promised, Bungie has made sure that the raid challenges for Destiny 2’s Last Wish raid are now cycling as they are supposed to. To complete the Vault raid challenge, the fireteam needs to ensure that no Knight of Riven makes its way to the center vault area. At this point you’ll be swarmed by adds, and Shuro Chi will start singing. Destiny 2: Forsaken’s epically ambitious raid, The Last Wish, has now been live long enough for us to get a handle on what it’s all about. Meanwhile all of this, a giant Knight will spawn and attack the plate that is being cleansed. Raids in Destiny 2 require a lot of teamwork for the players to survive and complete the puzzles and trials. When Morgeth reaches 50% it’ll spam Axion darts (the Taken Centurions’ homing bomb attack), so designate someone with an auto rifle to hose them down if it ever gets to this point. We suggest you number everyone on the team from one to six, and scan the two rows from left to right, top row first.

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