(I'm old and forgetful..) You know about her TV show and book publishing, so what about all this would make one think she has a restful, quiet life? To help make her house more comfortable, she opens all the doors and shoji paper sliding doors to allow a breeze to run through it. I also have a huge respect for her - I hope you do read her monthly blog as well? ", Digby’s return did not immediately mend the breach caused (on Venetia’s side) by Digby’s lack of communication, and (on Digby’s), by rumours of Dorset’s supposed pursuit of Venetia. I hope she can continue the show for a long time..... but... it may not be possible? But seriously I also like her restful quality and I feel like I have been to a spa after I watch her show. I guess the difference between Venetia and Oprah is that Oprah doesn't proclaim to be skilled at 'housekeeping', but she is a damn good business woman. [6] She later bore Digby another three sons, John, George and Everard, the latter of whom died in infancy; she also miscarried twins. She doesn't do the whole pre-prison Martha that exuded "Don't I have the perfect life" ethos - Venetia is quite candid about her own life. Venetia probably doesn't bake because Japanese ovens don't sell well. Is that kk's mum? But a house that you would love to live in. Visit Coulda Shoulda Woulda's profile on Pinterest. Venetia Anastasia Digby (née Stanley) (December 1600 – 1 May 1633) was a celebrated beauty of the Stuart period and the wife of a prominent courtier and scientist, Kenelm Digby. (It is now in the Dulwich Picture Gallery in London, and another version is at Althorp.). The cut scenes, mostly sexual in nature, were first privately circulated in a pamphlet, and eventually included as an appendix to a later printing within a year or two of the first publication. She wrote to Mata Ji (then the Holy Mother of Prem Rawat) arrogantly expounding on the Chinese and Japanese national psyches while personally abasing herself as being weak and undeserving of kissing Mata Ji's feet: "Please help me to be a good devotee for I have so many weaknesses and just don't deserve this knowledge and to receive your Darshan." I don't know if some of you remember her now defunct home decor magazine that was called O at Home. I must be an architectural soul vampire - only way to describe it. Venetia Stanley-Smith was born in England, but now resides in Kyoto, Japan. Reply. They don't show Venetia here even though she is British and would do so well with the local audience. At Venetia's friends' herb garden, Lulu shows interest in how herbs are grown in an herb-unfriendly humid climate just like Ireland's. Yes, i saw it, i felt that we will be losing her bit by bit.. My last post was about my frenemy Martha Stewart. Lovely bedroom. I will admit that the photos don't do it justice. Is that an example of BBC4 too? :), Nice pics!!! Yes, it’s her: Venetia Stainley Smith from ‘At Home with Venetia in Kyoto program. Oprah's place is a bit like that as well. :). Yet there is no evidence to verify the document's factual basis. It may be during this period that her behaviour caused the gossip later reported as fact by the antiquary John Aubrey, who claimed that she was the "concubine" of either the courtier Sir Edmund Wylde or Richard Sackville, Earl of Dorset, the latter of whom, Aubrey said, had children by her and settled upon her an annuity of £500 per annum. She also has another business enterprise but I forget it's purpose. She is the earthier, eco-friendly, and hippie version of Martha. :(. "If you truly have difficulty sleeping, why don't you take a walk?" In 1971, at the age of 19, Stanley-Smith fled her aristocratic roots in the U.K. to wander the earth searching for a more meaningful purpose in her life. Well you suggested not to continue reading if you don't like BBC 4 shows and I don't, but I was still intrigued to find out what you had to say. Special to The Hawai‘i Herald. She seems so content weeding her garden and collecting seeds for the following year to share with her friends. The Daily Yomiuri (Toyko, Japan), Newspaper article I only meant the great way ;) I think part of my fascination with her is that I have 5% of that mania but the rest of me would rather chillax. Do the "Ground Force" people still do television in the UK? The decorator I worked for on that C & F lampshade redo was married to one of the three Curzon sister's sons strangely enough. At Home with Venetia in Kyoto is a program on NHK World. Hello! I've been watching her shows for several years now and have come to the conclusion she is actually not very authentic. x. Glad u like it cracks me up. xx, Oh what a tangled web we weave! Venetia's complete love and devotion for her Holy & Eternal Mother disappeared into the void on the 1st April 1985 once her Holy and Eternal Mother disnherited the Holy and Eternal Son. Yeah KK's mum, not sure you will like it but I just love the layout, the decor and unlike many celeb houses, it looks like a home!Just answered your question about the stylist over at cailini x. Out of interest, without sounding presumptuous about your financial situation, if you were a millionaire would you hire an interior decorator or prefer to decorate/design all by yourself?I won't tell you whose home I aspire to live in! I much prefer her outlook and personality to Martha's - she definitely seems more genuine. Much like Martha Stewart. Funny how dry and irreverent Martha's daughter is. I'm afraid I love contemporary and if I had the money I would be likely to hire an interior designer to deck it out and then add my little bits after!There I said it! she seems to have early onset dementia of sorts. ), of Tong Castle, Shropshire, a baronet (and grandson of Edward Stanley, 3rd Earl of Derby),[1] and Lucy Percy (daughter and co-heiress of the Earl of Northumberland who had been imprisoned for treason for his part in a Catholic plot against Elizabeth I). So Venetia's cousin's wife?I am even more excited to go up there - architecture, gardens, beading - great day out for me but not so much for M CSW! Ms Stanley-Smith sells a lot more calendars than Prem Rawat. Angkor Wat or as I call it Angkor what the? Stanley-Smith greatly appreciates herbs' medicinal effects. I have a less complicated relationship with Venetia. So this illustrates that ostentation, money, and access to the best decorators in the world does not produce a covetable home. Their TV Schedule even has options for different timezones. If I could, I would be Russian oligarch obnoxious and give her ten times what it is worth and kick her out but then pay her to tend to the house and garden. I wander how she's doing now? It is better than a tranquilizer and or an adult beverage.Thank you for posting!!!! Reply Delete. Thanks also for the thought-provoking comment on my blog today! "If you live with nature for some time, you'll grow able to distinguish between the changing seasons," Venetia Stanley-Smith, the herb specialist who tends the garden, said gently in Japanese. NHK does a great job and I hope you get to go and see more of Japan in person :). Alexis is not a figure here at all - even Martha is not that famous in the UK!Yes Linda, please do visit her when you are drinking a lovely cup of tea...No Ground Force is not on except for reruns! You decide. However in England, Digby’s secret letters of reassurance to Venetia that he was alive were withheld by his mother, and Venetia was overcome with grief. That the craftspeople featured on each show are recruited, not her friends, and that she is more than likely authoritarian and quite businesslike in her daily life, which equates to her being in pursuit of money just like most of you. So for her to go to Japan and have businesses doesn't make her not have an authentic life. As some of you know, I have just gotten back after several weeks in Southeast Asia and I am still a bit jet-lagged. She loves using herbs and natural fibers in her everyday life, and each episode features either a specific herb or local artisan. I don't read much Japanese Kanji, but am fluent enough to get around easily in Japan. Based on the daily meanderings of British expatriate Venetia Stanley-Smith, the series operates on a simple premise that human life is best lived at a slower pace in congruence with the natural world. She also makes soap and shampoo with such natural ingredients as lavender and chamomile, partly because she wants to avoid contaminating the natural environment as much as possible. Yes yes yes - it was the closet that swayed me, best I've seen too ha ha! Hilarious!". hehe. It is the most one dimensional wall I have ever come across. My wife is the great great great granddaughter of lord Curzon.

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