This is also one of the perks of being influenced by Venus, so don’t try to limit their freedom in this regard. Those who seem distracted or distant rarely gain their interest. Things that are dark captivate you. Together, they should work on establishing the limits of their relationship, followed by what only seems natural, the bonding of their souls. So, Venus in Scorpio is downright powerful when it comes to love and relationships. You recognize how fragile friendship can be and take great strides to build a strong and solid friendship with those select few. Venus in Scorpio means you are selective about who you allow to get close to you. In close personal relationships, reactions tend to be emotional, and strong desires and emotions can prevent the native … Many seek this one’s attention, but few will ever get it, as he or she is quite vigilant with whom they allow into their private space. Venus in Scorpio: Key Personality Traits in Love and Life Born with Venus in Scorpio: The bare facts. Your sensuality isn't restricted to material possessions. After something is deprived of its mysterious nature, it loses that characteristic that made it so intriguing in the first place. Firstly, these natives are very attached to having their own private space, a safe refuge where they can retreat whenever necessary. Their emotions run deep and their devotion even deeper. Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. Sometimes, you simply cannot resist the extremely titillating. You relish the finer things in life, especially sensual things like food, wine, clothing, perfumes/colognes, art objects, and just about any material items. It is good to think that trying to control someone does not do any good, let alone keep the other around. A Venusian native can be taken to the gates of bliss fairly easy, especially under the influence of the passionate Scorpio. If they aren't and you discover a friend has betrayed you, you will be devastated. While you expect your lover to be faithful, you may find yourself straying if presented with an affair that allows you to indulge in something you ordinarily would shy away from. With a heads-up warning, you can curtail this tendency by working to create and maintain an emotional balance through the practice of meditation, yoga or some other form of discipline that aligns your mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Intense and passionate on both fronts, sexually and spiritually, the Venusian Scorpio will know exactly what to do and how to approach their partner in order to completely enthrall them. There are quite a few effects you can expect when Venus shows up in Scorpio. But, even more than a physical, sexual relationship, they want to know you are really theirs. You're that friend who can read someone like a book and sum up their troubles with startling insight. It’s always better to taste the sweetest fruits after a long struggle and effort, after all. You are a true and loyal friend and of course, you expect your friends to be the same to you. They want to be able to read your soul without using words. This powerhouse of energy is almost equal to the powerful emotions and fearsome sting of Scorpio. If anyone needs a confidant, you are the ideal choice since you're good at keeping secrets. There are two paths to experiencing true bliss in love. They are attracted to people who engage them. Scorpio in Venus creates a very intense emotional aspect to your personality. You can become possessive, especially of a lover. If one of these chart holders is truly interested in you, they will try their best to get inside your head, and know you completely. In relationships, they want to bond completely and desire total devotion. This approach of theirs is more likely caused by their wish to know who the other person truly is, while also planning to have a future together, one filled with good and bad parts, a path of development and evolution. Sensual, kinky, and extremely imaginative when it comes to bringing out untold pleasures in their partners, the Venusian Scorpio women are quite masterful in the ways of making love, with their libido extending on the verge of paroxysm in extreme moments. Once you're over your grieving period, you'll move on, but you won't forget or forgive. It is possible a less mature Venus in Scorpio may succumb to the excitement of secret love affairs. Please help us improve. Mystery and enigmatic situations fascinate them greatly because they believe that the unknown holds the potential for great rewards and is interesting in its own sense. In fact, depending on the roll of the dice, these two energies can be one of these: Either way, life won't be dull with Venus in Scorpio. But, given their almost supernatural instincts, the chances that they have wrongly analyzed someone are close to zero. The Venusian Scorpio is one who searches for a long-standing relationship... Keep the love going. Being aware of some pitfalls can empower you to take decisive counter measure to lessen potential issues. Perhaps one should let them take the lead and show appreciation for all that they do to satisfy. The intimacy they value so much can get dirty and ugly when they get hurt. With their feral magnetism, as well as blissful soul bondage, this native will express their feelings in extreme ways, reaching all the way to a complete fulfillment. Moreover, the Venusian Scorpio won’t ever try to deceive or act in a deceitful way. With Venus being the goddess of love and sexuality and Scorpio being the sign of emotions and passion, you are vulnerable to carnal pleasures. What a Sagittarius Man Looks for in a Woman, 10 Key Tips for Social Distancing at Thanksgiving, 23 Creative Thanksgiving Family Traditions. Venus in Scorpio personality: With Venus in Scorpio, the sexual emotions and desires are intense and passionate, jealous and secretive; there is a lot of pride in sex and romance. If you don't learn to balance your emotional nature, your past hurts can fester and interfere with your new relationships. As a result, Venus in Scorpio can plunge you into situations that might not be in your best interest. You may discover that your partner is seeking the same kind of newness and passion and is willing to experiment with you to find fresh new ways to enjoy your relationship. Negative Keywords for Venus in Scorpio: Possessive, Controlling, Unforgiving, Obsessive. For them to be sure of your commitment to them, they need to understand you. With Venus in Scorpio, you enjoy the best of everything. In relationships, they want to bond completely and desire total devotion. These chart holders want intimacy, and yes, they like sex because sex can be the ultimate in emotional closeness, possession and bonding. It's inevitable. People with their Venus in Scorpio value intense, emotional depth and complete possession. These chart holders are never afraid to pull the punches when they are retaliating against the pain you caused them. For as long they are in a relationship, they want to experience all of this constantly, with the best parts coming at the end, preferably. In your heart and mind, the former friend is dead to you. You don't let go of the past very easily and you may continue to nurse your hurt feelings long after your friendship is over. Venus in Scorpio has a very serious aura because of this side of mistrust and willingness to investigate everything. On the other hand, if he becomes overly-possessive and wallows into the dominate side for too long, things could fall apart pretty easily. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope. Investing in higher quality means you can enjoy it longer. The Roman goddess Venus was renowned for her beauty and capacity to inspire love. When you see someone with Virgo in Scorpio interested in a particular person, know that they will have already determined that they have what it takes to form a harmonious relationship before committing. It’s worth knowing that this man will be much more vigilant than many others in their place and won’t easily reveal his motivations or his inner desires. They are attracted to people who engage them. The Venusian Scorpio is one who searches for a long-standing relationship and will never engage in ephemeral one-night stands or adventures, no matter what the other looks or. She also was revered as the goddess of passion, love, sexuality, and fertility and these attributes are brought forth by her namesake planet. Venus in Scorpio can possibly thwart their desire of intrigue and excitement they find in secret affairs by having open lines of communication with their mate. Afflicted in this sign, a marked sensuality and preoccupation with sex are frequent. All Rights Reserved. It's impossible to really control anyone, and when people are intimate, feelings do get hurt. Feelings are much more accurate, and once they understand yours, they have the intimacy they desire. Venusian Scorpio women have an advantage when it comes to the limits of their romantic life, more so than their male counterparts. Venus in Scorpio is highly intuitive. Physical satisfaction, the fulfillment of one’s sexual desires to a maximal degree, with unprecedented intensity and passion, reaching a paroxysm of pleasure, and a perfect harmony of the souls. This native has a very confident approach when it comes to love-making and will more often than not behave in a very dominative manner. Venus in Scorpio presents a complex personality profile that often has contradictions. However, it won't be quite as easy for them to reveal everything about themselves. Those who seem distracted or distant rarely gain their interest. Nice talks, activities and even physical satisfaction are all very pleasant, but without emotional depth, the Venus in Scorpio person will lose interest. You may even develop bad habits, such as being manipulative and suspicious. You will mourn the loss of your friend even more passionately than you would a real death since it is the death of a love you trusted. As their partner, you must respect these barriers, and they will do the same in return. The key points in the lives of these people are trying to relax and work the sense of humor. I have read and agree to the terms & conditions. This addictive behavior also includes sex. They are very thorough in their passion and won’t feel good until their partner is fully satisfied, with nothing else to ask for. 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