happened to me three times in a row. You don't want new players encountering these bugs, and losing interest in the game because of them. During the kdrive and coolent defence part: I beat all my targets yet still get extracted from the area with return to Fortuna: summary card on screen with no results, not even a fail. Haven't tried solo, both bounties were set to public. Please help, on vox solaris quest my game is bugged and forces an extract in the middle of the mission. vallis/fortuna roaming around). The lift will also be disabled during this time. Bug. or something along those lines. Posted by 1 year ago. Once the hostages are rescued, Nef Anyo contacts the Tenno informing them that Thursby's stunt had not gone unnoticed, and has him repossessed. By I've done a little research as well, and it seems there has been multiple similar bugs in the past, during multiple different bounties that utilize a similar event on Orb Vallis. They will not only take everything in his shop, but also his arms and legs. I've tried three different times, to no avail. Find all 4, can't interact with bodies and quest always stays 0/4 until timer runs out and mission is failed. Thing is no power cells are spawning so I keep defending tht thing till eternity and it remains at zero power always. Nothing seems to work. I eventually got past it yes. I updated my game for the first time in a couple of months tonight and decided to start the Fortuna questline. I have looked at the Forums and tried everything that as to do with fixing the quest. It's bugged. No issues elsewhere in game (incl. A friend of mine was doing the same mission (the last part of the Vox Solaris quest line) and encountered a similar problem. First time doing this mission and can’t advance Fortuna stuff now. I'm already searching for them for almost 2 … Vox Solaris Quest broken? Reddit community and fansite for the free-to-play third-person co-op action shooter, Warframe. Vox Solaris quest bug on ps4 Bug So, during the part where I was supposed to explode the K-bomb, I had an issue where enemies wouldn't really spawn, and I had to defend the area around the gate indefinitely, with enemies spawning about every 4 minutes or so, I ended up staying there until about 30 mins in, where I restarted the mission. (NSW)Toblis_Fish, August 24 in Mission. That quest is for sure bugged. However, when I walk up to the Business, I can’t interact with him. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. I’m encountering the same thing. Close. Hope yours works as well. It's easy! I get to the terminal I have to hack but then nothing happens. I’ve done this several times. Killing the Terra Jailers reinforcements drops a data key that speeds up the hacking process. Thursby had taken on his parents' debt and if he fails to make ends meet Nef Anyowill claim repossession and take away mechanical body parts and even his organic arms and legs. This has been going rampant all day. even after the hotfix this still doesn't work for me either, Send them the log file after the quest as explained here, maybe it helps them fix it. I've never had an issue with this mission til today after a hotfix. ©2020 Digital Extremes Ltd. All rights reserved. Bug. I redid the mission so many time and the agents never spawned. Evolution engine crash reporter does not open. #3. I'm at the part in the mission where I have to investigate the agent's bodies, but it won't allow me to investigate them and I fail the mission. Eudico tells you to hack into a console to get some information, and then you have to find Biz's agents. Issue: Game crashes during Vox Solaris quest, specifically during the part where you have to hack the door to release prisoners. Is there any work around? I have the exact same problem. She explains that the Solaris work for a living and if the Tenno want to help, they should buy from Thursby, who is threatened with a repo order. It's the only quest I have available to progress. Not one agent body shows up no matter how many times I try! GallantCourage, July 24, 2019 in PC Bugs. No idea what I did. I'm having the same issue with this Quest. I've tried changing the active mission. So, here I am on Xbox One trying to play through the new Fortuna update and get through the Vox Solaris quest. Eventually the timer expires and I ultimately fail the quest. Sign up for a new account in our community. Use https://rwarframe.github.io/#flair to set user flair and text. Maybe a nice sticky thread for people to post their log files, even, just so they don't have to have us all open tickets. Reload fortuna, the quest should start back up where you need to talk to him. Same thing happened to me. The quest is currently telling me to speak to the Business. :(, I restarted the mission like 10 times and I couldn't find any agent. Looks to be a static location mission in the Free roam area. Bug. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Please take the time out of your busy schedule to streamline and debug some aspects of the game to make it more enjoyable. The 29.0.2 hotfix hasn't addressed the issue. The quest begins upon first talking to Eudico. I have done this part of the quest at least 10-15 times. Vox Solaris Quest broken? Close. If I get this objective in my missions it causes me to fail as they don't spawn. I'm on PC and the mission where you must find the bodies of 4 agents in Orb Vallis is bugged to hell. Vox Solaris Quest Ok, where is the 4th person for this quest? It simply says “Complete Vox Solaris to Unlock.”. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. The only solution is wait till it fails and hope that the mission never has this objective. I’ve relaunched my game, restarted my Xbox, left it for a few hours. Vox Solaris investigation bug Sign in to follow this . I have restarted Warframe, aborted the mission, restarted my PC, and set another quest to primary and then going back to Vox Solaris, but nothing seems to work. Exact same issue, not a single body on sight. I just left the game for a couple of days and tried again and it loaded the mission correctly. Very disappointing. The objective just says "OPEN SECURITY GATES" and the terminal is still highlighted as the current objective, but it is no longer usable. Sign up for a new account in our community. I get to the part where I need to locate the agents' bodies, and I've looked at all of them, tried interacting with them, (even though there was no prompt) and nothing happens. The Business explains that he wishes to preserve the unique species in Orb Vallis before they are driven to extinction and tells the Tenno to head topside if they wish to help. Evidently, this is frustrating and, if I remember correctly, the bug has been in Orb Vallis since day 1 of its release. Weird how simple this was xD, so do I just go around the map until I get to proceed or restart and take a long route? same i'm trying to do vox solaris quest but cant, I'm also having this issue, tried it three times, and could not find a single body so now I'm stuck :(, since hotfix, this particular part of bounty has gone broken. I have restarted Warframe, aborted the mission, restarted my PC, and set another quest to primary and then going back to Vox Solaris, but nothing seems to work. It isn't a matter of not finding them, as I hadn't had trouble before. It pulls me out at the same time, except once when I heard there was more since at first I assumed I failed. I was playing on PS4. I updated my game for the first time in a couple of months tonight and decided to start the Fortuna questline. Posted by 1 year ago. ©2020 Digital Extremes Ltd. All rights reserved. Warframe and the Warframe logo are trademarks of Digital Extremes Ltd. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. I as well suffer from this glitch. Found agents' bodies, no way to interact with them so the mission fails when the timer expires. Use https://rwarframe.github.io/#flair to set user flair and text. Vox Solaris (Quest) BUG Talk to Thursby in Fortuna Edit Thursby, now with the proper supplies to start a shop, gives the Tenno his thanks, and refers them to The Business.

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