It is recommended to do something similar to a shallow descent, where you can keep speed and height to your advantage in case the enemy aircraft changes course and altitude. Turret defensive angles are limited to the upper plane of the aircraft as it can not aim any lower than the elevators. The most notable changes are the turbocharger fitted under each engine and the redesigned larger propeller system. The most plausible threat from the Italians will be the C.202EC (Experimental Cannon), which has the manoeuvrability, speed and especially firepower due to the plane boasting German 20 mm cannons which utilise the minengeschoß shells. A how to guide for flying the P-61C-1 "Black Widow" in War Thunder (update 1.57) in a fighter role. © 2010—2020 by Gaijin Entertainment. There are four external hardpoint pylons in which either 500 lb or 1,000 lb bombs can be loaded for a total of either 2,000 or 4,000 lbs of bombs. The P-61A-1 is a premium rank III American twin-engine fighter set props to 74%, mix 82% rad to 30%, spaded you will outclimb every plane you face with that high alt spawn, you reach 7k in no time, guns are awsome, and it reaaaaaaly fast, use that, and help your teammates by swooping in  and killing enemys which prophang, or in gerneral do stupid stuff, dont think about a sustained turnfight, also it loves to rips it wings in a full elevator turn @550is kph ias. The Northrop P-61C-1 Black Widow is a heavy twin-engine strike fighter designed as the USAAF's first dedicated night-fighter and aircraft outfitted with radar. P8triot Put the plane in a steep dive that does not exceed your structural limit of 399 mph (642 km/h). I dont think it gets attacker bomb reload though. Note that the Black Widow model correctly duplicates the canopy framing of the cabin and the hatch through which the pilot and radar operator entered the vehicle. War Thunder - P-59A Airacomet "The Most OP Thing I Have Flown In Years!" On smal maps you will be higher than oponents. Something is wrong with armor of P-61. P-61 has an extra 1000, but you'll drop 2 at a time off the racks, and its a dive bomber. This is a subreddit for War Thunder, a cross platform vehicular combat MMO developed by Gaijin Entertainment for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. I only use the A-20 in arcade, so it doesn't matter that it had no bomb sight. - Duration: 19:01. The armament configuration of the P-61C-1 is unique compared to most fighters which either utilise nose-mounted or wing-mounted guns. The P-61A-1 is a twin-engine fighter, also known as a strike fighter in-game. If you want to spade it though just go after bombers and light vehicles; if an enemy comes on your tail assume manual control of it. However, it must be steep enough to provide the turret gunner full visibility of the enemy plane. The turret cannot depress lower than horizontal or else it would risk firing into the wings, cockpit, tail booms or tail section. The answers that are provided to questions from this Devblog will be published below. War Thunder > General Discussions > Topic Details. You have no defensive armament to cover the belly or full-rear of the plane; these are your weakest defended parts. While being a large aircraft, it is unable to effectively turn to fight and when doing so, rapidly bleeds any energy and advantages it may have. This will be the most accurate and fastest way of shooting down the hostile plane. Ground attack was never a goal of its design. Forward armament is great, and you can work with your gunner, as long as the enemy plane doesn t fly below you, only problem is its tailcontrol u frequently lose, I normally start 4.0 BR / Arcade Battles with P-61C-1 / P-51D-5 / PBJ-1H  depending on the map. In addition, another major threat is the American P-47D Thunderbolt, which has the speed and firepower to out-class the P-61A in any fashion. © 2020 by Gaijin Games Kft. The cannons are very effective when used against any aerial vehicle encountered as they have no problem disabling engines and destroying wings or puncturing fuel tanks. In War Thunder Update 1.57, the aircraft will be presented in two versions: The P-61’s appearance is highly unusual. This will give you a higher chance of survival against the enemy. One of the roles of the P-61C-1 is to operate as a bomber interceptor. Tactic Two: Put the plane in a steep climb and make sure you set the throttle to at least 70%. Also, which of the B-25s is better? Well the P-61C is more of a multi-role aircraft, it's perfect for Bomber, large aircaft hunting and ground attack. Prepare yourself early for manning the 4x.50cal turret as  you have to give it enough time to turn around. The modified engines allowed the P-61C-1 to fly at all altitudes effectively. Created as a night fighter, the American P-61 Black Widow found itself adopting many professions in the war – and it was always good at them. In short, the La-5FN has the biggest threat due to all the API rounds in the ammunition. As it turned out, by the time the P-61 became available to the army, a night fighter was no longer required in the Pacific theater – the Americans had full control of the air, and the Japanese feared to fly by night. Besides, you have two pilots and a gunner who occasionally shoots at a target. II cannons it wields. If the enemy is not very fast in a straight line (eg: Japanese fighters, etc) you can fly straight and use your better top speed to kite the enemy. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The P-61 climbs very well compared to twin-engine fighters from other countries. Depiction of any real-world weapon or vehicle in this game does not mean participation in game development, sponsorship or endorsement by any weapon or vehicle manufacturer. Also, the P-61 is good in headons. All rights reserved. Granted this is a game but no matter how good you think you are, in most cases surviving a headon is a 50-50 proposition if all things are equal, even with superior firepower a lucky 7.7mm bullet to your pilot's dome can still put you out. The air brakes are very efficient, helping you slow down quickly in dives or when landing. Not to mention several advantages over the P-61 such as significantly faster speed and faster roll rate (possibly fastest roll in the game), better climb rate, better pitch speed, massive 30mm gun with a hundred millimeters of penetration, etc. P-61 has an extra 1000, but you'll drop 2 at a time off the racks, and its a dive bomber. Engine overheating and you know, stock engine=bad climbrate. The radar utilised a 29 in (74 cm) parabolic dish which it rotated at 360 rpm when set to ranges below 100 miles, however, it is slowed down to 100 rpm when set to the 100 miles setting. The aircraft also incorporates a dorsal turret outfitted with four 50 calibre machine guns (2,120 rounds or 530 RPG), which can be remotely operated by the gunner or the radio/radar operator. Description The P-61C-1 is a rank III American twin-engine fighter with a battle rating of 4.0 (AB/RB) and 4.3 (SB). I never use bombers in realistic. How to perform defensive fighting: Roll the plane upside down and now you can shoot downwards. In War Thunder, we plan to introduce this function a little later in the form of a researched modification. They are also fully functional in the aircraft’s flight model. My pilot dies too often.

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