pre name change but basically through the end of tpb! Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. If I were to start a small business creating stickers with my warrior cat designs and other little cute ideas, would you guys actually be interested? Warrior Cat Generator! The touch screen is super helpful, as I don’t have to use hotkeys to move around the canvas and zoom, but the computer isn’t very durable and low in quality. v1: mistyfallv2: floodfurv3: i can’t pick between the blues, so either wavenose, puddlenose, or mintnose. She seems literally incapable of moving on and does everything in her power to bring it up when Crow is just trying gain his  clanmates respect again. I’m still in school (I graduate in two weeks woohoo!!) you can see i’m skilled in graphic design. Let’s write a response to it because I’m bored and I have the time. We also do character reviews! She seems have a real problem with holding herself accountable for her mistakes. I might need to temporarily move to my old MacBook and wacom by one tablet while I figure out some alternatives, but until then, I’m just going to make the most of what I have!! Because these are so fun to make and I love seeing the resulting names!! Absolutely genius. lostface is not just the design for like. Yellowfang takes it to the point that she tells Squirrelflight that she’s barren and can never have kits of her own; NOT ONLY IS THIS AN AWFUL THING TO SAY BUT WE KNOW THIS TO BE A LIE. :3. After I graduate, I’m going to have to figure out what I’m going to do about the Adobe licence ending and the condition of my laptop. Xx. Realistic Cat Creator (RCC) is a fully customizable, genetically sound, cat generator. Warriors is a very popular book series about the adventures of 4 clans of cats, ThunderClan, ShadowClan, WindClan, and RiverClan. They are the best tree climber in the clan. and by tnp onwards i think shed start to heal more into the main design! Please read the Genetics Ask Guidelines first. Love: Rainpelt, Eveningstorm,Snailnose, and Snowstorm. Any interactions with Crowfeather beyond their little escapade are always Leafpool saying “We can’t be a thing anymore”, and Crowfeather just being like “yeah, I know”, sending Leafpool into this rage of “how are you move on, who is Nightcloud etc etc” even though she broke up with him. there’s so much fuss over which spouse should change their last name after marriage can we all please act like adults here and go to and let the warrior cat name generator decide, 1- Rat2- Half3- Maple4- Frog5- Aspen6- Web7- Cherry8- Mouse9- Fern10- Storm11- Cinder12- Bramble13- Dove14- Ivy15- Splash16- Spruce17- Crow18- Acorn19- Clover20- Pine21- Rock22- Speck23- Branch24- Mud25- Elm26- Owl27- Brown28- Ash29- Breeze30- Spider31- Mist(y), A- HeartB- BerryC- CreekD- DustE- Eye(s)F- FallG- GorseH- HazeI- SkyJ- JawK- FeatherL-  LeafM- MoonN- NoseO- DawnP- PetalQ- FernR- RunnerS- ShadeT- ThornU- ShineV- TalonW- WillowX- LightY- BreezeZ- Song. so I have an Adobe Educational licence for access to a bunch of programs on my school laptop. (R,E,Snail, and S), Realistic Cat Creator (RCC) is a fully customizable, genetically sound, cat generator. This is really, really amazing, guys. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Day of birth1- Gray2- Sleek3-Robin4-Beetle5-Heron6-Stone7-Wasp8-Glisten9-Fox10-Fog11-Daisy12-Finch13-Quail14-Pumpkin15-Apple16-Pine17-Petal18-Gold19-Sleet20-Bluebell21-Crimson22-Gleaming23-Storm24-Flower25-Sparrow26-Night27-Tulip28-Mist29-Shell30-Rose31-TurtleFirst Initial of First NameA-SpeckleB-Heart C-CloudD-TailE-PoolF-Song G-BlossomH-PeltI-ClawsJ-StripeK-DawnL-SunM-WhisperN-MossO-WhiskerP-FlightQ-ShadowR-BerryS-EarT-SpotsU-MaskV-StepW-ToothX-FurY-FangZ-Shine, Combine WOF and WC... pyrrhia but all of the dragon tribes are different species of small cat from around the world , BRIGHTHEART: ginger lynx point (tabby color point), v1: hollyeyev2: spiderthroatv3: tabbypelt/thornpelt/jaggedpelt, I decided to make a Warrior Cat name generator, looks like fun :), Inspired from this and Squirrel is always willing to back her up. Most popular Most recent. Click the button for your cat! Human Warrior Cat Name Generator This is a warriors name inspo blog! The laptop that my school issued me is a Windows Portege Z10 i5 Touch Panel, which has a touch screen and a pen, not unlike a cintiqe. But many of my problems with her lie in the way that she treats Squirrelflight and by some extension, Crowfeather. All posts. There might be some contradictions or combinations that don't make sense- just try again! Warrior cat name generator . not warrior cat name generator < > Most recent. What platforms to draw do u use and what device do u use it on? On the contrary, I think Leafpool is surprisingly well-written in terms of her internal and external conflicts, and I appreciate that her romance with Crowfeather was at least well developed (for warriors). I use Photoshop CC to draw, Animate CC to animate and Premier Pro CC to edit. We're mainly focusing on fan characters, since that seems to be a tough spot. If I were to start a small business creating stickers with my warrior cat designs and other little cute ideas, would you guys actually be interested? I’m not saying a Watership Down AU of Warrior Cats could be fun but…. I just… love using random warrior cat name generators,,…. Ok so I don’t hate Leafpool, but looking at what I captioned her design with two and a half years ago, I can totally see why you would think that I do. New Cat! inbox is open/request any warrior cat! i have warriorsona and a wofsona but no watership down sona, these are all prefixes/suffixes i usually use for ocs and i tend to go balls to the wall, Made a 2020 version! This is problematic because I’ve only had the device for three years and the removable tablet (that I’ve never even used) won’t connect to the keyboard anymore. Just a question, why do you hate Leafpool so much? It’s a wonderful resource. It’s also looking for donations, so if you ever have spare change, this is a nice place to send it. Currently in beta form, it includes 4 base colors; Black, chocola…, Reblogged 7 years ago from warriorsnamingfornewbies-deacti (, Realistic Cat Creator .:Beta:. Drop us a line in our ask if you have any questions. And Leafpool just weaponises Yellowfang’s manipulation to have things work out in her favour. Please ask before using/posting my designs anywhere Credit is needed! v1: rabbitfangv2: heatherwhiskerv3: runningnettle/meadownettle/grousenettle, @butchleopardstar ’s generator is way too fun, im definitely gon use it more in the future :3c, and me before i had to get a crown for my tooth, A warrior name i received a while ago from a friend and a generated warrior name! ailuronymy. If you could please comment what you would like to see, if you would like to commission me or just generally advice/expressions of interest, that would really help me decide if this is a good investment. These are pretty fun to make, here’s another batch! This name generator will give you 10 random names for cats or clans in the Warriors universe. Log in Sign up. Filter by post type. A lot of these are unusual plant names. Do not Like Bomb please! Leafpool could not give a rat’s about Squirrelflight’s feelings, and with Yellowfang, pressure Squirrelflight to take the kits all throughout the book. I strongly advise it’s use, and I’m probably going to end up referring to this quite a lot. Our purpose is to make the warriors fandom suck just a little bit less! Pretzelmintz’s design account! Warrior Cats Thunderclan WindClan Ivypool antpelt warrior cats au just a fun little idea I came up with when ivypool kills antpelt's spirit he is left as a wanderer left to roam the real world he begins to just follow ivypool only ivypool and possibly tree and rootpaw can see him no clan spirits can see him though maxie's warrior cat generator . We will also create names if you need help with an oc, just ask :) All warrior names are fair use for anyone of course. Sorry if you get Fernfern or Breezebreeze. Hollytuft is a short-legged, sane, and calculating warrior, with lustrous, red ticked tabby fur, cracked yellow teeth, and starry blue eyes. In Leafpool’s Wish, she asks for Squirrelflight’s support in keeping the secret and exhibitions to the Moonpool etc. made this impromptu warrior cat name generator or whatever. A warrior cat generator with name, pelt, eyes, and fun extras! There are currently over 300 trillion combinations! by ~Paleclaw on deviantART », Source: Hollytuft is 30 moons old. I got Acornleaf. also just realized i don't have a watership down sona? I found an old piece of a tarot ‘The Hanged Man’ version of Fallen Leaves and thought I’d post the design even if I don’t finish the painting, Design Fact: She has the exact same pallet as her mother’s sister, Snowfur, Blue x Oak family lineup:,

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